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71 ramair 4-speed mach 1

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  1. I have one out in the shop. I think the mirror might be a little cloudy though, I will have to see if I can find it. If you want it I would sell it for $10.00 plus shipping.


    Thanks, Tom. If you could snap a pic that shows the degree of cloudiness, that would be great. If it's not too bad, you might have a customer.




    I will see what I can do!

  2. went to see your rides nice cars. Is the blue coupe the same car as the burgundy one in the end if so {Great Job} And I don't think I have ever seen a fox body with that ram air hood. Makes it look that much better.


    Oh and by the way welcome by the way.


    No the blue coupe was one I owned for just a short time I sold it to finance other projects. That burgandy car was one I found on the internet I really liked the color combo, I may paint my current coupe that color. It needs a resto anyway. The fox body was also sold to finance other projects it was a one owner 96k mile car I put the hood on and yes it did look great. I buy and sell cars and parts as a way to move up to bigger and better things. I plan on keeping the red one if at all possible I have had it since late 2003 Thanks for the welcome.

  3. Hi,

    i'm looking for the original pricetag for the Ramair-system back in 1971.I do have the invoice of my 71 conv.,but since it is a export there are no prices listed...

    My 72 Mach1 didn't came with ramair so it's invoice does not help.

    I do have the Ramair setup but the complete aircleaner is missing,are there any repros available ?



    My Eminger invoice is available to view in my registry page under my username it is a ram air car. I hope this helps!

  4. I have a pair of 71-72 specific quarters but could be used on 73 also, the pass side has a ding on top bodyline and the tip on roof line is bent slightly. the driver side has been cut to make a lower patch with it behind the tire, a repro lower patch could make it whole again. there are scratches in the primer on them. My ebay acct name is tomandchelle if you want to check my feedback to see that I am an honest seller. Also Shawn and Tim at Mustang Corral are my brothers if you need more reassurance you can call them @ 800-327-2897 for a referance. I will be happy to ship these. Click on this link to see quarters.




    Also have a pair of outer wheelhouses, Also N.O.S. $175.00 Ea.


    Qtr,s PN D1ZZ-6527841-A LH ($295.00) D1ZZ-6527840-A RH ($395.00)


    Whl hs PN D1ZZ-6527894-A RH D1ZZ-6527895-A LH


    Thanks for looking Tom

  5. Hi, I am a collector of all things ford but the 71-73 mustangs are by far my favorite of all ! I currently have two 71's The first being an original paint (mostly) California survivor car. It is a red on red Mach 1 M-code, 4-speed, 3.25 t-lok, ram air, 8-track, Tach and foldown. I will post my eminger invoice soon, And my other is a coupe original H-code that now has a 71 M-code 351 4V and C-6 with Ram air added correctly done with twist downs and all, I assume that previous owners found a complete car with all these goodies to rob! I have a basic marti I will post soon also, The car was well optioned to begin with and the only rust is in tail light panel under both tail lights it also needs restored but is a good driver. Thanks for having me on the site. Tom

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