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  1. Order done. Please consider lighter shirt colors in the future. In the hot and humid south outside at a car show in black can kill ya.
  2. I grew up in AMCs hometown of Kenosha, Wi. Dad started working there at age 18 and retired 40 years later in 99. The stories I can tell on AMC cars. New a guy with 1 of the prototype rumble seat fiberglass AMX’s. Had a high school buddy with a Gremlin with a nasty 401. Could carry the front wheels 40 feet. Worked on plenty of Rebels, Marlins, Javelins, AMX’s, Matadors, and jeeps. My daily in high school the 9 months the 72 was parked was a 76 Pacer. Bought it for $50 and sold it two years later for $50 for the leaf springs. Again, aaaalot of stories I could share
  3. Welcome from just up the road in Chattanooga. Will help with any questions you may have. You have found the best forum and great family friendly group of folks to help you out.
  4. I am aware I am late to the game on this topic. Do agree with the comments made thus far, but also wanted to add my two cents. I googled printers in my area back in 2013 and found one that still made rubber stamps. Found known original fonts on my parts or through research of original cars. This may be another option to look into. Best wishes.
  5. It has been over a year since I have been on the site. With the move from Memphis to Chattanooga, house stuff, new jobs for wife and I and, son going off to college and daughters wedding it has been a crazy year. Things are starting to settle a little bit so hopefully I can get back to car stuff. Things are progressing on the shop expansion from 26x30 to 75x30. Plans are drawn up and seeking quotes from 4 builders. Hopefully I hear back from someone. Planning to head to my first show in this new Covid world at the end of July. Will be at Ponies in the Smokies parked next to David and his survivor 73. Looking forward to getting reconnected with the car family.
  6. Fabrice, thank you very much for the great feedback. It was super helpful to hear your first hand feedback. As part of my research I reviewed YouTube and their is a guy here in Nashville,TN goes by Nashville Bronco that did a Fitech install and then a 2 year feedback video. He really liked the Fitech system but pointed out some great issues being customer support and user interface in monitoring and adjusting the Fitech unit. My impression is that Holley has the company size and experience to support their products. I think Fitech is a good product, just not the size of a company needed to support large customer base. Still seriously looking at going with the Sniper. Will probably break the bank and do the EFI tank install as well to support the system and keep pump noise to a minimum. Debating on upgrading the stock distributor with Pertronix flame thrower to a Holley Hyperspark to benefit in timing control as well. I do not like having a big CDI box mounted in the engine compartment so the distributor upgrade is all I would do. May hold off on the ignition upgrade for a little while. Not sure yet.
  7. Ok, contemplating the efi conversion for my 67 390. I have been researching the Holley Sniper setup and the Fitech setup. I started leaning towards Fitech on price, but more and more research lead me towards the Holley for system flexibility and customer support. Not looking to light a fire, but looking feedback from members who have actually installed efi systems and pros and cons of what you have experienced. Thank you, Brian
  8. Congrats. Twofer, never a bad thing.
  9. Received this on Facebook from NPD (National Parts Depot). If anyone has some known original cables. NPD wants to hear from you and you get a new free set for helping out. We're looking for Original Battery/Starter Cables Wanted: Original cables! Do you own a 1972-73 Mustang, 302-equipped? Does your car still have its ORIGINAL battery/starter cable set? If so, NPD is interested in using them to pattern reproductions. Of course, we would return your original set along with a brand new reproduction set. If you, or someone you know, has just what we're looking for, please email us at: customercars@npdlink.com or npdlink@gmail.com Thank you!
  10. Is that a Cyclone headlight trim on the car to the right????
  11. Which auction site? You are a lucky man to find anything from the original dealer. I cannot see pictures on my work computer, but I am hoping it is what you wanted.
  12. Very interesting information here. Ironic that my 72 sold just up the road new at Ogden Ford off Wall St. in Ogden UT. Interesting that our cars started off their lives not to far from each other and have come full circle to be restored and talked about on this site. I have extensively researched the old dealership for the very same memento you are looking for. The dealership was sold to Westfield Ford in the early 80's. The building on Wall St. was abandoned many many years ago and fell into really bad disrepair. I spoke with the owner of the building a few years ago and he stated when he bought it the roof was partially collapsed and no old items were left by prior owners. I spoke with the GM and Westfield and he also stated they would have nothing left from Ogden Ford. While at the MCA National in Houston in March I ran across a couple folks from the Salt Lake area and gave them my name and number and asked for their help finding any old memorabilia. No response yet, but praying they may be able to find something. I do have an old newspaper add from 71 for Ogden Ford I found in library online archives. I printed that out and have it, but nothing else. If this post would find someone in the greater Salt Lake area that could help out both of us that would be GREATLY appreciated. I have been fortunate enough to find a dealer frame for my 67 GT on eBay so I do a regular search there as well to see what I can find.
  13. Ray, I went through my pictures of the untouched 73 and I do not have any of the underside of the decklid. Sorry I could not be of more help.
  14. Ouch! you have some work ahead of you there. Sorry they do not look like they will be what you need. Those areas are not reproduced yet so you will need to find a donor car to cut from.

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