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  1. Thanks everyone for all your information and hints. May it be, that the material thikness is different due to the fact, that the conv needs more stability? I measure slightly less thikness on the one i have got from NPD compared to the OEM.
  2. Does anyone know the difference of the radiator support for a 1973 Coupe vs. convertible? It is said the the reproduction support will not fit the convertible. Now I have got one of these which I want to use it for my convertible and I don't see any difference. So will it work? Anyone has an idea? Thanks Markus
  3. Hey, I'm on the way to fresh up my 1973 Convertible Survivor with only 16k miles, which I just bought. All still looks original , each and every bolt. Now my question: The front crossmember looks somehow a little bit bent back on the driver side (in the area where the strut is attached). There is no hit visible in the front and especially not on the front of the crossmember (absolutely nothing). Now I have seen on some pictures in the internet with a similar asymmetrical bent...but the pictures where not so good quality. Could it be that it is from factory somehow asymmetric with a bent on the driver side? Hope you can give me some feedback from your experience...or even a picture of yours. Thanks Markus
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