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  1. new rims are nice,but always been a big fan of the dog dish wheels.some how that just looks cool in our cars.50s also look good.to much flashy crome on our cars just dont go with the year.but that is just a opinion,what ever catches your eye,go for it.staggered size always looks god on a mustand,whatever year
  2. K.A.R auto group has a compleat front stucture kit for $475.looks like that kit has everthing you need up front
  3. most kits come with good instructions.you can talk to a tech and they can suggest a jet.best is to get a air fuel ratio gauge and see where you are at and see where you have to go.jetting a carb is very simple ,just follow directions and keep everything clean.
  4. if anyone is interested in getting a new mig welder, i was just on the campbel-husfeild home web site and they had nice little gas mig welder on special for $210 . factory refurbished with warranty. this welder is gas and can also use flux core wire. for you guys syarting a resto on a budget this is a great deal for a welder to start out with.will weld up to 3/16th single pass
  5. just wondering what # that intake you got?all my intakes match the ports on the heads.mismatched ports make bad airflow,bad airflow makes bad power curves.i dont believe there should be a large differance in port sizes.you might have a 2V intake by mistake.looking at my 4V heads and a performer 2V intake and the ports are about a third smaller
  6. my understanding was to keep hot oil off the intake manifold in performance situations.2V or 4V ,cleavlands are a performance engine made to make power with RPMs.Ford put it there,i put them there
  7. back in the day ,it was norm to ditch either in favor for the C6. but today you can build a potent C4 that will handle insane amounts of power.if you are going to change ,look into a modern auto like the 4R70W.its considered a modern C6 with about the same weight,performance and you get overdrive.the 5R55 is another good option,but a bellhousing might be hard to find
  8. are you parting that car out?is the upper cowl cap in good shape?
  9. I have a 71 mach 1 shell that I am going to part out Has good LH tower and frame rail Good platforms What other sheet metal are you looking for? As for the package tray, the repros are pricey cardboard. I make mine out of 1/8 melemine / press board. About 20.00 a sheet at home depot. Don just pulling more parts off, looks like the cowl cap is in bad shape,hows yours looking?ill take the inner shock tower you have.drivers seat platform also.
  10. working on honeydew list,try to steal-away to garage tomorrow
  11. thats what i thought you meant,just wanted to make sure.like to start buying the sheet metal i will need to start on front of car,looks like i will have to make some small patches to cowl end caps, i will have to get some metal for patches.does it matter what year i get my metal from?would metal from a early 80s car be ok?
  12. i also tried rebuilding mine,the 200 bucks beats the aggravation of putting that thing back together
  13. from what i understand,with out a factory build sheet,you can never really know what you have,starting in 70/71 ford had a huge options list,plus you add on what the dealers could install,you have a list that is nearly impossible to to guess.my factory build sheet was under the carpet on the passenger side.completely destroyed by water damage.with out that sheet,along with the customer order sheet it is almost imposable to find original specs for car
  14. core support,right hand front apron, upper cowl end caps,inner cowl patches, right hand inner shock tower,drivers seat platform,left rear floor board,left rear wheel arch. trunk was repaired by previews owner so i think everything back there is ok.for the package tray, i mean the sheet metal back there.some bad patches back there now
  15. do not know what you mean by small body saw? a hand saw?
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