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  1. Really impressive what all you've done with the car in such a short amount of time! Where'd you get your seats? Are they comfortable?
  2. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I pulled the trigger on making my own grill. Wanted to see what you guys thought! I was inspired by The General Mayhem built by the guys from the show Roadkill pictured below. General Mayhem: I bought some metal from the local shop and cut it at work on the sheer. Its just set in place for now in these pictures. Tomorrow I'll weld in a small piece of small diameter tube to transition between the pieces. Also, I'm hoping to incorporate the Mustang emblem from the stock grill. In the end it all will be painted black. Then I will either buy some nicer brighter headlights that are black already such as these: http://www.protuninglab.com/7dicutroprhe.html. Wanting a blacked out void look for the front. Thoughts? (I know theres a gap on the right side, not perfect placement in the photo, was just mocking it up.)
  3. Has anyone ever seen rear window louvers on a coupe? I have a grande and love the look of them on other cars of the same era but haven't ever seen any on a 71-73 mustang. Pictures?
  4. Thanks for the tip. What color is that wire that feeds the radio for illumination? My radio is missing and I can't make sense of the wiring diagrams on the internet. Any pointer would be appreciated.
  5. Hi, I installed water temp, oil pressure, and ammeter gauges in my 71 Grande tonight. I went to install the illumination wires for the gauges by splicing into the air conditioning and heater control box light so that way I can dim the gauges with the dimmer switch. The gauges would not light up at all. I tried switch my ground I was using to several different locations and no luck. Is the wire that supplies that bulb supplying enough voltage to power those gauges lights? Where do you guys wire yours into?
  6. Makes me want to go drive the p*ss outta mine! Awesome video, very motivating in what could be a bad way.
  7. Custom it is then! Yours looks awesome Paul, good job.
  8. Has anyone seen an after market or made a grill for a 71-73 mustang like the one pictured above? My grill is broken and I don't feel like paying the price for a new repo grill. Might as well make it custom. I was thinking of making one from expanded metal. Let me know what you guys think.
  9. Thanks for all the info guys, very helpful. I will have it tweaked as soon as possible. I'm really happy that the only option isn't to replace the whole subframe:)
  10. Thanks for all the information guys, I won't be driving it until I find a shop to straighten the thing. Does your typical body shop have a machine that will do it, or is this more a of specialty item?
  11. Hi everyone, I recently discovered that my 71 Grande has suffered from a collision at some point in its life. I found this out when I went to install my stock shock tower braces and the passenger side would not fall into place. The driver side will go in just fine. I took a close look underneath the car and found further evidence of a wreck in the form of warped and mangled metal and non-factory welds. I'm not sure if it was a bad idea or not, but I took my car for a quick test drive after I finished with my T5 swap.I expected the car to drive odd, but it seemed to drive straight down the road. I didn't have either of the shock tower braces installed. Is driving without them installed dangerous to handling or the condition of the car? I'm guessing it causes some flex, but is it permanent? Also, can you have a unibody car straightened on a frame straightening machine or am I going to need to replace the subframe all together?
  12. Hey all I'm looking for mufflers for my 71 302 Grande. I know I could just order some new ones but a set of new Flowmasters is about $120 so I was just seeing if anyone had any FM or similar mufflers laying around. Let me clear some shelf space for you.
  13. Got it out! You were right, there were three screws that hold a gasket to the firewall. After that you have to rotate an arm on the engine side of the firewall to fit through the opening. Thanks!
  14. I completed all the steps listed, tugged on the steering wheel really hard but the column won't budge. Did I miss something?
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