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    1973 Q Code Mustang 22,oo original miles. Needs restored.


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  1. Hi all, I am looking for a nice set of kick panels in black for a 73 mach 1. They need to be nice with no cracks or breaks. I do understand they will be used so a few scuffs here and there will be part of the deal. Hoping to score the nicest set I can. Thanks ! PM here or email apeine2005@yahoo.com
  2. Hello All, My 73 Q code just got hung on the rottissere and I want to make sure I get the underneath sheet metal looking like it did from the factory. This is my first Ford and first Mustang so please forgive my ignorance. The car is 100% disassembled and the bottom will be media blasted to remove all the old sound deadener and coatings. My questions are 1)Is the factory process documented anywhere ? 2)Is there any body color ? overspray ? Is it just a primer? etc ? 3) Are correct products available to reapply ? Who are the go to vendors ? I am ok using alternative or modern coatings that are higher quality as long as it looks close to original finish. 4) Is something similar in appearance to the factory Sound Deadener available ? 5) I'd like the results to be considered as factory correct as possible and to an OE gold standard. Is that info available anywhere ? Thanks !
  3. As much as I wish I could help, I can't. But I can commiserate !. I found a low mileage 73 Mach 1 Q code and picked it up. Previous owner had taken off the intake manifold and lost interest. Since the car was so original otherwise I wanted to put it back just as it left the factory. After searching all over, numerous phone calls, buying shop manuals and parts books, etc, ordering parts that did not match the ones I did know came on the car, I gave up. I just never felt confident I was going to ever get all the right parts, on top of the fact that it probably wouldn't run very well with them. Good luck !
  4. Thanks Ron, No snow here but cold ! Had a pretty big set back this week as all the parts I received for the emissions system are incorrect. I got everything for the 2V Cleveland system and did not receive the "always open solenoid" for the right rear of the intake. Working with Colorado Mustang to resolve.......Wondering now why I chose this path. lol. Oh well I enjoy the hunt.
  5. Ron, Not yet. I hope to have the intake on sometime this week. I am also waiting for the "always open solenoid" that mounts on the right rear of the manifold to arrive from Colorado Mustang. After that I believe I have all the parts as far as the emissions to be correct.
  6. Hi All, I need the vent that goes in the top of the fuel tank for my 73 Mach 1. I would need the retainer also. PM me here or Call:712 369 0565 email: apeine2005@yahoo.com Thanks !
  7. Awesome Pic Jeff ! It also answers some up coming questions I had !!!! Ron, I don't think it matters to you.... but I don't think the device in the pic is hooked up correctly after studying the vacuum diagrams. It looks like it is just plugged into itself. I did find this on ebay and saved the pic in case I needed it. This small stuff is spendy to say the least.
  8. How about the vent out of the top of the gas tank ? Would like the retainer also. Thanks !
  9. Here is it laid out as I think it goes.... 1) idle solenoid 2) Emissions Solenoid. Unused on a 351 4 V cobra jet 3) Air conditioning clutch. Unused on my non air car 4) + Coil 5) Temp sending unit 6) Choke 7) Emissions. always open solenoid 8) Emissions, always open solenoid 9) Oil Pressure sending unit Let me know what you guys think. The help and information here is incredible !!!! Thanks !
  10. Thanks guys ! I am traveling again next week so won't have time to work on it. I am going to try to take a good clear picture today with them all laid out. The colors are kind of hard to distinguish due to age and fading. For example the straight round connector in the original pic that I have as black with light green hash that the consensus is the AC clutch is identified as black with yellow hash on the diagram. To me a discolored yellow could look light green. So I am thinking that is what it is. Just odd that it is there to me on a non AC car.
  11. It has been a few day since I really dug into this so now I am questioning myself. I will try to confirm tonight, but If I remember right, the 2 unidentified are part of the alternator harness. I seem to remember finding the "always open solenoid" on the RH rear of the intake.connector in a small sub harness that also has the oil pressure switch connector and electric choke connector I will confirm that all and report back. If you look at the length of the idle solenoid wire. Which to me is pretty specific since it is oval shaped. There isn't a lot of length for those 2 unidentified to go too far. The wiring diagram will have the answer for sure so I better get these cleaned and documented. Thanks all ! Ok. colors of the 2 connectors in question and colors on all the others for confirmation. The 3 in question in the pic: Oval shaped in pic: Red (almost has to be idle solenoid ?) Round female: Black with light green hash marks (no idea on this one) Flat female spade: Brown with orange has marks (no idea on this one) The harness goes across the front of the intake manifold with 3 more connectors Round female 45 degree connector it is black: Wire is Red with white tracer (my guess either coil or temp sending unit) Round female 45 degree connector it is yellow: wire is red with green tracer (my guess is either coil or temp sending unit) Flat spade female: Tan ? white ? with a Black tracer (my guess is the electric choke) There is also a small harness that goes behind the carb it contains Flat spade female: Wire is Brown with light green hash marks. (my guess is the always on solenoid bolted to the right rear of the intake manifold) Flat spade female: Wire is Red with yellow or orange hash marks ( my guess is also to the always on solenoid on the intake manifold as it has 2 make spades) Round Female 45 degree connector it is black: wire is tan with a red tracer. (my guess is oil pressure sending unit). Hope this isn't too confusing of a description. I will try to add some pictures too later
  12. I'm not suggesting this company because I've never used their products. However, the site may be a resource to figure out what you need. Chuck http://www.powermastermotorsports.com/which_alternator_.html I have a powermaster on my Chrysler. They were very helpful when we had issues with pulley alignment with the alternator and vintage air brackets on my stroked to 496 383. Going so far as to machine the alternator case for clearance and a custom pulley. They treated me very well and I would definitely use them again, but as always experiences vary.
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