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  1. The starter mounts to the block side, I don't think the bolts go through to the bell housing. Right?
  2. Purchased A 1971 Mustang Convertible with a 302. I bought with blown clutch (right through the Bell Housing). I took it apart and noticed oil covering the inside of the bell housing. I want to check for a rear main seal leak. Can I start the car with just the flywheel on and run it a little to check for a leak. I am also going to check the oil pan gasket and the valve cover gaskets. Any other suggestions? Thanks Bob In CT
  3. Input shaft looks good. I thought it was a bargain also. Had to convince the wife though.
  4. Picked it up for $3200, I think it was a deal, but once I see if it starts and how it runs. fingers crossed! There isn't any rust on it, framed reinforced, blasted and coated new,springs, shocks,brakes, panels look good, wires, air cleaner, distributor all look new. I figured even if the engine needed work or a swap it was still worth it for 3200 but the kid I bought it from says it ran great before the clutch explosion. Come on parts! tHANKS EVERYBODY FOR THE WELCOMES!
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