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    i recently purchased a 71 mustang coupe 351c c6 automatic transmission. It's in rough shape and I'm focused on restoring it. Any and all help is much appreciated. Thanks


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    camp Pendleton, CA
  1. Yes it is a grande And yes, lemon lot is there I might put it on there
  2. Yes, rust is there, I also just don't have any time left before I go. I'd rather see it go to good use than sit for a year
  3. Thanks, yes, I'm definitely looking to buy one without rust in a little better shape. I'm gonna head down soon and take a few more pictures of it
  4. Anyone want to buy my 71 mustang on here. I was going to restore it and I have been convinced due to time and money that would be required, it's more of a parts car than a restoration car. It is an "m" code 351c 4 barrel with a c6 tranny. Runs but has a blown head gasket. I'm leaving on deployment and don't have time to work on it. I bought it for 3,800 I'd like to make that back but ill give it up to a solid offer. I would rather sell it to someone that needs the parts
  5. Thanks! I think in that case I'll rebuild this one and go from there
  6. Ok thanks, I'll have to start with that, I was more or less wondering if anyone knows how much better an edlbrock carb would be than a Holley, if at all. I have an edlbrock intake, did they make a specific carb ment for those intakes?
  7. Look under the back of the car. On either side of the gas tank will be a box-section steel framerail welded onto the floorpan. Your rear leaf springs will connect to these framerails with shackles. This is what they look like with the trunk floor removed. The rear crossmember is the section joining the two framerails closest to the camera: This is the RH framerail (without the crossmember welded in): And this is what you don't want to find at all - the framerail rotted through with the rear of the car supported entirely by the trunk floor. If you have this, you'll ne
  8. No clue what those are ha, but shot in the dark, probably looking a little rusty ha
  9. Hey everyone, I just want to say thank you to everyone on here for being super helpful. I have already learned more than I thought was possible to cram into my brain in the last few days. I really appreciate it. And I apologize if I don't get to reply to each post but I am reading all of them and at the rapid rate you are all feeding me info, I don't mean to leave any comment unanswered. You guys are awesome and keep it up. I'm always game to learn more! I'd like to do each project right and not skip any steps or take any shortcuts
  10. For the big sheet metal items Dynacorn has a warehouse 2 hours away from you I can arrange parts pick up to save the shipping cost Don Thanks don! I'm gonna have to wait till I get back from deployment to start that work. I'm focusing on replacing all moving parts and any smaller projects first with how little time I have to actually put forward on the car. I'm gonna have to save the cutting, welding, and grinding till I get back. By small jobs I mean week long jobs max. Just so I can actually drive it and park it somewhere safe while I'm gone. I don't want someone to deal with
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