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  1. If your car is a 4-speed 73 Q-code then yes it was standard I am not positve for 72 Q-codes It was only available in 73 on the 4-speed Q-code cars. I had a 73 Q 4-speed years ago that had the dual point and did some research to discover this fact. I hope this helps.
  2. My 71 & 72 both were no stripe from the factory and neither had the decor group. I'm almost positive that the chrome pieces were part of the decor group and only came on cars with the decor group irregardless of stripes or no stripes. The 72 accessories pamphlet that some one posted on here shows what's all included in the decor group & if i recall correctly it lists the lower chrome pieces. BTW, welcome from Mobile! This is a great site! Be sure to pin your location on our member map. The Mach 1 did not get the exterior decor group it was not available. If your cars did not have stripes and were Mach 1's they would of had the chrome strips. It says in the illustrated facts manual for standard features on the Mach 1 Quote "Bright lower body side moulding with lower panel below moulding painted black or argent" The 71-72 decor group only consisted of interior(deluxe dash, rear ashtray, dual racing mirrors and cloth insert seats. Exterior wheel lip and rocker mouldings) I used to own a 71 decor group standard fastback and it had (mostly) original paint. It did not have the mouldings on the body line. I hope this helps to staighten out the confusion.
  3. It was standard on 71 and 72 mach 1 if the side stripe was not ordered, and came on 73 coupe and convertible models when the decor group was ordered without the 71-72 mach 1 stripes.
  4. Welcome to this wealth of knowledge! Great to have you here.
  5. Glad ya joined, I Second the motion or whatever times it maybe on the pics.
  6. Glad to hear everything is Good on your end, And your OK. Bring on the next question! I am jonesing for a brain teaser! Tom
  7. The first time I had to regen it took 20 minutes now it takes 55 minutes what a joke. I have not heard the guys that have them complain about wait times on that issue. That really sucks, I am glad I have this older one it has been a good truck. You gotta love the tree huggers!:@
  8. 64.5-73 Underdash Harness Refurbishment Asking Price Shipping Amount: Condition $175.00 None Excellent Description: Complete refurbishment of 1964.5 - 1973 underdash harnesses, 2-year guaranty, complete pin-out listing, functional description of wires, etc. I repair damaged wiring, pins, and connectors. I also convert non-tach to tach configurations that meet OEM design specs. Repairs are not fully Concours correct, but are correct for performance and are fully plug-n-play. Cost is $175 for refurbishment ($50 core charge may apply), and $225 for refurbishment and conversion to tach configuration. Prices include shipping within US. Canada and overseas shipping is a bit extra. Contact Randy Jacobson via harnesses@fusemail.com. MCA #46073 Keywords: wiring, underdash, repair, tach, conversion
  9. Very cool I bought my first NEW Mustang (96 GT deep violet purple 5-speed all options the vin was 100661 very low 1st or 2nd day with new modular 4.6) from that same address it was and still is Westland Ford when I bought my car, but they have moved to a new building about half a block south. It is at 3450 Wall Ave. now.
  10. It is a clip that clamps on to the rod just take a little screw driver and stick it under the end and pry it up then pop the rod out of the plastic bushing.
  11. I can appreciate that, This one is an 07 bought used because they bought several of those clean air certified cummins and your right about the piece of crap part! Mine has the 600 cummins with no reburner!
  12. Let me be the first to welcome you! All builds are welcome here be it stock or modified.
  13. They are very informational I have the 71 and 73 books.
  14. I drive locally for a company that supplies rock products to a large concrete and asphalt company I normally pull double trailers (belly dump and side dump) around at or near 129 thousand pounds. Great thing about that is I have 600 horsepower at my command all day! Here is a pic of the truck I drive the day we got it.
  15. Sweet car!! Great pics hopefully you won't mind me telling you your rear spoiler is on backwards. It will look better turned around. Regards Tom
  16. Interesting option choices very cool!
  17. My mach had 15X8 inch magnums on it and it looked great with 245/60/15 tires that would be my suggestion I also put those (15X8) on my 70 mach 1 I am restoring with 235/60/15 tires because of fender rub. Regards Tom
  18. After you jack the car up undo the top nut(s) on the shaft and the round washer and rubber bushing, once you have that undone then take the cap off that is bolted with three nuts off the shock tower you will need to remove this to pull the shock through the hole after you take the two nuts off the bottom. Then just reverse the procedure when installing the new one. Hope this helps. Tom
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