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  1. I'm redoing my Mach-1 somewhat closer in external appearance to how it looked in '71, (now have the correct front bumper, and looking at going back non hockey stripe). I'd like to replace the two back panels at the fold down rear seat, that the original owner cut speaker holes into. I still kick myself for not buying replacements back in '81 when they were easier to come by then. There was a change from three speed manual, to a toploader, before I got the car in late '80, and I see no reason to change it back during my lifetime, same with the long gone iron 351C 2V intake and carb, which was changed to an aluminum 351C 2V to 4V conversion intake and carb. I figure after I'm gone, and they pat me in the face with a shovel, the next guy can worry about changing the carb, intake, and transmission.
  2. HemiKiller, your Mach-1 is similar to the look I'm hoping to bring my blue Mach-1 back to. No spoilers, or argent on the hood, with the factory 15" trim rings and dog dish caps that mine came with. I am keeping the toploader that the previous owner replaced the 3spd standard that was gonzo'ed, and the Ford ram air I bought in '80. I still really like the hockey stripes though, but at this point I'm leaning not to do that again.
  3. I'm not a full on purist, not everything on my oldtimer is going to be as it was the day it was made. That being said, I wish repro steering wheels would be available in some of the other interior colors. Mine isn't too bad, but someday... I regret not saving the lower body trim on my Mach-1 back in '81, I have come to like the 71 non striped Mach-1 look. But I do like those darned hockey stripes...
  4. I bought mine back in '80 at Jack Roach Ford, and didn't even have to order them, they had a set sitting on the shelves. I hate to think of what I probably could have bought back then...
  5. I'd talk to an electroplating shop, and have them strip the chrome off chemically.
  6. Interesting to see the silver Mach-1 with hockey stripes, that early.
  7. Well, it does have a map light...:P
  8. Thanks Chuck. I tried a few things like labels from a label maker...they had a hard time sticking to the camera case and have a tendency to want to roll up and pull away. Finally, it came to me to go to a trophy shop and have a plastic plaque made. It's silver with a black face and when the letters are cut, they are revealed in silver. $15. Now that it's size, font, spacing is saved, it would only cost $5 to have another made. The plaque itself is ridged and if cut precisely it will "press fit" into position. If it stays, and I think it will, I won't add any adhesive. That'll make it easier to change it's labels, if/when necessary. A good sign shop, or trophy shop, with a Laser cutter/engraving machine is what people want to look for, to make these kind of panels. The material is made by Rowmark, and comes in a lot of cap/core colors, including a camera type finish. To save some cash, set up your drawing in Corel, since most lasers will import a drawing done in Corel, as most of the cost is setting up the drawing. An older rotary engraver can do this type of panel as well, but you get a lot tighter cutting tolerances with a laser cutter.
  9. I cut the cable completely, bought a nice roof antenna and started streaming first with a Blu-Ray player. When Sony began having streaming issues with Netflix, I switched to the Roku, and love that little box. I get a much better picture than I did with cable, and the roof antenna works like a champ. http://dennysantennaservice.com/ez_hd_tv_Antenna.html Now all the Roku needs is a 71-73 Mustang channel...
  10. I wish I had kept a record of the vin # on my old 73, but I sold it back in the 80s. From memory: The car had 351 2v, FMX, 275 gear, standard black interior, factory AM/FM stereo with door speakers, and the 3/4 Vinyl roof. (The radio is the only thing I kept) I remember the car still had the metal Luke Johnson Ford dealer badge still on the trunk lid, and the hockey stripes looked to be as old as the car. The person I sold the car to, flipped it to a pair of guys from Australia that had come over to Texas to buy Mustangs, and Mustang parts, to take back to Australia.
  11. My old 73 Sportsroof, photo from November 1978. I was the second owner, and as far as I knew back then the hockey stripes were always on the car.
  12. 1. My 71 Mach-1 (when it's completely finished.) 2. I'd like to have another 65 Fastback with a straight six and standard transmission, like I used to have. (Sometimes you don't want to go fast) While it would be cool having something ultra rare, I really don't want much else anymore. I'll be pretty happy just having my Mach-1 back on the road.
  13. I had the Orange 1966 Mustang Coupe version. They were pretty neat to have as a kiddo, in the middle of the excitement of first generation Mustang.
  14. Great find! I'd love to know the air date on the (4th vid) that has the Mach-1 with hockey stripes. I wonder if Ford ever did a Boss 351 commercial?
  15. I just went back to the iron manifolds on my Mach-1, I wanted less to worry about while I get my old Mach-1 back together.
  16. Good to hear. The day after I finish my Mach-1 will be the day they come out with a full body shell.
  17. We'll know the day 71-73s have finally arrived when someone buys that, and puts it back stock...
  18. I'm just taking it one repair crisis at a time. I figure I'll outlast the Mach-1, or it'll outlast me...
  19. You should told those bucket seat guys, "I guess you never ride with a girl in your car".
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