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  1. put me in for a gray 2x-large. Make that 2 shirts . and 2XL for both.
  2. Thank You for the info-- Idaho Chris, Glad to know he is a member here. I hadn't put the two together till now , when you pointed me to his profile. I 'll reach out to Trevynd and let him know what a great job he's doing on his car and videos :)
  3. I started watching this series you can tell the passion he has for our series of mustangs (71-73) . Wanted to share. Restoration starts from what you see above. He's up to part 22 in the series.
  4. Saw the following on showcase at the Charlotte AutoFair . Nice looking vehicle .
  5. Looks like the Autofair is on for the fall (September 2021) https://www.charlotte-autofair.com/ Anyone heading to the Autofair on Friday September 10? Would like to catch up with anyone heading up to the Charlotte Speedway.
  6. Welcome from Charlotte as well . Beautiful car, love the paint job !
  7. Thanks Don . Great recommendations ! Definitely will do the research ....I know its in the forums somewhere :) Would you be interested in being one of the individuals in the podcast discussion?
  8. Any ideas for talking points (2-3) ? I was thinking of the following but would love additional ideas, thoughts. 1) What we love about the 71 - 73 Mustangs . 2) Is there a perception that the 71-73 Mustangs are unloved or is it something else? 3) How can we get the 71-73 mustang community recognized ?
  9. I've subscribed and been listening to the 1rst generation -podcast and really enjoy the content . Noticed lots of mentioning of the earlier years Mustang 65-70 . But noticed there has not been much content of the 71-73 year of vehicles , and I recall some discussions in the past that seems that there is a polarization (like/dislike) of these particular year (71-73 series) of vehicles. I reached out to Doug Sadler and he would be interested in setting up a group conversation to discuss our vehicles and the love /hate relationship of the 71-73 mustangs. Do we have any experts in our group who we would like to represent our forum in that group discussion ( need 3 to 6 volunteers ) and maybe 2- to 3 talking points. Any volunteers? If you would like to reach out you can PM me as well. 1973_Mustang_Conv
  10. Any way to get to the links referenced in the thread. Since I am more of a visual person , I would like to see the details. I also tried to search 'triple gauges" and came back with nothing. Getting used to the new platform, so my apologies as i learn to use this.
  11. Since the Charlotte Autofair is canceled this year (https://www.charlotte-autofair.com/calendar/) and being postponed a few times (Understandable)... this is good news. In the article above from ib4stangs -- Carlisle spokesman Mike Garland said . “We had never postponed an event before.” Unusual times indeed. Gotta make do with the opportunities available to us. Now I need to figure out , will my car can make it up to Carlisle (June) or do I plan for the Charlotte Autofair in April. What tools and equipment should I stow in the trunk for extended trips? just in case :)
  12. Looks like a perfect match for your car. Not sure what color to choose from for me , since I still need to complete body work on mine.
  13. I am still trying to learn how to weld and came across this on U-Tube. Amazing how he angle grinds @45 degree to make the metal conform .
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