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  1. Some of it's lines are real sweet, but I don't know which is more lame the chevy powerplant or the name BASS 770
  2. Ok, started to disassemble and see what I've got. Misc 351 2v parts. intake, valve covers, heads, air cleaner. I don't trust the block without a tear down because it ate a cam. Passenger side fender looks to be in pretty good shape other than 3 or four coats of paint. The top one might be house paint Hood. Non NASA two holes drilled for aftermarket pins in the wrong spot. some minor dents and of course lots of paint Drivers side fender looks like someone was finger painting with bondo and the rear edge has been crumpled by the door. Both doors look in pretty good shape. Minor dings and see paint above. No sheet metal from the strike plates back is worth anything. Hood and trunk hinges Headlight assemblies look ok All Glass Base model high back seats plus rear seat. Wear, small tears in vinyl, but solid. I don't see any cracks in seat backs although they started life tan and at some point became black so they would need attention. One knob missing. Instrument cluster and bezel(non tack) are in good shape. Metal dash and glove box door in good shape. AMX shifter. Rear Q panels (Interior) look like they could be cleaned and painted. Some of the plastic moldings around the roof are ok Nothing else in the interior is really worth mentioning. I suspect the trans is AMX but have not confirmed. I Suspect 9in rear end but have not confirmed. More on that later.
  3. I've got one. Only one I have ever seen. And it does a lot more than just that. Runs from the driver side door switch to the map light to the relays above the dash and then down to the passenger side door switch. Im know because it took me about two hours to remove it without cutting or breaking. And best of all, I'll sell it PM me with an offer. LOL It's in great shape, not even brittle.
  4. And here all this time I thought mine was wrong because I have hockey stick and pinstripe but no molding.
  5. I once owned a 64.5 coupe with a high compression 200 1-I6 , C4 and 3.50 rear end gears (Sucker launched like you wouldn't believe and ran out of steam at about 35mph). I bought it from the original owner who was a ford dealer and he claimed he special ordered it that way as a demo car because he had sold his 260 V8 car to a client and he wanted customers to feel the power of the V8. Of course this too was before Marti reports and that car unfortunately was eventually was killed by a drunk drive.r
  6. Congrats. BTW not all 71 Mach 1's had urethane bumpers. Seems to be about 50/50
  7. I had a mechanical oil gauge line break once and pour HOT oil all over a cute gal I was on a date with. Needless to say no second date. :(
  8. I got a great deal once on a non running 65. Towed it home plugged the vacuum line back into the transmission and it ran fine.
  9. I wonder what cars. I'd love to dump it I mean sell it on someone-just not a Mustang guy. LOL
  10. I had a similar problem when I built my 71. I ordered motor mounts from the local parts house. Installed them and the hole wouldn't line up. After a little bitching they brought me out another set which looked the same BUT fit just fine.
  11. Ok, should I say this one is cheap fiberglass?
  12. The shape is close to the OEM spoiler on my 71 but it's fiberglass and look at this base. Possibly someone's 1980's attempt at a reprop?????
  13. Don't know yet. Car arrived today at my buddies shop but I only got to spend about 30 minutes looking at it before he closed for the weekend. Did notice something odd. Basically as you can imagine the interior is pretty neglected but I looked at the dash pad and it looked flawless. Odd I thought so I touched it and it came off in my hands. It was a plastic shell that fit over the original trashed dash pad and was held on by double sided tape.
  14. Not a fair question. I sold my first Mustang back in the day to pay for a Wedding. Three years later I had No Mustang, No House and No Wife. So the current wife Might sell this one after I'm gone. But truth be told if selling your Mustang would leverage you up economically you should do it cuz later you can buy two Mustangs. Or in my case build it just the way you want.
  15. I don't know. I know on the east coast you call that workable sheet metal buy here in California we would call that scrap. But I'd probably pay $500 for it if it were out here. Drive train is probably worth that. As for restoring it by the time you media blast and paint you'll be digging a pretty big money pit. Better to spend a little more and get something solid to work with. But I looked at a Mach 1 2v base model in worse shape yesterday the guy wanted $6800. for. I told him he was a bit high and his response was. "Next week I'm putting a battery in it and the price goes up to $8000."
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