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  1. Anyone save the pics from the ad? It's expired so the thread is kind of dead at this point.
  2. Wow, that looks like a clean one. Someday I need to add one of these to the stable.
  3. Welcome, from northern Michigan! ::welcome::
  4. Look for the HPP (or PPH) wheels from the late 90's early 00's Crown Vics, very similar and 16" in size. Yeah, I'm familiar with those. I have a love of baskets. I've been saving a set of Enkei 3 piece gold baskets for my Mach 1 for a long time. :heart:
  5. The stripe seat pattern initially came from the Cougar line and was called "upbeat stripe" Friend of mine had it in blue in his 71 XR7. Cool fabric, I have a large bolt of it that his widow passed on when he passed away.
  6. The basket wheels on the Milano are awesome!!!
  7. Great thread, and nice build. You have a lot of talent! Too bad you're so far away, I'm looking for someone/or a good shop to do the body and paint on my 73. I watch this thread daily for updates! ::goodjob::::goodjob::
  8. Cool story! Any more pics from back then? I've been finding mine from the mid 80's and working on getting them scanned.
  9. I wish you were closer. Any interest in splitting the trans from the engine?
  10. Good looking car. Hate that steering wheel, though. Ugh. :-/
  11. ::welcome:: Welcome from snowy Northern Michigan! :cool:
  12. I did this exact same procedure when I converted a car back in 1986. Mostly, though, I sat down with the wiring diagrams from both cars and worked it out. Worked well for many years. Would I do it that way again now? Probably not. But back then I didn't have $5 extra to eat dinner. :cool: In a much different place in life these days.
  13. Welcome from Michigan! ::welcome::[/align]
  14. I keep looking at this ad every day. I'm afraid to call about it, and terrified to go look at it. If I do it would surely follow me home. http://nmi.craigslist.org/cto/4748579162.html I have all the A/C parts and other misc things it needs stashed in the attic so it would be simple to get fully assembled.
  15. Here's one from my introduction thread. My first 73 Mach 1, I was 16 and it was 1985. I'm trying to fix the leaking power steering hose. I actually have a free day today, and since it's snowing outside I think I'll dig up some more pics and try to get them posted here and make a thread for my current Mach.
  16. Welcome from Northern Michigan! Love the story behind the car. More pics!
  17. No. The deluxe shift handle was black vinyl instead of the chrome standard.
  18. Dang..... that's the car for me! I love original, unrestored cars.
  19. I've never really liked coupes, but i like that car! The wire wheels even work with the over all look. If it's original paint it would be worth the cost of admission.
  20. Hey all, Signed up a little while ago and finally getting around to making an introduction. My name is John, a lot of people call me Johnny. I'm good with it either way. 45 years old, had at least one Mustang at any given time since I was 16. Most of that time I've had more than one. I'm not a die hard, brand loyal, Ford only guy. I like all makes, some models, but mainly just cars in general. I've built muscle cars, Corvettes, street trucks, VW's, you name it. I drive a 2011 Camaro SS when the weather is nice, and a GMC Sierra when it's not. At the moment I'm down to one last Mustang, and I don't see myself really building another one when this one is finished, even though I have an attic of hoarded parts from the dozen or so Fastbacks/Mach's I've parted over the years. I found that my priorities have changed in the last 10 years or so and I just don't enjoy the build/restoration as much as I used to. Time is fairly limited with family and work, so i really just like to drive them these days. So, I'm saying "Hi, I'm here!" and getting to know everyone a little. I'll start a thread specifically for my car, a 73 Q code 4 speed Mach. Couple old pics: This one's me, at 16, fixing the power steering hoses on my first 73 Mach 1. It was 1985. Totalled that Mach 1 a month later and replaced it with this 71 Fastback out of North Carolina. Here is that same 71 right after High School, putting it away for my freshman year of college. Finally, one quick pic of the last one I sold. 72 Q code 4 speed Mach. Yes. It has 73 stripes, I've never been a huge fan of the 71-2, always preferred the 73 stripes. That's it for now, I need to get back the work!! :blush:
  21. Do you have a welder? If you have access to a MIG, you can thread a nut on and weld it to the stud. It will do (2) things to help. 1. Provide you with a solid, known position for a wrench 2. More importantly, the welding will push the heat down through the remnants of the bolt and help break it loose from the block.
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