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  1. Hard to judge based on what I see so far....
  2. Would have been a better article from Hemmings if they would have explained why it missed the mark? Maybe missed it? Steve
  3. Did a Marti with the partial vin and was surprised to find out it's an 05 Mach 1. Pretty exciting I guess. Nothing else real exotic that I can tell but at least I don't have to make a clone:) Tnx for the help so far.
  4. I'm assuming that would be on a sticker and there are none so no, there is no vin on the door that I can find. Can i get the rest of the details on this car from Marti with just the partial vin?
  5. Found a sports roof shell at the local yard. No dash. Partial hidden vin on both shock towers reads. 2f109914 It looks like 2(72) f(Dearborn) Is the 09914 the production number?Shouldn't it be either 02 sports roof or 05 mach1? How do you find out correct model and engine with this data? Thanks
  6. That's kind of what I was thinking. Looking for a totaled car and do a complete swap. I have a complete 351 c drivetrain but want modern tech. My 455 pontiac has an aftermarket EFI system on it but it's just not the same. What year Shelby. How far back does that engine line go as I'm not real familiar with them. Steve
  7. Been a firefighter in the Capitol city for 30 years. Seen and dealt with the worst of the worst and the guys I work with don't seem to be *********. Oh, and the whole bald head thing is played. Steve Never the less, Mustangs are sweet. Oh and most cops are "above the law" because most prosecutors are former cops and judges don't have a clue. They abuse people daily without consequence. Cops now days think they are regulators. They think their job is to heard the population, not protect it.
  8. I'm torn. My first project I just finished is a 71 firebird restomod with high powered 455. Thinking perhaps either restomod or 1/8 mile strip slash street drags kinda deal. Just not firm on and but thinking modern power plant either way.
  9. Not a ford guy but learning. Going to restomod a 73 fastback. If I was going to buy a donor car to use a modern drivetrain keeping in mind a reasonable budgets. What's the most adaptable year platform from a price/ power/ upgradability.? Seems like there are so many different options going forward since ford whe to to an EFI platform. Tnx
  10. This pic has a factory A/C firewall - it has the A/C - heater hose cut out and the round vacuum line hole Do the shock tower numbers match the dash / title ? Yep, title matches dash matches all the front end vin stampings. Was going to use it for the base shell of my restomod. A bit concerned as to authenticity at this point but I have clear title and all the vins. What else is there? It's a front end total btw and nothing but a shell...
  11. Will have to check that out. Tnx
  12. On web, a company called laurel Mountain advertises a complete right and left half "shock tower frame and apron assembly from dynacorn for $570 per side. This seems like the best way to go vs cutting and patching in individual pieces. I dont see them listed past 70 on the dynacorn site tho?? anyone use one or have an opinion? Steve
  13. Well they match on both sides. I suppose they could have welded a new front end on but at least I have a match. Still doesn't explain the ac though... Steve
  14. Can someone take a pic and circle where I should be looking? Front structure is under coated so didn't see anything obvious. I assume we r talking behind the front fender not on the front fenders (as I don't have any). Tnx
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