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  1. Saw the following on showcase at the Charlotte AutoFair . Nice looking vehicle .
  2. Looks like the Autofair is on for the fall (September 2021) https://www.charlotte-autofair.com/ Anyone heading to the Autofair on Friday September 10? Would like to catch up with anyone heading up to the Charlotte Speedway.
  3. Welcome from Charlotte as well . Beautiful car, love the paint job !
  4. Thanks Don . Great recommendations ! Definitely will do the research ....I know its in the forums somewhere :) Would you be interested in being one of the individuals in the podcast discussion?
  5. Any ideas for talking points (2-3) ? I was thinking of the following but would love additional ideas, thoughts. 1) What we love about the 71 - 73 Mustangs . 2) Is there a perception that the 71-73 Mustangs are unloved or is it something else? 3) How can we get the 71-73 mustang community recognized ?
  6. I've subscribed and been listening to the 1rst generation -podcast and really enjoy the content . Noticed lots of mentioning of the earlier years Mustang 65-70 . But noticed there has not been much content of the 71-73 year of vehicles , and I recall some discussions in the past that seems that there is a polarization (like/dislike) of these particular year (71-73 series) of vehicles. I reached out to Doug Sadler and he would be interested in setting up a group conversation to discuss our vehicles and the love /hate relationship of the 71-73 mustangs. Do we have any experts in our group who we would like to represent our forum in that group discussion ( need 3 to 6 volunteers ) and maybe 2- to 3 talking points. Any volunteers? If you would like to reach out you can PM me as well. 1973_Mustang_Conv
  7. Any way to get to the links referenced in the thread. Since I am more of a visual person , I would like to see the details. I also tried to search 'triple gauges" and came back with nothing. Getting used to the new platform, so my apologies as i learn to use this.
  8. Since the Charlotte Autofair is canceled this year (https://www.charlotte-autofair.com/calendar/) and being postponed a few times (Understandable)... this is good news. In the article above from ib4stangs -- Carlisle spokesman Mike Garland said . “We had never postponed an event before.” Unusual times indeed. Gotta make do with the opportunities available to us. Now I need to figure out , will my car can make it up to Carlisle (June) or do I plan for the Charlotte Autofair in April. What tools and equipment should I stow in the trunk for extended trips? just in case :)
  9. Looks like a perfect match for your car. Not sure what color to choose from for me , since I still need to complete body work on mine.
  10. I am still trying to learn how to weld and came across this on U-Tube. Amazing how he angle grinds @45 degree to make the metal conform .
  11. Saw this on youtube today . Mind you it's 5 years old. Would Derek happened to be on this forum?
  12. Don C. Thanks for clarifying . I meant the Rear Axle that was pictured in the image. Wasn't quite to sure to call it ' the pumpkin' . I'll change the subject line, how to do that? I'll start out by degreasing the area to locate the true issue per Kilgon. How do you determine if it's the pinion seal or the diff housing? But clean is needed first . Any problems with Driving it like this till I get it resolved? It's not a daily driver .
  13. Trying to identify all the drippings coming from the underside of the car :huh: . I've started with following drive train leak on my 1973. How do I fix ? Should I fix ? After I fix . How do I clean up the drive-train to make it somewhat presentable?
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