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  1. I cut the rivets off using a grinder, in the ragjoint rubber, between the forged parts. Then I used a hammer and an old screwdriver to hammer out the rivets. This way I was able to reuse the forged parts.
  2. Thanks a lot for your reply and input Bentworker. I really appreciate it! :thankyouyellow: I'm going to leave the tilt column for now. It will probably be a future project. Right now it will suffice as it is. Most of my sloppy steering should dissapear after the new rag joint. I'll report back when I got the car back on the street.
  3. Alright, too bad. You gotta love that MacGyverism though! ::thumb::
  4. Yes, that is correct. Not working at the moment though. :-/
  5. I have a '73. I do not have a safety receiver, but the studs should engage the forged joints in case the rubber disk fails, right? My rag joint did not have any studs earlier.
  6. Sorry for the necro post. Jeff, how did the dual tank work? I'm thinking of investing in a dual tank. It's a neat idea! :D
  7. After some more cursing it finally worked out for me. I had to remove the steering column a second time to swap places between the two studs in the lower forged joint. One of the studs had a 1/2" nut that made it extremely hard, next to impossible, to use the bolt that tightens the forged joint to the splined shaft in the steering box. The nut is seen in the first picture. I believe this will be a good improvement to the handling of my car. ;)
  8. Thanks a lot guys for the comforting. I was so frustrated and needed to share my agony with somebody. I'll give it another try later and report back. :-)
  9. I bought a Doorman 31000 kit. I did not have any pins at all earlier, but now I have. I think it will do the job as the old disc was torn and really worn out. I have had a hell tonight trying to get the lower forged joint attached to the steering box. There is a flat surface on the splined stud comming out of the steering box where the lower forged joint is supposed to connect. It should only be able to be mounted one way but it wont get on no matter how I rotate the joint. Laying on my back with the car 3 inches above my face it's not easy to work, there are no more curses left, sigh! Any tips? :chin:
  10. Thanks a lot MotorCity Mustang! :-)
  11. Some good info in this thread. https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-lower-edge-of-windshield-missing-something?highlight=windshield
  12. Awesome story and nice it stayed in the family! Welcome! :)
  13. Hahaha! You should record a video of your "gym moves" accompanied by the Benny Hill theme song. lollerz
  14. I received my key chain last friday. Thank you so much! :-)
  15. No worries Eric, no offense taken! :D I could have described my suggestion to Rob in more detail as I now understand it could be interpret wrong.
  16. What about the parkinglights used on the 71-72? http://www.vp-autoparts.com/main.aspx?page=article&artno=D1ZZ-13201-A Maybe they don't meet the regulations. I was thinking that they might fit were they were mounted on the 71-72? Sorry for the large picture...
  17. I'm also kind of looking for a replacement. I found these two, but maybe it's not a good replacement. I have not bought anyone of them so I can't verify. http://www.macsautoparts.com/store/ford-pickup-truck-tail-light-socket-and-wires-plastic-socket-with-a-foam-seal.html http://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/dorman-conduct-tite-3-wire-ford-signal-parking-lights-socket-84716/5473632-P#
  18. I found this on blocket.se (swedish kind of craigslist). Not my cup of tea but maybe it will give you some ideas. ;)
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