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  1. Ok. So I'll look around the area and get a price on rebuilding the 302 engine that's in the car.
  2. Hello everyone Ive been restoring this car sloooowly and looking to pick up the past in the near future. I want to get a crate engine for my 68 mustang GT with the 302. Not looking to make it a hot rod just and every day driver. What company do you guys suggest I go with? The current motor runs fine. [emoji41]. So I want a reliable engine and warranty. I also going to need a transmission to I think. Thanks
  3. Hello everyone from lafayette louisiana. I have a 68 mustang GT coupe with 302. I've been restoring it slooowly.... I want it to be an everyday driver kinda car. Also looking a getting a crate engine. Any help would be appriciated. THANK
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