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  1. Hey I'm looking for a ford 9in 28 spline posi for my 71 mach1 , can anyone give me their preferred brand and possible place to purchase ? Thanks you
  2. http://www.laurelmountainmustang.com/t/model-years/1971-73?utf8=%E2%9C%93&keywords=lower+control+arm Yes going back with stock arms for now I did not get all new front suspension I took everything out sandblasted and powder coated it all. I can post pics later if interested . advance auto has a great discount look up on google Advance auto discount it will give you codes for 30-50 off it is a promotion they have going on at this time till the end of the month. The link above has a great suspension kit .
  3. The ball joints are riveted on so to replace you need to use an air chisel to get the rivets off. I have done it once and it was a lot of work. The replacement ball joint is approx $30 and a new arm is about $50 and you get new bushings with them. I guess that if you are trying to keep original parts replacing just the ball would be what you want but you won't have the rivets anymore. With the replacements you can't tell the difference. I just replaced the whole arms and you really can't tell the difference and saved myself a lot of extra work and headaches. To each his own though, its just a matter of preference. Thank you I ordered the whole lower arm today it is a lot easier then taking apart the old ones, thank you for the opinions and experience made my decision easier thank you !
  4. Maybe someone can help.... I can't find anywhere that sells the lower ball joint by itself, everywhere I look it is selling the complete lower control arm with ball joint. Does anyone know of any place ? Appreciated, Nick 71 mach 1 351 c 4bbl
  5. Does anyone know where I can purchase lower Ball joints and not the entire lower control arm ? Can't seem to find them anywhere. Thanks
  6. Thanks, yea should be pretty durable. yea and original from previous owner ... thanks for the info tho.
  7. Here's what I did this weekend re-did the original magnum 500 rims I know they're not the chrome but I think they look great. I'm waiting on the stencil kit to come in to insert the black...
  8. quote=nbracken;200170] Hi there. I need to do the same on the suspension on my 72 Mach 1. What bushes and which shocks did you go for. I've been considering poly bushes but have read mixed things about them on here and other places. I have poly bushes on another car (non Mustang) that I've been using back home in Europe for 7 years without any issue. Fitting them right first is key. I used energy suspension bushing which are the entire front kit ran 85$ on (CARID.COM) I also got new (MOOG) ball joints upper and lower through advance auto. If you are going with KYB shocks this may not help, but if you put Monroes on it they have a Buy3 Get 1 Free event right Now. Google Monroe SHOCKTOBER promotion. That's what I bought. Yea I had seen that Monroe was doing the "SHOCKTOBER" promo, I went with KYB though, I have a few buddies with KYB and have had nothing but great things to say so I went with their reviews. How do you like the Monroe's ?
  9. Been working the front suspension taking out all the old parts sandblasting and powder coating them. Got all new bushings and upper/ lower ball joints just last night finished wire wheeling the frame to apply undercoat it looks great ! Now just waiting on the new shocks to come it to put it all back together . Will post pics later tonight .
  10. I would definitely go with black interior inside, and like you said black goes with everything. I also think a "dark red with flake" would look great. I think a rear spoiler and front spoiler would look sweet on your car and if not the front definitely on the rear. Do what you can do I'm in the same position with school and student loans so I understand funding issues completely.
  11. The interior is all original besides the carpet. The car was in a garage for many years where mice got in. It smelt terrible so replacing the carpet was one of the first things we did. I need new seat vinyl badly. Both seats have big rips in them. But I don't know if I should just get the vinyl or replace all the foam too. Super expensive. It's not horrible and it is original so decent are you going to stick with the same color interior or change it up ?
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