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  1. As I mentioned, I added an original Ford Ram Air set, back when there was no reproduction. I did not add the twist locks on the hood on my Mach-1, so that may have been why I had no problem with the hood falling. I'll have to look at what type of spring is on the hinges on my car, I still have not decided whether to put the twist locks on the Mach-1.
  2. I added an original used Ram Air set to my 71 Mach-1 back in Dec. 1980, and never had any problems with the hood falling down.
  3. The smaller single seat A-12 was the forerunner of the breed. It was slightly faster, and could go a bit higher. What an amazing line of aircraft.
  4. I remember they were popular with some of the guys I knew back in the late 70s early 80s. I thought they could be handy in the Texas sun, but I never wanted a set bad enough to buy them for my Mach-1. It's been awhile since I've seen a set close up.
  5. My favorite record from back then, a "Rubber Dubber" bootleg record of Jimi Hendrix, "Live at the LA Forum" 1970. ::devil:: I'll never forget discovering boot's back then, it was like finding the Holy Grail of music, getting those white cover bootleg albums.
  6. My first Mustang was a Red 73 Sportsroof that I bought back in 1978, that had the 3/4 roof option. It had a 2v 351C, FMX transmission, Ford AM / FM Stereo, and hockey stick stripes, and had Ford Wire cover caps. Unfortunately I had the worst luck with the car, and sold it in the early 80s.
  7. Some of us will remember these TV commercials from back then. [video=youtube]
  8. The one time I used mine in back the 80s, I was amazed that it inflated and held air. That being said, I drove it home very slowly, not wanting to trust a then fifteen year old just inflated spare. I'd be afraid to even attempt to air up my old original now. They are a neat visual curiosity to have now-a-days.
  9. It was great talking Mustangs from "our era" especially the 71-73 Mach-1s. I had a great time talking, and seeing the passers by looking at your beautiful Mach-1. I look forward to meeting up again, and hopefully have my project car mobile soon. We need to have a parking lot full of these 71-73 Mustangs!
  10. I used to keep a spare Ford throttle cable in the trunk in the 80s when the pressed on loop would come off the cable. (Along with the proper tools) I could change out the cable and be on my way in just a couple of minutes.
  11. Back around 1980 when I was in between my '73 bad luck sportsroof, and the '71 Mach-1 there was a beautiful Black and Argent '72, or late 71, with hockey stripes Mach-1 that was in my neighborhood. (West U. if you know Houston) It looked to be highly optioned out, and original. It was just a few blocks from my house, and I'd see it in the driveway every day coming home, at the time I wanted that car in the worst way, it was so nice. Ironically...I found my 71 Mach-1, just a few blocks across Weslayen a short time later, from that black Mach-1. I always thought it was fate, or one heck of a coincidence. I'd still like to find that Black Mach-1 again, it disappeared from the driveway around the late 80s, early 90s. I've always wondered where that car ended up, as it was a really sharp car.
  12. I did almost the same thing in 81, driving home about 3am after a long night of hanging out in my 65 fastback, I was a few blocks from home, and stalled the car. The battery was a bit weak, and the 65 wouldn't turn over, so I walked to the house, got the Mach-1 and jumped the 65. Drove it home, then walked back, got the Mach-1, and drove it home, all the while hoping that W.U.P.D. wouldn't happen to drive by at 3am, so I'd have to do the pre-dawn explanation of shame...
  13. Looks like both rear spoilers win the Wrong Way Corrigan award. :s
  14. I put the F 351 incarnation of the Edelbrock 2V to 4V intake on my 351C, way back in the olden times. My 71 Mach-1 had headers on it when I bought the car, so I removed the old 2V carb and iron intake, then picked up the Edelbrock intake, and added a Holley carb, and a Ford dual point distributor I had on hand. It woke up pretty good for the day, and is going again now after a long nap. My mechanic added a modern electronic distributor, and a newer carb, and seemed to be impressed with what an old Cleveland can do after a long sleep. New headers and pipes are in the works, now that all the mechanical things are redone.
  15. I'd order a pair of 71 Mach-1s, 351 C, 4speed, 325 rear end, ram air, AC, with deluxe interior with fold down rear seat, 15" dog dish and trim rings. Black and Argent, and Blue and Argent. I'd rust proof the heck out of them, and tint the back window so the sun can't eat up the back panels.
  16. A picture from about 81, right before I put the shorty console back in the car. The previous owner found it in a box in his garage, and gave it to me when I had the car painted. The biggest color change were the two panels at the trapdoor, the blue didn't like the Texas sun. Or the p.o. cutting speaker holes... Those small boxes were an ancient form of music storage called cassettes, and an archaic photo format called film...
  17. Can't answer, all of cars I've ever really wanted were Mustangs. My one and only slight departure, was an '83 5.0 H.O. Capri RS. It was technically a Mercury Mustang I bought in '86. After that I bought a latter '90s new Mustang GT that is still my daily driver Oddly enough, I've never wanted a Vette, or a Camaro, or had an interest in any of the other cars from the era I grew up in. When I saw my first Mustang at 7 years old in April of '64, I was hooked. I must have been that kid Iaccoca was aiming for.
  18. At least it wasn't a "Rare Mach-1 Convertible"...:P
  19. I sold a Red 73 fastback, that had it, the car ended up in Australia. I've always wondered what became of the car.
  20. I used a 60 watt laser to cut both. We have a big router, and a couple of engraver machines as well. I have a lot of fabrication experience going back to model maker, and mock up days, though now I like drawing in 3d, and letting the CNC machines do the work.
  21. Jimi Hendrix "Machine Gun" Live at the Fillmore East, Dec. 31, 1969-Jan 1, 1970 shows. Stevie Ray Vaughan, "Tin Pan Alley" live at Fitzgerald's, Houston Texas back in '82 (I was there that night)
  22. Depends on the design, there are 3D printers now that can turn a good CAD drawing into into a very nice object.
  23. I'll have to look at the plastic we have in our shop, I'll burn one for you free, it was just material from our scrap bin that would have gotten trashed. I'll fiddle around with something on Monday when I go in to work.
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