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  1. I have a neat option for one of those it's an am 8 track indash with factory bezel and 4 speaker setup with fader I pulled at a pick n pull a few years ago from a realy nice car it also has a fader setup the front speakers bolt under the dash. It is complete except for knobs. For the 67 galaxies. I think I have pics in my photobucket. Kit I too have had 2 of the LSC's and agree they are great cars with good mileage to boot! Just looked these up as I had no idea what they looked like. I'd drive 1 for $800:cool: I think they are at that point that they are just old enough for the styling to be interesting again.
  2. this is the one off of an original 71 motor that has a cougar VIN stamped on it. PM me and we will trade info on how to get it to you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Actually it does not have a heat shield it has been rebuilt I have a motor that was original that I believe had a heat shield I will look at it and let you know.
  4. I know this doesn't really belong here but you were talking about your car being a company lease plan and I thought you might like to see a Marti I have of a car I sold a few years back.
  5. Do you have the wrap around panels? Mine have been hacked up for speakers. I would like dibs on them if not too expensive! Thx Tom
  6. I have 4 tilt columns for 72-73 if anyone needs one. Seeing there is a need I decided maybe I should quit hoarding them. All of them are 72-73 models, they are pretty tight all of them. I removed them myself and they all have the correct rag joint.
  7. I found this car on a local website. http://www.ksl.com/index.php?page=1&ssid=31151750&nid=389 72 Mach 1 Mustang project car. Too many other projects for me to do, so it's time for this one to go. Has a transplanted 1970 429 motor and a C6 transmission. This is a project car and is not drivable right now. I've had it running and it runs pretty good. It has been sitting long enough that the motor and transmission both need new gaskets. It needs body work all the way around. Needs interior work. Has the fold down rear seat. Not interested in trades. Call or text, no emails please. Scott 801 602 6518
  8. I am almost done parting a 71 grabber lime coupe if anyone needs anything let me know. It was a basic 302 coupe auto. Not many options but has quite a bit of good sheet metal left. I don't have a title for it so it will be cut up anyways to get rid of it. The frame rails are solid the rear window area also. trunk bracing, seat pans, the top cowl pan, radiator support, The gas tank front strap support. There are a lot more solid parts. I have down to an empty rolling shell. It had manual steering if anyone wants that I saved it.
  9. No sir!! I May be a lot of things but not a crook!! mine were for a 73 anyway you were just asking about them.
  10. No RPM I have an extra set from a 73 fastback that I was going to put in my Grabber Green car. (by the way the Marti by the numbers says total 71 F/B power windows is 1812) produced. Not totally correct for a 71 but it was going to be a clone of a Boss 351 anyway. So I wasn't going to worry about correct switches. Sorry to get you all tore up for nothing LOL!! The Mach 1 is staying complete but I will put all the extra options I have on it, That is what I was trying to say. I am a purist at heart but I don't mind adding more stuff that is factory options. I have a complete ram air system, A/C, PDB, delay wipers, rear defrost, spoilers, 71 correct 8-track and 71 only am/fm I will decide which when the day comes. I've got lots of trinkets for them! RPM we talked a few years back about my PW setup and possible purchase.
  11. That would make someone a nice driver! Looks solid and has power steering, disc brakes a/c and tach. I would be interested if I had not bought another Mach 1 the other day.
  12. I will look for that I am pretty sure I have one I have four of those motors. I would sell it for $40.00 plus the ride. Thx Tom
  13. I was planning to put my power window setup in my Grabber Green Boss clone because I have wanted a loaded fastback forever, I have almost every option available for one of these. So this one will be completely loaadedd!! It will have PDB for sure my first 72 Mach 1 I bought in 1985 had drum brakes on it and I hated them. They are so touchy! Thanks for the positive comments it is very exciting to find stuff like that! It is almost like a adrenaline high! I was out til 11:30 last night with the wife and kids all groaning they wanted to go home, but I couldn't get the owner to stop talking about the car. I was also having too much fun talking about these cars too! I have to mention it hasn't run since 1999 because it wouldn't do anything when you turn the key so he never tried again, well I spent about 30 minutes checking it out and discovered the key switch is bad so I just used the old screw driver on the solenoid and some gas down the carb trick and it started. No smoke no anything I only ran it for the few seconds though so as to not hurt the engine to much before I can get it lubed inside with some oil in cylinders and change the oil.
  14. Hello and welcome! thanks for the nice comments on my new purchase.
  15. Yes Mike 73 that is tilt you see. I hope to restore it in the next few years, I have missed my red 4-speed car since I sold it to Don65 I should have kept it! But life goes on. I have to finish my 70 Mach 1 before this one. But I couldn't pass it up for the price. I found this in Clinton So.west of Ogden Mister 4X4 I did construction on that same street a few years ago and had no idea it was there, it was behind his house. Will E you could get air with a 4-speed but they limited you to a 3.25 gear in hopes it wouldn't be spun to hard all the time. The power windows all work if you can believe that! It has been wrecked the front clip has been replaced, needs all 4 aprons done, the tilt is stripped on the teeth, the floors and trunk appear to be solid from underneath but I cant open the trunk right now. No key for it fortunately it has the glove box lock so I can take that to a locksmith. The magnums I discovered this morning are mismatched 2 14 2 15 inch I didn't see that in the dark UGH, the original carb is missing at present, may be in the trunk he said there are parts in there. it still has the original distributor though for 4-speed. it also has correct shift knob with the H pattern on top. the underhood light is still there in good shape, overall very nice mostly survivor car. Thanks for all the positive comments guys!
  16. This car to start explaining has a 94 D.S.O. (export) It is an M-code 4-speed Code 9 (3.25 open) rear. pewter w/stripes. No ram air (have build sheet) No A/C, No power brakes, does have power steering, power windows, console, tach and gauges, tilt wheel, rim blow, deluxe interior, convenience group, deluxe belts w/warning light, fold down, Am radio, and lastly factory Magnum 500's w/ one center cap still on it. It has been sitting here in Ut. since 2000 but sat in Colo. for who knows how long before that. I have a Iowa title from 1989 then a Colo. registration from 1993. I also have more original paperwork the owners maual,operating features,warranty facts booklet, and a paper from ford talking about the 90 day break in coverage with the data plate and dealer code (72H407) info on it and best of all the original purchasers name and date! 8/11/71 I will try to post some pics.
  17. Hi,Jeff8887 I have one from a Q-code Mach 1 I used to own, factory 4-speed with A/C,PS,PDB,sports interior,tach and aluminum wheels. It is only a photocopy but it was a perfect clear build sheet. I sold the car long ago around 1999 it was a two owner car when I bought it in 1994 it is a long story why I sold it but, just let me tell you how much I hated my house building contractor he lost a bill I put on my personal credit card for over 9K and then let me close before telling me! UGH!! http://i1028.photobucket.com/albums/y349/tomandchelle/scan0014.jpg http://i1028.photobucket.com/albums/y349/tomandchelle/scan0003.jpg I found a better way to post the build sheet.
  18. Kidwithfastback I have a roll down window setup I just removed from a parts car. $100.00 for all I'm sure you won't need the glass but if you do I have it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. How much for mach 1 grille and is it complete? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I have an affinity for rancheros as well. I have 2 special value package 71 M code shaker hood cars one white one gold. Both loaded with options. One is base ranchero the other is a 500 both autos. I found 2 71's in a hidden yard in Jerome Id. One grabber green M code fastback the other a grabber lime coupe brought them both home.
  21. Well I am glad your happy with the car it was mine. I regret selling it now.
  22. I have the 71 style frame engine mounts if you need them. $30.00 plus shipping.
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