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    1971 Fastback
    Just getting started on a father and son project. Complete rebuild/restomod.
    Plans for 351w/AOD


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    North Carolina

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  1. Hello everyone. I am looking forward to putting some of the information on this forum to good use. My son, who turns 15 at the end of this month, are beginning a rebuild of my 71 fastback. I drove the car in high school and wrecked it the year after I graduated. It has been sitting ever since. That was 1994. We are going for a restomod look on a very tight budget. We are hoping to get it on the road by the time he gets his license next year. It will be pretty much a ground up build, but the car is solid. Very little body work needed. I have a 351w to add a little performance to and a C4 that needs a rebuild. I am hoping to find an AOD to swap my C4 for, but we will see. Should be fun and will be great doing it with my son!
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