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    It's my wife's automobile and her name is Ina.
    She is the original owner. 1972 Ford Mustang Hardtop; all original parts;low mileage approx:50k; garaged but needs major work over all.


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    United States

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  1. Hello everyone; I'm Howard and new to the Forum. I have a 1972 Ford mustang my wifes the original owner approximately 60k miles garaged and taken off the road 1992. This will be a new experience for me; minor experience and knowledge on repairs. I need all the help and input I can get. I have to give myself an "A+" I installed new battery, distributor, points, condensor,wires, plugs. Car started up okay. I only let it run less than a minute; I need to set the points and do other major repairs including welding. I need a reliable place to get parts and tools and equipment"free shipping" would also help. I'm located in a small town called Norton. Norton Massachusetts.........Thanks.
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