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  1. I ordered both, and used the Carpenters, the NOS did not look very good, lots of voids in the sponge material. If you are concerned about originality, use the originals but NEVER wet wash the car! Good luck!!
  2. My issue came when trying to line up fan shroud, mine fit like yours too, but my shroud did not line up, the bottom of the fan was hitting the shroud so I had to lower mine. Good luck!!
  3. Mine did not have a hole even though there was a circular spacer on the back. I don't think that is an attachment point. Not on mine anyway. Good Luck!!
  4. It fits well enough, but the holes for the screws are different sizes so the original hardware does not work. You have to drill the holes open to the same size and gently run the screws in to make sure the plastic does not crack, I used melted candle wax to lube the screws too. And the posts on the passenger piece are smaller than original so you have to go to parts store and buy assorted set of speed nuts and find which size gets a bite on the posts. Be patient, and work slow and they do work. Also the paint scratches easy so if you have time it wouldn't hurt to spray some good semi gloss bla
  5. Yup, supposed to be rubber to access shocks for service.
  6. If you can, have your welder do more than just weld the cracks up. Have them weld in some corner braces that prevent the rear of the pan from tearing downwards, and some 45 degree gussets on each side to stop the pan from flexing which can make the rear tearing even worse. Being a welder myself I did these couple things and now my seats are very durable. This is also a good time to straighten the back-rests. The driver side usually twists toward the door. Good luck!!
  7. I think I have the tall one upside down, there are enough threads after its tightened, and I have a machinist friend who is going to drill it for a cotter pin when I'm ready.
  8. Can anybody tell me, Did I install these bushings correctly?
  9. The aftermarket sport mirrors are actually pretty nice, I'm very happy with mine. The only thing about repo hoods that I have heard of is they are only pinched together so you might want to put a few tack welds to secure the outside skin to the inner after you fit the hood just to keep it straight. I may be wrong about that as it was something I read, not personal experience. Other than that most people report good fit with them. And make sure to use rebuilt/new hinges and work new hinges before closing the hood.
  10. Sorry for the confusion, the next car I will be fixing up is a 73 Q code Mach 1. My wife did get a 15/16" "New" MC in last night for me so I will go with that one. Thank You for all the insight gents. Yet another part that can be confusing with these old steeds!!
  11. Good Morning Gents and Ladies. I have yet another question. As I am sure you can tell I am gathering parts for another repair/resto. Last night I had my wife order a master cylinder and she says there are 2 available. One has a 1" piston bore and both brake line holes are 3/16" I believe. The other has a 15/16" piston bore and the front brake line hole is bigger than the rear. Which one is technically correct for a 72-73 Mach 1? I have a pic of the 1" bore MC.
  12. My wife ordered the bushings through Napa where she works. Do I need to buy washers to go over the rubber ends? Anybody have any install tips?
  13. I disassembled a 73 coupe and a lot of these parts were very dark but not black. Is that the "dark" slop grey? Was there a difference in years or just luck of the draw. I only ask because I ended up with the dark slop grey because my parts looked that dark.
  14. Does anybody know which bushings I need to buy for rebuilding our idler arms? Any tips on doing so? I do own a hydraulic press. Thanks!!
  15. Thanks for the info!! Thats the same color as the car I might buy. Wasn't sure if I liked it, but it is growing on me.
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