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  1. Welcome from Arizona - via Goshen, Ohio.
  2. I don't think a 71-73 with a roll bar added should be judged by this car. With the proper well thought out execution, a roll bar might look complementary. This one does not.
  3. Here's hoping that you and the vendor are able to get together and make a deal.
  4. Interesting comparisons. And "they" say that 71-73's are Clydesdales. The more things change the more they stay the same.
  5. So, if I understand this reasoning, the reality is that if junior had any interest in the car it would not be for sale. What a shame that he isn't interested BUT it's your car because it was what you wanted. Keep it around till you want it again - that day will come and sooner than you think. The money for the other things will show up somewhere.
  6. Welcome back - been away myself. That's too nice of a coupe to keep - well cooped up.
  7. Congratulation Eric! The man can completely rebuild his own Mach 1 and do SQL programming!
  8. Some very well thought out modifications. Very befitting of the car as a whole.
  9. The pictorial history both factory and personal makes for some interesting memories. Thanks for all the additions.
  10. I agree - that needs a like button! Although I imagine that hitting the purchase button would really mean more. :)
  11. Welcome Tony. I invited Tony to jump on over here and get a wider slot of options and help in looking for his Mach 1.
  12. Welcome. I love the Aussie Falcon - no doubt because I loved my 70 GT Torino and my 73 Mach 1. I am sure there would be quite a few on this side that would trade car for car, Mach 1 for Aussie Falcon.
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