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  1. Congrats on the 429 Mustang, a 4 speed no less! I have a 429 CJ-R 4 speed car myself and it's quite a blast to drive. So much so, that there are a few little details i never get around to. Looks like you have good bones to begin with, and after a few key items are taken care of you will have a functional car and you can take it from there. I believe I saw the pics for you car also on the Facebook page.
  2. That's a great thing to have! Is the 8-track player still in your car? My first two cars had 8-track tape players. I still have the Beatles White Album on 8-track buried somewhere in my moving boxes from decades ago (car was '68 GTO).
  3. Great work- yes took a few weeks but this was no doubt in your spare time. Your second gear theory makes sense as well.
  4. I sure hope that's it. From working in IT for 30+ years, it seems you have found "a" problem but possibly not "the" problem. Still seems odd that this kink would cut off right at 3K rpms but allow up to 4K rpms when dropping down to second gear. Well I guess you have to replace this section regardless and hope for the best. I keep thinking about the trans itself but that makes no sense whatsoever. This is not by any means a car controlled by computer modules. It's great for that reason, but it sure wouldn't be a bad thing in this case to be able to plug into a OBD connector and see some errors. lol
  5. Hello- Welcome to the forum. From the looks of that picture, you had better get many more pictures. Why do you need to make a decision quickly? You could be in for a lot of sheet metal repairs / replacements. If you expecting to do that anyway, then it might not be an issue. Still, you'd want to get a car in the best shape possible for your budget.
  6. Looks very nice- you did a much better job than a number of the original 1971 UAW guys at the factory! I have seen survivor cars with fairly low miles, no door sagging issues, and the stripes don't even meet up at the door and rear quarter panel. lol
  7. Just piling on here. Beginning in 1980 and for a few years, I drove a '68 GTO 400 4 speed daily where I had opened the hood scoops. The inserts were metal so I carefully cut out the opening in metal shop. Didn't even flake off any of the paint around the opening. Drove that car in rain and snow without a problem. I did not have a Ram Air-style air cleaner, so whatever water got in there was accessing the engine compartment. 18 year old me just thought it would be "cool" to have open hood scoops.
  8. If it cuts out almost precisely at 3K rpms in a predicable manner, it almost seems like it has to be ignition-related. That thought and 2 bucks (or whatever it is now) will get you a cup of coffee in any US diner. lol I used to troubleshoot this type of stuff in the early 80's when I tried to do all of my own work to save money I didn't have. I had the plug wires arcing issue once that someone else described earlier. I worked at a regional auto parts chain and had full use of a unused four-bay shop in back with a lift, plus unlimited parts access. 19 years old and no other responsibilities, sometimes I miss those days. ha Anyway, I'm thinking that if it was a fuel or carb issue and the car is being driven in different temperature ranges, this issue would not repeatedly occur at 3K rpms. Keeps coming back to ignition in my mind. It will be interesting to see what the pro mechanic comes up with. Probably similar to your current situation, now I have plenty of money but no time.
  9. Just trying to throw anything out there. Does any ignition component you're running have a rev limiter capability that can be modified by the user? Maybe it somehow became accidentally set to 3K rpms. Of course that still doesn't jive with the fact that you can downshift to second gear and take it up to 4K rpms. Is that still true?
  10. The Gremlin body cut up made a lot of nice modified stock cars back in the 1970's in my area. The (used to be) famous Reading Fairgrounds Speedway was a few minutes from my house. That half mile clay track was knocked down in 1979 to build a shopping mall, and right now that derelict shopping mall is finally being knocked down 41 years later. Just like I go for the '71 to '73 Mustang body style, I also like the '71 to '74 Javelin body style.
  11. I believe he said if he drops the trans into second gear he can go up to 4K rpms, so that still shoots down a number of the theories that are being revisited.
  12. That company, East Penn, is not far away from where I live. They manufacture high-quality batteries under many brand names. My neighbor and my lawn and landscape guy both work there. It's nice to know that something good is still manufactured in the US.
  13. Interesting explanation- I'll admit I know next to nothing regarding boats! Then the 351W / 5.8L engine is re-branded as a Volvo? I'll bet that engine sounds incredible out on the water. And think of the irony, the Ford V8 in a boat named Regal, as in Buick Regal. ;)
  14. Very nice! If it has survived in that condition and hasn't been restored, other than maybe a paint job, that is incredible for a pickup. If the bench seat has a tear or something just put a nice seat cover on it, as would have been done back in the day. The 390 and manual trans is awesome. Back in the day a friend of mine had one with the 300 inline 6 and three on the tree. There hasn't been a basic pickup truck available new for ages.
  15. Definitely shouldn't be driving that car with the way the subframe is welded. It might be fine for cruising around, but if he needs to make a sudden maneuver the thing could let loose. If the floor pans were professionally replaced and that's how they left things, I'd hate to see unprofessionally replaced. Like someone else said, it could be a fun car at a good price since it's non-numbers matching. And if he has a 429 CJ engine in there it's better than dropping in a low performance 429 from a regular passenger car. Still, with the VIN issues it's likely no one will touch this with a ten foot pole. And that fender that was cut up to expose the VIN really needs to be taken care of or replaced. Maybe Ford should have had something clear there like Plexiglas from the factory so the VIN stampings could be seen without removing or cutting the fender. lol

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