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  1. I would agree with Chuck and Rich. It does take some time and some research to get it right. I had a local contact who would match the font and size to the parts I brought her. She has since gone out of business so the next one (if there is one) will be a little more challenging. I like Rich's process although I am not a graphics specialist as much as he.
  2. I will be in GA for the MCA National the weekend before. Don't think I could pull off Carlisle the next weekend. Sounds like there is a lot of interest in Carlisle so that may be a good first step for the group and maybe could start the ball rolling for more meet ups in other places.
  3. The meet and greets have sort of fallen off the radar screen from what I can gather. I scanned for this post regarding some sort of national get together from years gone by. I am not sure if anyone else would be interested. In looking over the Member Map it appears the highest concentration of members is east of the Mississippi and in the Northeast. To try and split the difference a bit I was wondering if anyone may be interested in meeting up in southern Ohio or Kentucky in the coming year? I recently attended a gathering of a bunch of Cyclone and Talladega owners and it was a small group, but a lot of good conversation and making new friendships. It would probably work best to schedule something to coincide with a long holiday weekend to allow folks some travel time if they are interested. A couple questions to ponder: Would you be interested in attending a gathering in 2018? Would a holiday weekend work for you? If so which? Would you bring your car or not? Any other suggestions?
  4. I like that...very simple design. Where did you purchase that or did you fab it yourself? Do they also make that for the back if you have the rear axle out? Fabbed it myself. I had thoughts for a rear mount to use rear torque box for mounting, but had a spare axle and old springs that were quick and easy.
  5. This is what I used in the front. The dolly setup mounts to the front bumper mounts. This setup also works on other years of mustangs.
  6. I would tend to agree with Chuck. Consider the time allowed and work to meet it. I am a firm believer in “Happy wife, Happy life”
  7. Good job on the resto. The stamps are common on the sides. May have just been a tired employee stamping the front.
  8. Very nice. Spring is approaching. We hope.
  9. So my son turned 17 in September and it has been one year since we gave him his dream car for his 16th birthday. Well the weekend before Thanksgiving he had a fender bender by running into the back end of a guy with a really big hitch. Needless to say the front plastic on the Charger suffered the most. So after 2weeks of back and forth with parts suppliers and then finally to paint it is finished. Upgraded to the SRT front end and he paid the difference. Did the repairs ourselves, but I am sure insurance will not be good next billing cycle.
  10. Welcome from W. TN. As indicated by the others didn't come from the factory and I also wood suspect this is a homemade attempt at some frame stiffening. May have been a front plate motor mount if the car shows other aspects of being raced.
  11. Not aware of 2 of these braces in a 72 application. The smaller one in your picture and installed in the picture from Bentworker is the only part and location for a 72.
  12. Also received my copy yesterday. I would agree that are models are starting to come more and more into the light. Think of us as all trends setters.
  13. Not mine not know the seller. Just sharing. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1457362351150356/permalink/1971019719784614/?sale_post_id=1971019719784614
  14. Looks to be a decent starting point and well optioned.
  15. Here is my post with pictures after using Vacuumorna-metal. I was VERY happy with discussing my needs with them and the work they did. Came back ready to install and looked great in my opinion. https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-plastic-chrome-plating To rackerm's comment the reproduction ones are available and do work well. After purchasing a full set and looking over the detail of the grain in them I decided to return them and go with the restoration of my panels. I am showing this car concourse so that weighed heavily on my decision as well.
  16. Attached are the 71 Alternator specifications across all engines. The 250 had a stock 38 amp standard and 55 amp with AC 71 Alternator AMA Specs.docx
  17. Welcome from W. TN. Bumper reinforcement panel may be available from Don at Ohio Mustang. If not there is a guy in the Northwest that puts parts up on eBay all of the time. He may not have one listed, but you can email him from another listing. I think he is near Spokane,WA.
  18. If you have a welder I would weld them up. No need to re-tap as they are self threading coarse screws. Another option is JB Weld the hole to a smaller and drill a starter hole diameter if the holes are oversized.
  19. That is what I also understand the notch to be for. Do not see many leather wrapped wheels out there.
  20. Welcome from West TN. This is a great site with a wealth of knowledge and great people to help out with your questions. No bad questions on working on your car here. This community is great and respecting the input and feedback of others without any trash talking. Start gettin the parts ready you have a road ahead of you.
  21. My son had a bit of a fender bender in his 2013 Dodge Charger yesterday. Being 17 is not going to be good on our insurance. I need to buy a new front bumper for the car. In looking over new aftermarket options they either made of Polyurethane or Polypropylene. Is one better for refinishing and resilience than the other?
  22. Very nice acquisition. So, the 71 is going to be the show and the 73 is going to be the go. Looks like it will be a very nice fun car to enjoy. Somehow I am thinking a much larger garage may be in your future. I am sure it will be as clean as the current.
  23. Sandals Grand in St. Lucia was very nice. Wife and I went about 6 years ago. I do not think it was affected by the recent hurricanes.
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