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  1. Yes I agree pics would have been good but I was too concerned about the water to even think about the pics. I did upload my build sheet to the registry page for my coupe you click on it and it will supersize for better viewing I found they are much easier to read this way. Thanks for the comments, Tom
  2. I have quite a substantial collection myself, But no pics though they are all in my shop in storage. We had our first child four years ago and only a two bedroom house so my car room had to go. The shop was the compromise though(30X40) it was a good compromise, enough about that "whining" I have a 71 or 72 Mach 1 that was made for proctor and gamble as a soap botlle toy that is a "funmate go car" there are several on ebay right now under (mustang proctor gamble, and more under funmate go cars) in toys and hobbies if you are interested. They are very detailed for a giveaway The first one I bought did not have the launcher but I have launchers for all of them now. As a side note I collected the whole line of them, The Mach 1 comes in red and white, there is also a cougar XR7,71 torino fastback with shaker,maverick grabber,72 montego gt and a 72 thunderbird.
  3. I left my 71 coupe parked outside all week and it rained several days, and the passenger side carpet was soaked so I pulled it in to take the carpet out and as I suspected the carpet had never been out. I was pleasantly surprised to find the build sheet in really good condition under the passenger seat under the carpet on top of the pedestal. I also found enough of another one under the gas pedal to be able to read the vin for my car on it. But the other surprise was finding a turn signal stalk sandwiched between the carpet and sound deadener pad and a few screws. Over the years I have found quite a few neat pieces such as a ford coffee cup,window crank screw covers still on the paper(2),door jam switch and build sheets for other cars including a torino. I would like to know what you guys have found?
  4. Congrats Doc! I don't think I will ever be able to be that long winded with my fingers!!!!! Take care Tom
  5. WRONG!!! Hope you didn't mount it where he did..Thats an after market valance..I just mounted & test fitted mine today.. if you look at the valance..one side lines up with the edge of the wheel lip & the other side is like an inch in..My after market one does the same thing, I measured both sides & there's a difference of an inch..So If I can't find a good used one, time to extend the short side...I'll take some pics tomorrow & show where the bottom edge of the spoiler should go..but it's not where he shows. Wrong..diagram is for 69-70..someone penciled in 71-73 Q, If you read the typed print it also says 71-73 similar less the nuts and bolts. It was just a basis to help him out because it shows using the c-clamp as you did and so on. By the way your video was good!
  6. evryone is right except for don on the axle according to the mustang data plate decoder book A is 3.50 open and S is 3.50 locking. I hope this helps.
  7. Here is a link to the diagram just click on on it and when you get in just click on the pic again it should supersize. Feel free to browse my photobucket for more 71-73 mustang pics and marti reports etc. hope this helps. http://i1028.photobucket.com/albums/y349/tomandchelle/scan0001.jpg Regards Tom http://s1028.photobucket.com/albums/y349/tomandchelle/
  8. Go have a good time with your son he will appreciate it!
  9. If that does not work for you I have a factory diagram I can scan and put up. I hope this helps. Tom
  10. If the car does not have a/c it is best to pull the whole dash out it is really easy to remove with no a/c. I did this to my first mach 1 when I was 17 changed all wiring from front to back in one day with harnesses from a donor car! Mine did not have tach. having an a/c harness does not matter if your car does not, just plug in everything that will plug in. The other a/c wires do not have to be connected for everything to else to function. The reason to get the correct year harness is because they changed the turn signal harness plug at bottom of the column. 71-72 are the same 73 is different My car was a 72 and the harness came out of a 73, but all I had to do was pull the plug pins out and swap the plastic part of the connectors. You have to label or diagram the colors and where they go in the plug. The bonus to all this was I also added another option in the process the donor car had the convenience group too! So I got map,underdash,glovebox,trunk,hood,and parking brake warning lights. COOL!! Hope this helps. Tom
  11. Anyone have a part number for this fork? the car has a 11 inch clutch in it. The parts stores do not even list it. Thanks in advance. Tom
  12. Glad to see you could get out and work on it. I just did an engine swap on the red Mach 1 in Sept. with the help of my friend Dave, so I feel your pain it did not go the way it was supposed to the 4-speed gave us fits trying to get it to line up. The clip on the brand new throw out bearing broke after it was manhandled in! But your project is looking good! Have you seen the mirror yet? Regards tom
  13. This car had to be really sharp when new with the blue glow and silver mach 1 stripes and hood treatment with twist downs. Some one must have wanted a mach 1 but not the fastback. Someone had stolen the hood according to P.O. which is why it sat. I wish I could have kept it.
  14. A green on green convert kinda cool. http://www.ksl.com/index.php?sid=0&nid=443&tab=list/view&ad=4092978
  15. http://www.ksl.com/index.php?sid=0&nid=443&tab=list/view&ad=3970302 This is a grande I owned a couple of years ago, That I sold on a whim The guy came to look at a 67 cougar I had and wanted this really bad after he saw it. It has now been through at least four owners that have tried to sell it on this same site. I have a marti report on this car it is loaded including magnums. It is also a Ca. car the only rust is in trunk from bad seal and trunk mat. http://i1028.photobucket.com/albums/y349/tomandchelle/martireportgrande0001.jpg
  16. I can appreciate that I also love a clean sound system. Welcome!
  17. Just reading this post makes me appreciate my rust and accident free Ca. cars. My friend Dave is doing the same thing with his pewter 71 mach 1 and it has been a long process, But he has them all in and seam sealed no fender holes cut yet though.
  18. Thanks for the reply, and you are right on the radio, it has/had the 8 track. I still have it on a shelf. I also got one of the free Ford reports, I will post later tonight. Appreciate everyone's responses, it all helps. ~Jim p.s., do you still run the 15" rings and caps? Yes I have the 15" caps and rings now I had to buy a whole car just to get a complete set off e-bay, You can see a pic in the registry of my car and eminger inv. Tom Thanks. Do you know what the 981B axle code means? The door tag says it's a 3:50 traction loc. My tach says otherwise.... I am surprised to find a build sheet decoding publication does not exist. Then again, I am also getting the idea that I am rather lucky to have found build sheets this clean in both my cars. I guess these are not commonly found in this condition.
  19. Hemikiller is right My car came with the dog dish 15 inchers and my build sheet has the same codes as his car does, my invoice also corroborates that. The N in the hood area stands for non functional hood mine is a ram air car and has a F there for functional. In the radio area I T stands for AM 8-Track, the wiring loom has the same code as mine it has tach and guage package, The S in decor group interior stands for sports interior or mach 1 and the console is a no brainer w/clock.
  20. Here is a quote from a mustang monthly article detailing a 72 mach 1> Our panels chrome was in poor condition; therefore, we used our handy aluminum duct tape to bring it back up to snuff. In a pinch, chrome paint will work too.
  21. ::welcome:: glad to see another red mach 1! how about some details.
  22. Here are the pics! The glass is much better than I originally thought It just has light scratches but is not cloudy. It has a C9ZB part number on it. I will still sell it for $10.00 to help you out. According to google you are only 370 mi. from here so shipping should be cheap. I also have lots of other parts options etc. So if you need or want anything else let me know. Thanks Tom
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