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    71 mach 1 M code ram air 4-speed(Sold)
    71 coupe 351 4V ram air C-6(Sold)
    (2)70 mach 1's one H code one M code both autos(Sold M-code)
    71 ranchero M code shaker loaded with options but is base ranchero
    71 cougar XR7 convert M code
    71 M-code standard low option fastback factory Grabber green.(future Boss 351 clone)


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    northern utah
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  1. I have GME FUEL and GME FIRE for two of my cars. Fans of Metallica will recognize these. I have had people look at my car and say it looks like it uses a lot of fuel! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Nobody mentioned the missing shifter which tells me missing trans. The missing ram.air stuff either but I also agree it is a little over priced. I bought my well loaded 4-speed car for quite a bit less with rust issues but nothing terrible. And mine was 99% complete and was running in less than a half hour. But I would try to buy it if closer.
  3. We have a theme on this site that encourages owners to build their cars the way they want. For a whole myriad of reasons James built it the way he wanted. Sorry you have seller's remorse but once it's no longer yours then your opinion and woulda/shoulda/coulda comments are better not expressed unless the OP asks for such opinions. Let James be happy with what he's done. It's an awesome car and it looks fantastic even if it's not concourse. Don if you read the post you see at the end I said I wish you the best. He should know some of the history of what previous owners went thru and how they treated the car also. I would want to know history of the my cars and their journey's! But he won't even respond to me. Sorry if I offended you!!!
  4. Yeah I can do that the frame rails are really nice the crossmembers are there but not sure of condition. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Does have the fold down sheet metal where trap door goes? I might be interested if you can get it out.
  6. Yeah! We bolted this one to one of the heater box studs then to back of the block. I just used a new battery ground cable with female ends on it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I love the formal roofs. Big block too that is a bucket list car for me!
  8. Wow that's interesting I did not know of that little engineering change.
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