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  1. That damage appears to be on the under engine crossmember between shock towers and lower control arms. I don't believe it is reproduced as that front strut crossmember mentioned above. I might have a good one in a parts car but it will be a pain in the butt replace whole unit. You would be better off patching yours if possible or sectioning it with another...

  2. This is my first time selling parts at this Ford show in 6-8 years.  I'm offering a 71-73mustangs.com "Member Oasis" where I vend. Come by, say hi and get...

    Free Deer Park water , temporary storage & security for parts.

    Free Budweiser... (with every $1.00+ purchase;-) 

    Plenty useless Mustang advice unless you already know better and correct me..!

    I'm bringing a red NOS 71-73 Left/Driver fastback quarter and more nice 71-3 stuff that needs to go... 


    Thanx, Pat @ K57-K59 All Ford Carlisle

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  3.  I just got back from Spring Carlisle and it was packed. A gatekeeper said it's not been this busy there in 15 years. It was hard walk through the crowd and see parts on vendor spaces. Guess like me, everyone was tired of being cooped up...

  4. Saw this news of interest today. Start making your travel plans.  "The 2021 Carlisle Ford Nationals is set to take place June 4-6 at the Carlisle Fairgrounds and plans include featuring the 50th Anniversary of the Pinto, a 1971-73 Mustang Celebration, Holman-Moody and Bill Stroppe reunions and even a Comic Car Con display."

    Scroll to bottom of page for above notice...




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