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  1. http://augusta.craigslist.org/cto/4707482652.html Here's the link, everyone. I started restoring this car and had a change of heart. It also didn't help that the repair work would have to be done professionally (I don't have the facilities to do the welding for the panels). The motor runs and the rear is still good. PM me if you're interested. Thanks.
  2. Here are some pictures of the inspection plate and the interior of the case. If you're wondering what that sludge is, it's about half the state of Georgia's red dirt caked to the undercarriage of the car. The previous owner must've been a Duke's of Hazzard fan. As you can see, I've found a bolt inside, and I'm wondering if this is the one I need to remove in order to drain the rest of the fluid.
  3. I just got off the phone with a buddy of mine, and he's telling me that I need to drain the torque convertor. Apparently there's an inspection plate near the oil pan. It appears to be a two man job, so I'll see if I can get someone to assist. I'll try to take pics of the process for documentation. Anyone else have any information?
  4. No kidding, that thing is super narrow.
  5. I've already drained the pan, changed out the filter, and reattached it. What else do I need to do? I know this may sound bad, but I'm not sure exactly where to fill the fluid, either. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hahaha, thanks for all the warm welcomes, everyone. I've just finished rebuilding the carb, and I've got some more basic maintenance to do before I've got her running right. The floor pans seem solid, but I need to strip out the interior to get a better look. There doesn't appear to be any major rot, fortunately. The spoiler, according to the seller, originally came with the car. I honestly have no idea what's stock and what's aftermarket, since the ID plate is missing from the door. I'm pretty sure it's fiberglass, because it doesn't weigh much (wasn't bolted down when I bought the car).
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome, guys!
  8. I just purchased my 72 on Friday, and I'm planning on resto-modding it. While I was searching for info I kept stumbling across these forums, so I figured I should probably sign up now that I've got it. The car needs a lot of work, and this will be my first major project car, so thanks in advance for all the help. Glad to be here!
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