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  1. Thanks Don but I payed $200.00 for them just trying to get my money back. These will not fit the REPRO magnums they have a 2.25 inch hole.
  2. These have been removed from the pkg but never used other than display on the car in the shop. They are for the small center early magnum part number C9ZZ-1130-E asking $200.00
  3. Hi, Rocketfoot look in the marti section at my old blue 73 coupe the marti on that one shows side stripes if you look at the picture close enough you can see traces of the stripes. The previous owner painted the lower silver part black at some point. It also had the silver tu tone hood option.
  4. Welcome aboard I am in Northern Utah kinda close! Used to have light met. blue Q-4-spd A/C Mach 1 Loved it.
  5. As long as it does NOT say energy conserving on it you are fine. They have taken all the good stuff our old motors need to lubricate out if it says energy conserving, It is best for the newer roller motors. I use Castrol as well really good luck with the stuff.
  6. I, Agree with 71mach351 about the 245/60/15 all around you can see a pic of my red ramair car with this size and 15X8's on it before I found the dog dish wheels at this link. http://s1028.photobucket.com/albums/y349/tomandchelle/#!cpZZ2QQtppZZ16 I hope this helps. Tom
  7. Neat car I like how it is set up! But too bad the other driver the other driver has more money than brains!!:huh: But I feel his pain this is a couple of pics of the first real nice Mach I ever owned, I owned this for 7 years from 93 to 00 It was a Q-code 4-speed W/air and 1 of 138 W/colors. A young girl was sitting at a green light with her car in park at around 7 in the AM and I was still half asleep and did not realize she was not moving when I panicked and hit the brakes I quickly found out I had a rear wheel brake cylinder leaking it had soaked the brake shoe and subsequently caused me to power slide right into the left rear corner of her car, Needless to say I got the ticket for failure to maintain control.
  8. Yes, If you can give me a little time to dig everything out to take pics. These have been put away for a long time. Right now things in the construction business are starting to pick up I have been working 12 hour days. Hopefully this weekend I can get them out. Thanks Tom
  9. :@That's so wrong on both yours and his account's!!
  10. The wife and I at a Tesla (the band) V.I.P. meet and greet I was lucky enough to win the passes on their website! I am bottom left in the blue shirt and ball cap. My wife Michelle behind me. I am also a member of the gray beard just barely over forty club!::thumb::
  11. :shrug2:I did'nt think I yelled that loud enough! Because the wife could not hear me when I fell off the ladder in the shop trying to get some wheels down off the top shelf. I threw the ladder!!!! After it scratched my newly painted yet to be finished 70 Mach 1 on the front fender. Oh the joys of mustang ownership that I would not trade for anything!:shrug2:
  12. I have a mostly complete power window setup for a 1973 fastback (could be used in 71 or 72 as well) just the switches won't be correct. The only thing missing is the wires and breaker that go from one side of the dash to the other (the under dash wires) all other pieces are there. I have had these since 1994 all parts are in good shape all switches are complete and in good shape, I have all the brackets bolts and neccessary parts to put them in. The glass is tinted as well. Not sure on motor condition never tested. Here is a link to pics, http://s1028.photobucket.com/albums/y349/tomandchelle/73%20power%20windows/ I would like $600.00 plus shipping.
  13. Wow!!! What a great thing to do!!! Think of all the fuel in the tractor it took to make that, Our farmers are struggling to make a living, That was a sacrifice on his part I'm sure. With diesel being +- $4.00 a gallon.:udaman:
  14. Congrats on joining the site Robert!
  15. Hello! And welcome to the site. Your car will be a great one when done one of my favorite color combos. I am looking forward to seeing it! Regards Tom
  16. I have all of them but unsure of condition, What year do you need 71 is different from 2 and 3 on the wiper knob or does it matter? Regards Tom
  17. Hi, did you sell the rust encapsulator if not, do you want to trade for anything? I have lots of 71-73 parts. If so let me know what you are looking for and I will see if I have it. Thanks Tom
  18. It seems to be the standard for the e mail or fax copy. I asked for one to be faxed and it took forever.
  19. If the car is a california car with no rust it is worth the $8000.00 starting bid with all those options and the wheels being complete. The way I look at it if it is rust free and complete you are going to save yourself $8000.00 dollars in rust repair and chasing down the parts needed to make it complete! I bought my red ram air car off ebay in 03 and also paid the same money for it in non running condition and have not regretted it one bit. Well that is just my two sense take it for what it is worth! Regards Tom
  20. This looks like a nice original car with lots of nice options! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1971-mach-1-ford-mustang-/280650032735?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item41580ba65f
  21. Welcome! glad to have you aboard!
  22. In the past I have sectioned two to make one good one if you have another one even a standard one you can trim the fuel guage piece out and section it into the cracked one by cutting it in the same place,Preferably the center of the hole for the push pin that holds it in place(there are two) The repair will not be visible once installed.
  23. Yeah, it does seem like the shifter is being a bit of an attention hound! LOL!! The guages are cool though I have always been a fan of LED technology The Peterbilt I drive for a living is covered with them.
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