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  1. And here she is! Rears are 275/40/17 on 17x9.5 with 5" backspace Fronts are 245/45/17 on 17x8 with 4.5" backspace Only thing I would do differently is maybe go to 315 for the rears. Nt quite as wide as I imagined it. Couple different angles. Forgot to get one straight on so will do that next time I pull it out of the garage.
  2. The big day has arrived! My baby new shoes have been delivered! On my way to get them mounted and balanced now!
  3. Here is one my wife took from the passenger side headed north on I5 near Shasta Lake.
  4. Thanks Keena... you're probably talking about the steering wheel that was on the car when I bought it. I believe that was a grant like this one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B003TPJBBM/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?qid=1415722314&sr=8-6&pi=AC_SX110_SY165_QL70#immersive-view_1415722341732 I wanted a more stock look so I changed it to a nice stock two spoke wheel. I'll be looking forward to seeing how the new tires and wheels look. This is the photo I was referring to. I like the thicker wheel and 4 spoke design. If you don't want it, I'll buy it :) I'll have to look around and see if I can find one like it.
  5. That is a sharp 71 Coupe! I like the look with those 18" wheels! Nice Choice!
  6. 73StangCoupe I just checked out your photo albums! Beautiful car! I particularly love that steering wheel, who makes that and where can they be found? and yes, I will definitely post pics once they are mounted, just ordered the wheels today so probably about 2 weeks before it all comes together!
  7. Here is a photo of the wheels I chose, they are the MB Wheel Old School Chrome! A little bit of the torque thrust flavor with a modern sharper touch. I can't wait to get these 275/40/ZR17 mounted!
  8. Thank you all for the warm welcomes! I have enjoyed looking through this site immensely, What a wonderful resource for 7173 owners!
  9. Tire fit for Coupes and Sportsroof/Mach 1s are identical. I believe it is the same for convertibles as well. -Kurt Thank you Kurt, I appreciate the confirmation! Will be placing my order and will post pics once they are installed.
  10. My main concern is all my fitment data is for Mach 1 or Fast backs...Mine is a restomod coupe and I just wanted to know if the fitment in wheelwells and suspension part clearance is the same for coupes and fast backs so I would know if my wheel tire combo will work.
  11. This is her right now with some ugly 14" rims and roller skate tires! And side view profile
  12. Here is a pic of my new baby, working on finding some new shoes for her!
  13. I have a 1972 Coupe that I want to get some new shoes for her and I have done a lot of research and reading through forum posts but it seems it is all in regard to Mach 1 cars and I wasn't sure if the fitment is the same for wheels and tires on both coupes and fastbacks? Combo I am looking at is: Front: 245/45/R17 on a 17x8 Rim with 4.5" Backspace Rear: 275/40/R17 on a 17x9 Rim with 5" Backspace Can anyone confirm fitment of this for the coupes? No rub at full turn? My suspension is stock, so it is probably sagged a little but it is not lowered. Thanks, Aaron
  14. Just Wanted to say hi, my name is Aaron and am from Oregon. Thanks in advance for a wonderful site. I am sure I will use a lot. I have been an avid Mustang fan for 25 years and owned a 65 and 67 in the past. I have admired the 71-73 Mustangs for a long time and finally just bought my first 1972 Coupe and have lots of minor restoration projects in mind. I look forward to sharing projects online and getting advice from those who have done the job already! Have a great day
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