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  1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/321314534348?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  2. I found this while searching Craigslist. It is not my site, but might help someone find parts. www.mustangmasters.com
  3. pretty easy to install, just do the instructions step by step and don't skip ahead...figure 2 full days
  4. I live in Santee, Sc...I have a few extra parts for 71-73. I have a 72 Q code 4 speed Don
  5. I have an extra dual exhaust valance, if anyone needs it. It looks like new
  6. Valve stem seals, or the drain holes in the heads are stopped up, probably a combination. those are a simple fix without removing the heads.
  7. Go ahead and get rid of it, then you can always wish you had kept it.
  8. try this 1st disconnect the fuel line from the carb and plug it off. Start the engine and let it run out of fuel. Connect the fuel line, start it and see if it still floods. You may just have a piece of trash in the needle valve...sometimes, that will wash it out.
  9. It also has a plastic coated timing gear , if the chain gets loose, it will jump timing...usually around 80 K miles or more. Pull #1 spark plug, and the coil wire, put your finger over the plug hole and have someone bump the starter until the compression pushes your finger from the hole...that will be close to TDC...pill the dist. cap off and see if the rotor is close to # 1 wire. You can also put a socket on the balancer bolt and see how much slack is in the timing chain.
  10. I believe a lot of car guys have fallen into the trap of thinking we can buy a cheap project and do it ourselves and save a bunch of money, guess what, that does not happen.
  11. He would be better off to part it out and buy a completed car. He says he has no repair skills, which means a project like this is not acceptable. 20 K will buy a pretty nice car, that he can actually drive. Heck, I will sell him my 72 Q code 4 speed for 13K and he can drive it home!
  12. Do yourself a favor and buy one that is already complete. You are looking at a minimum of 10 grand to finish this car, and that is if you do the labor Also, pull the plastic cowl screens and look in there with a flashlight toward each fender to see if that area is rusty.
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