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  1. Anyone save the pics from the ad? It's expired so the thread is kind of dead at this point.
  2. Wow, that looks like a clean one. Someday I need to add one of these to the stable.
  3. Welcome, from northern Michigan! ::welcome::
  4. Look for the HPP (or PPH) wheels from the late 90's early 00's Crown Vics, very similar and 16" in size. Yeah, I'm familiar with those. I have a love of baskets. I've been saving a set of Enkei 3 piece gold baskets for my Mach 1 for a long time. :heart:
  5. The stripe seat pattern initially came from the Cougar line and was called "upbeat stripe" Friend of mine had it in blue in his 71 XR7. Cool fabric, I have a large bolt of it that his widow passed on when he passed away.
  6. The basket wheels on the Milano are awesome!!!
  7. Great thread, and nice build. You have a lot of talent! Too bad you're so far away, I'm looking for someone/or a good shop to do the body and paint on my 73. I watch this thread daily for updates! ::goodjob::::goodjob::
  8. Cool story! Any more pics from back then? I've been finding mine from the mid 80's and working on getting them scanned.
  9. I wish you were closer. Any interest in splitting the trans from the engine?
  10. Good looking car. Hate that steering wheel, though. Ugh. :-/
  11. ::welcome:: Welcome from snowy Northern Michigan! :cool:
  12. I did this exact same procedure when I converted a car back in 1986. Mostly, though, I sat down with the wiring diagrams from both cars and worked it out. Worked well for many years. Would I do it that way again now? Probably not. But back then I didn't have $5 extra to eat dinner. :cool: In a much different place in life these days.
  13. Welcome from Michigan! ::welcome::[/align]
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