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  1. What is your interior color , is it a Mach 1 or Grandé Its a Grandé and its a sort of bluish faded color Hi, I know this is s minor item but I need the passenger side wiper arm, thanks
  2. Hi, I need the passenger side wiper arm. My zip is 20852. How much for it including shipping, thanks
  3. I have a 72 mach 1 which is a heavily optioned car. It has Q-code, 4 speed, AC with power windows. I found that 3% of the cars came with power windows but how many were 4 speed with AC? I see about one of these a year come up on E-bay. Any ideas?
  4. As a middle aged guy with limited space I would recommend you try to sell the cars whole on ebay or this site. Parting out cars takes a long time and tends to annoy the spouse, kids, neighbors etc. I did parting out when I was in college and it was easier then, less zoning rules. Don't wait to long he may have to junk them himself for the estate-Good luck
  5. Do you still have the steering box? Where are you located
  6. You need to be careful removing the bezel, if it breaks there are no reproduction pieces since less than 5% of the cars were PW equipped.
  7. Hi I have a 72 Mach 1 with a 4 speed. After I drive it and park it there is a lot of PS fluid underneath it (remember its a 4sp) I got underneath of it and nothing looks damp. It does have the optional factory PS cooler. Anybody ever had a situation where the PS fluid leaks out but you can't see where it coming from-Thanks
  8. Do you believe since it's open on top and getting more air, it's helping with power? Im sure that the open top element provides more airflow. Whether or not your motor makes more power from it or not , im not sure. If your running a small 600cfm carb on a mild motor I doubt you would notice or see a difference. If your running high Hp motor with a 1000cfm carb you may free up a couple more HP with the less restrictive air filter. My motor is pushing 600hp and im running a 900 cfm quick fuel carb. I cant tell if it helped my motor or not?? But it sure looks cool! :cool: Don't hate me but I feel you can't beat the look of a Mopar dual snorkel air cleaner in factory krinkle cast black paint
  9. It's sort of like a mini spread bore-not like a Q-jet or Thermoquad but the secondaries are slightly larger than the primaries and that is why the fitment is so important
  10. Hi, I have the stock motorcraft 4bbl on my Q-code 72 4 speed. After 45 years of use I want to put a new carb for better drivability. What is the easiest replacement carb with the stock intake. Seems that people like the Holley 4150 with electric choke. I'm looking for ease of install and drivability-it's racing days are over! Thank you
  11. Hi, I have a 72 which had a rusted cowl and the wiper area was gone. I need to install everything back in. How I install the assembly. Do I separate each section, then bolt it up? The annoying thing is 20 years ago there would have been one of these around the corner I could have looked at. I miss the old days! Thanks
  12. If I was in your situation I would put it on E-bay. I have had friends do that and it's way faster. Good luck
  13. On a lark I went to Rock Auto and surprisingly they did have the correct motorcraft choke pull off (exactly like it should be) and the bimetallic spring. I was surprised that they had it I thought they were just for newer stuff but they do have some factory parts. Thanks for everbody's assistance
  14. Hi, I have a 72 q-code 4 speed with the original carb. Just had it rebuilt and I need the bimetallic spring and the choke pull off piece. I figures the spring would be easy to find (not) and the pull off piece seems very specific. I googled motorcraft 4300 parts but nobody seems to have these two items. Any ideas. Thanks
  15. I am going to be replacing my power window motors and I figure I will replace the speakers while I am at it. What is the standard speaker size? Thanks
  16. My 72 Mach 1 carb is acting up and I was planning on rebuilding it this winter however I now need a running carb to put on it this summer while I rebuild it. I'm not looking for a show piece just one to drive for the next 3 months. Mine is a 4 speed car. Thanks
  17. Does the carb work. I want to take my off to rebuild and just need one to run around for the summer. How much do you want?
  18. I redid my 72 mach one which had a factory vinyl roof. I removed the roof and have have the trim which goes across the roof. What is this worth, make an offer
  19. When I turn on the AC or heat it just blows out on defrost. Does anybody have the scematics for the AC hoses, cables and wires behind the dash, thanks
  20. I still have the full lower cowl piece. Make an offer it's taking up space in the shed and needs to find a new home!
  21. Hi, My car is in the paint shop and my painter wants to know what is the correct argent paint color ie Dupont or Ditzler paint code number. He can't seem to find the correct color mix. This is the lower rocker panel panel color not the wheel color. Thanks
  22. Go look in Hemmings there are a number of firms that re-face guages but I don't know the cost
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