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  1. Speaking of Pertronix I put them on pretty much ALL of my more or less stock engined cars if the original distributor is fairly tight and the advance is working properly. You get the factory look AND electronic ign. plus the factory advance curve that Ford designed for that engine application.... The local O'Riellys parts store always has a Chevy and a Ford one in stock where I live. This is a classic car crazy town though....
  2. OH Yeh, you guys have me thinking now. I have an extra hideaway set up from a 70 Torino. I'm gonna start measuring at first light tomorrow.... ^ And as good as it looks, this demonstrates exactly why hide-away headlights do NOT belong on the '71-73s: It makes them look like a logical evolution of the first-gen Camaro: Put a standard hood on the Mustang chop, and you'll be hard pressed to tell the two apart at first glance. Only the turn signal shape and the taller greenhouse on the Camaro are the giveaways. The quad headlight setup in the top right prototype isn't bad though (and I bet Luxstang will love the hood scoop!): Funny how the bottom left concept is undoubtedly the source by which Ford restyled the '73 turn signals due to the forced relocation. Note the bumper blackout. -Kurt
  3. If it were me I'd just put a Good aftermarket coil on it. A Blaster 2 or other high energy coil would help the Unilite realize it's potential. Unless you need to rev limit the engine I don't really see the need for the box....jmo
  4. Probably not your problem but when I bought my 72 'Q' code convertible it had a 600 cfm Holley carb on it. The car seemed pretty weak so I pulled the Holley.....HA! It had a spread bore intake and the Holley was a square bore.... The secondary throttle plates couldn't open! I eventually found a correct #'s rebuilt CJ spread bore carb and put on it. Yes, it runs MUCH better now.
  5. Does it have a rebuilt distributor? I've had really bad luck with stock rebuilds. Same thing, stumbles as soon as the vacuum advance kicks in. Try disconnecting the vacuum and see what happens.
  6. Ahh, OK. Yes I did. I should have done a search first. The other thread is much more gratifying....
  7. Enjoy Guys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-zOT_Pw26k
  8. I saw so many things I just quit caring after awhile.... I think it's overpriced
  9. I'm done....common courtesy and all. Good luck with the problem....
  10. I tried the nuts and bolts once....ONCE! You're not going anywhere with the acid and motorcycle crap and it's not cheap! If you're trying to cheap it put on a really GOOD inline BIG filter.... the fuel injection ones work well. Hell, put on TWO....the final one should be clear so you can see what's going on.....
  11. Hi, welcome from WA state. It doesn't need to handle like a "wheelbarrow"! First put some performance coils up front and big sway bars front and rear. Then get subframe connectors w the X brace installed. The body flex on converts is horrible without it.....You'll be amazed at the difference. Worth every penny. Oh, and don't forget some Good shocks all around if it doesn't have them already.
  12. Looks kinda like he modded the ram aircleaner to fit the HEI.
  13. Honestly....when you said it was fixed I was puzzled by your description of the "fix". I was thinking what you described would have most likely made for a wandering misfire...not specific to a particular cylinder. When I made my suggestions I wasn't really thinking/realizing that most people probably don't have "extra" parts they can just start throwing on the engine one at a time, like I can, till finding the problem(s). Of course I DO perform all the appropriate tests first to try and isolate the problem beforehand...... It's quicker/easier that way. Trouble shooting is an art...especially with intermittent problems!
  14. Come on guys.....I kinda like it. My Mach had a receiver hitch when I first got it. Looked tough. Definitely a 70's look. Now if that's all metal and not bondo....I like it even better! 429cj engine...Hoo Ha, I bid on it
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