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  1. Hey kurt,

    I forgot to say that i really only need the nylon peices. Would you be so kind as to tell me how much play there is between the guide rail and the nylon so i can decide if it is in better shape than mine.




    They're in great shape, very little wear. I won't part them out though; they're in too good a condition to take apart.


    That said, your tracks may be scored and scratched pretty badly from metal-to-metal contact; it'd probably be worthwhile to swap the whole units. I can probably get it all in a $11.30 Medium Flat Rate or $15.30 Large Flat Rate box.


    Let me know.


    Are the 71-72 Mach sport lamps, grille trim and pony still available? What shape was the trim in any bends or damage?


    Yes, yes, and yes, though one of the sportlamps has a crack in the rear where the lamp socket goes in - it's in the photos.


    Trim is bend-free and excellent. Polish and install.


    HI, I will take the headliner bows if you still have them. My zip is 84301 Thanks Tom


    Still have them. PM sent with shipping cost.



    Thanks Kurt there is no pm in my inbox please resend. do you accept paypal?

  2. Tom, personally I think your asking price is a bargin for someone looking for a 71 Mach 1 with a 4 speed which I was years ago, finally ended up settling for a 71 Mach 1 with the C6, couldn't find one with the 4 speed that wasn't either way out of my price range or a rust bucket, I searched for a long time before giving up. Sounds like a great project car and worth investing the time and money into restoring it. After spending so much time and money on mine, I now realize how import it to spend the extra time and money up front and get the best project car you can to start out with. My only regret is not holding off until I found one like you describe with the 4 speed.


    Thanks, That is exactly the way I looked at it! Spend more money up front for better results later. This has been a hard decision for me but I have two little kids (1 and 5) and a job that is very demanding and i realize as my children are getting bigger I have less and less time to even think about the car.








  3. I used to have a 73 Mach 1 Q-code 4-speed and joined a registry out of Canada that catered to the 73 Q cars, and they sent me a letter with some interesting facts in it one of them being that all 4-speed cars came with dual points( I had not opened my dist. up before then I ran right out all excited and was overjoyed to find mine still in place.) autos with single. And the 73 4-speeds were credited with being the lowest 4-speed production in mustang history up to that point.

  4. Same goes for me worked 6 days this week 14 hours a day and starting a night shift tonight, So technically worked 7 days this week!

    Sorry I have not been posting much, the construction business here has been good the last few months. maybe this winter will slow down a little then I can post more.

  5. Thanks for noticing the ad, I grew up there it was a great place to keep me out of trouble! I learned a lot they are both very knowledgeable on all things Mustang, They are my half brothers, But brothers just the same!


    Shawn turned me on to the 71-73 mustangs they still have my first one in the back for parts I bought it from them in 1985 for $500.00 it was an H-code 72 mach 1 I gave it back to them in the early 90's when I moved out here to Utah. It was rusted beyond repair for me at the time.

  6. I have been doing this since 1985 when I bought my first Mach 1 it was a 72 Green w/silver accents under the red primer, my car had a baby blue 73 front end on it so I had to primer it..


    I bought all the parts off a complete 73 Mach 1 back then for $100.00 which included nasa hood,grille,all wiring for tach conversion front to back w/convenience group,console,folddown,rear spoiler and rimblow wheel.


    I used to scour the junkyards just about every weekend with my friends. But yes the internet has been good for finding the more obscure stuff.

  7. I am a white T-shirt guy! It gets way hot here in Utah in the summer very dry heat so the lighter the better. I think white with the black logos would stand out very well! I would be in for a 2X. :worthlesswithoutpics: Can we see the designs you would put on the back?

  8. Awesome pics! Does anyone know if the steelies with dog dish came in 15x7 or 7.5's on the Boss? I've only seen them in 14" but heard about the 15's


    The 15X7 dog dish wheels were standard on boss 351 cars. They were only made in 15X7 inch width's not 7.5 inch I hope this helps.

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