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  1. I made a little Mach-1 sign with our laser cutter at work. Just some blue plexiglass, and some ADA sign applique for the raised letters.
  2. December 24, 1980, the day I got my Mach-1. I don't even want to do the math on how long ago that was...:s
  3. it's generally called a package tray, back when I had my 73 with the non fold down seat I covered mine with some black vinyl I picked up at a fabric store.
  4. Doing an event at Tales of the Cocktail, with some of my New Orleans booze collection.
  5. You have to check out "Harry The Hipster" Gibson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKr-9gqnkas
  6. Surprised we didn't talk that I can remember of those daze...I knew one guy with a 429 Mach-1, but I'm not sure his wasn't an engine swap. Remember the Mustang Owners Association guys that looked down their noses at the 71-73s? We ended up outlasting them...:D I was out there almost all the time, either in my 65 2+2 six banger, or the blue Mach-1. Saw a lot of crashes, had Lifeflight™ land in front of us twice, and more street races than I can count. My avatar pic was shot on Westheimer around'84. Were you at the giant mob scene in '79 when it was rumored CarCraft was going to Houston for Cruisin'USA?
  7. Kit, Did you do the Westheimer cruise scene back in the 80s? I got lucky getting a ram air set up from that "guy" everyone had to get parts from, back in the summer of 80. I bought mine for my 73 351 disaster car, and ended up putting it on the Mach-1, the day I bought the car Dec. of 80. Jay
  8. Looking for an original Ford 71 or 72 Mustang Left Front fender. (No Repro) If someone has one in Texas, I'll drive to pick up, if long distance will arrange shipping.
  9. Probably like what happened to mine, the previous owner blew out the 3 speed, and swapped in a 4 speed top loader. I'd bet a lot of 3 speed standards didn't survive long in these cars.
  10. Thanks! I only need two outer left sections sewn in, the rest of the seat is fine. I thought it might be possible to repair the seat, but being away from all of this for so long, I'm out of date, and trying to catch up as fast as I can. Any Houston locals have a recommendation on an interior shop?
  11. I have the Blue Clarion Knit/Corinthian Vinyl Bucket Seats, the drivers seat upholstery needs work, but the passenger seat and fold down rear seat are in really good shape. How well do modern seat covers match the old ones? Of course the Mach-1 door panels are a mess, and the previous owner cut speaker holes by the trap door....It bugged me back in 1980 too.
  12. My report just arrived. and I'll add the Eminger invoice here too: host gifs
  13. I wish there was a lost city of NOS urethane bumpers.
  14. Just received the invoice for my 71 Mach-1, and waiting for my Marti report to be compiled.
  15. Better Shot of my Mach-1 at the SAAC meet in 81 And the one that started me on the road to my Mach -1, my first Mustang 1973 Sportsroof 351C with FMX. Unfortunately my bright red 73 seemed to be jinxed, getting hit on two different occasions by two different 76 Buick Skylarks. (I hate them to this day) Both had run red lights, and the second accident put the car in the body shop for over three months. The story gets longer and worse, with building a motor, and collecting parts to turn the car into a street machine, none of which would go well, leaving me with a lot of expensive 351 4V engine parts...I parked it, hoping to take another shot at fixing it up, but my gut feeling was nothing would ever go right with this particular car. Two people from Australia came to TX with a ship container looking for TX cars and parts, the 73 sailed off to down under where I hope the current owner has much better luck than I had with it. The bright side, I found my Mach-1 shortly after having such bad luck with the first Mustang, and despite a rather long nap in the garage, has had much better luck.
  16. Thanks! Now I just need to find the "Lost City of Mach-1 Bumpers".
  17. I recently pulled the original ram air aircleaner out of storage, the vintage Ford gasket looks to have finally given up the ghost. Has anyone used the repro gasket with with the original Ford set up? I'm guessing a NOS gasket is probably impossible to find.
  18. While the spoilers look cool, I prefer the Mach-1 without them. I'll be happy if I can find a urethane bumper like it had originally. I'm just happy to see it coming back to life again!
  19. 71 Mach-1 code: 1F 05 H 63R Mustang Mach I 2-Door Sportsroof 6 Bright Blue Metallic Paint, Ford #3077-A 5B Blue Clarion Knit/Corinthian Vinyl Bucket Seats 6 3.00 Conventional Rear Axle 1 Three-Speed Manual Transmission 62 Houston DSO (District Sales Office) Mach I Sports Interior Option - F60X15 Wide Oval Belted Raised White Letter Tires - Sport Deck Rear Seat - Power Front Disc Brakes - Air Conditioner - Selectaire - AM Radio - Tinted Glass Complete Old modifications: Original Ford ram air setup added in 1980, the day I bought the car. (Bought for my previous 73 Mustang Sportsroof) 351C 2V intake and carb. was swapped with vintage Edelbrock F351 2v to 4v intake with 4V carb. Top loader 4 speed replaced the original 3 speed manual transmission, by previous owner. 3.25 rear end gear replaced the old 3.00 due to a pinion bearing failure back in the old days.
  20. Since this related to the Ram Air set up. I just pulled my old aircleaner out of storage, and the 40+ year old gasket around the the aircleaner has finally deteriorated to the point of being un-usuable. Can anyone tell me their experience about using the reproduction gasket on the original Ram Air aircleaner? Thanks
  21. Back in the fall of 81 two friends and I drove the Mach-1 up to the Dallas regional Shelby meet to see the cars and hang out with the old Mustang club (M.O.A.) from Houston. If I can find the box of photos, I took quite a bit of pictures. Still have the long hair, and the car, so I guess I did well.
  22. Thanks for the welcome everybody! I started out in 1978 with a red 73 Sportsroof 351C, it turned out to be a wreck magnet, and now reportedly resides somewhere in Australia, according to who I sold it to way back then. Disappointed in the bad luck I had with the 73 (Long Long Story) I was looking for another 71-73, and at the time they all seemed to vanish for sale in Houston at the time. In December of 80, an ad in the local paper had a Mach-1 for sale by owner, I called the guy who ironically lived only a few blocks from me, so I went by to look at it. It wasn't driveable due to a separated clutch disc, I made him an offer in cash right before Christmas, and bought the Mach-1 Christmas Eve of 80, it has been mine ever since. I think it was the best thing I ever got for Christmas, and probably ever will get.
  23. The photo was from around 84, right now the car needs paint, and interior work from sitting up for so long. It's running now, and currently being finished up mechanically, from front to back. I'm getting caught up with all the changes in the vintage Mustang scene since I took a little break, I will be getting a report next, since back in day with the car was pre-internet. The Mach-1 has some odd options, it has the deluxe interior with fold down seat, AC, and I was told back in the day, an odd manual steering box. Engine is a 351 2V, and was converted way back in 80', with an Edelbrock 2V to 4V aluminum intake that fit the 2V heads. I also put an original ram air set up on it, that I picked up when I bought the car. The original owner gonzo'ed the 3 speed manual, and switched it to a toploader 4speed, before I got the car in 80, he also cut speaker holes in the rear trap door side panels, that I wish I had replaced back in the 80s. When I had it repainted in 81, a now long gone Local Mustang parts guy talked me into getting a chrome bumper, and very "generously" offered to take that old cracked urethane bumper off my hands...Needless to say, I'm in the market for the correct front bumper now.
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