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  1. Thanks- I see a few possibilities on that page.
  2. Hi there- Can you possibly let me know which aftermarket tips you are using for the 2.5" pipes? My 429 CJ-R has long-tube headers and 2.5" pipes. Would love to add the tips as a finishing touch if they are close to stock looking.
  3. Thanks for that justdashes.com site. I might also get a quote from them. The original door panels on my '71 J-code look very nice and fit in well with the rest of the interior as far as condition. My driver's side door pull is loose, which is common and I can deal with that. A previous owner cut out the carpet at the front of each door panel for speakers, and the speakers were removed at some point so it is kind of ragged looking there. I don't believe a set of stock speaker covers would hide those areas, and I'm not sure how those mount with no actual speaker in the opening. It is also a AM radio car with only the stock dash speaker, so speaker covers on the door panels wouldn't be correct. I have the replacement carpet for the bottom of each door panel, but the cardboard would still be cut out where the speakers were located. It's a shame because as is typical, the passenger side door panel is mint except for that ragged speaker opening. Driver's side is also pretty good looking, without very much wear, certainly not enough to warrant replacement. I kept thinking of some in-place solution but the door panels will likely need to come off, and then I'll be dealing with uncooperative clips and so forth. I thought of grafting in pieces of carpet that match the door panel carpet, but I doubt that could be done without being obvious (might be better than the holes now). The car is so much fun to drive that I don't even think of those speaker openings while I'm on the road. That's also why I haven't mounted the rear view mirror yet. lol Plus I have read of people having so much trouble with that adhesive. I reinstalled a dozen rear view mirrors in the early 80's and they never fell off back then for some reason.
  4. Yes incredible job there Ryan. When I first read your reply I thought, what is this guy talking about, he has a urethane front bumper. heh I think it would take a certain skill level to get it that smooth. I think it looks better than the actual urethane bumper, which is usually off a bit on one side or the other. It was the same on the urethane bumper for my '68 GTO back in the day. It fit pretty well but had a slightly different gap on one side. I saw some of those where I swear the gap on each side was a quarter of an inch rather than fitting flush with the front fender.
  5. On a Sportsroof the rear view mirror is almost useless. Just use the accelerator pedal instead. ;)
  6. I'm not trying to be a wise guy, but did you forget a zero? It's going to cost a lot more than $3000 to repair lots of rust damage and repaint the car. Maybe a number of the panels could be saved if they are cleaned up internally and something like POR-15 is applied. But removing, treating, and replacing all of the panels where this is possible is going to be quite expensive. If anything is bad enough that it needs to be cut out and patch panels welded in (floor pan, trunk pan, rear quarters, etc.) it is going to be a very large bill to pay a shop to do that. Another story if you could do all of the work yourself. If not, it would be better to purchase a nicer car to begin with and save all of that extra expense.
  7. This is good advice regardless of what is being discussed. Do not use Chinese *anything* if there is another choice.
  8. Do you mean the Hemmings car was changed to red from light pewter? The door tag shows color code 3, which is bright red. So maybe it was that different color and they restored it back to the original bright red? Also, the axle code on the door tag is A, which is a 3.50 conventional axle. Could have been changed at some point to a Traction-Lok axle of course.
  9. Yes I just went out to the garage and mine has that 5th button "Lock". I always assumed it was to lock out the other window controls, since that feature is even on our modern-day Navigator, and likely many other vehicles. The Hemmings red car ad states "Power Windows & Locks", so perhaps there was some confusion there. I don't believe that 5th button is for power door locks, or is it? I pressed it with the car off and the door locks didn't move.
  10. It's like the 1967 James Bond film- "You Only Live Twice". This car was original twice. lol Where did they get that $120K that is crossed out below the $72.9K. Crazy. As others have stated this car has a lot of things incorrect and should be way less. It's only saving grace would be if the drive-line is numbers-matching to the chassis. I recall seeing additional 429 emblems on the Torino Cobra, but these are a joke. My numbers-matching 429 CJ-R 4 speed car also has factory power windows. I guess it's also a one of one. ;) I also like how the engine specs decal is where the rev limiter is supposed to go. The Hemmings car on the other hand is gorgeous, assuming things check out. Perhaps in this market they would come down a little, but the price is not out of line for this car. Says power windows and locks, and I'm not sure i ever saw power locks available (might be wrong). Has the rev limiter in the correct spot, not sure if it's functional or not. AC, now that's what my car really needs for summer driving. Rochester carb, nice, I'll bet most were tossed (mine was).
  11. It would draw a lot of flak from lovers of other marques, but I have felt for a while that the '71 Ford Boss 351 might just be the best factory small block V8 engine ever manufactured. Perhaps I should say smaller displacement engine rather than small block, you get the idea. There is also the '70 Chevrolet LT-1 350, a potent combination in its own right, but I still hold the Boss 351 in higher regard.
  12. That's a great thing to have! Is the 8-track player still in your car? My first two cars had 8-track tape players. I still have the Beatles White Album on 8-track buried somewhere in my moving boxes from decades ago (car was '68 GTO).
  13. Great work- yes took a few weeks but this was no doubt in your spare time. Your second gear theory makes sense as well.
  14. I sure hope that's it. From working in IT for 30+ years, it seems you have found "a" problem but possibly not "the" problem. Still seems odd that this kink would cut off right at 3K rpms but allow up to 4K rpms when dropping down to second gear. Well I guess you have to replace this section regardless and hope for the best. I keep thinking about the trans itself but that makes no sense whatsoever. This is not by any means a car controlled by computer modules. It's great for that reason, but it sure wouldn't be a bad thing in this case to be able to plug into a OBD connector and see some errors. lol
  15. Hello- Welcome to the forum. From the looks of that picture, you had better get many more pictures. Why do you need to make a decision quickly? You could be in for a lot of sheet metal repairs / replacements. If you expecting to do that anyway, then it might not be an issue. Still, you'd want to get a car in the best shape possible for your budget.
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