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  1. Way cool! Congratulations. I look forward to getting my issue.
  2. I will also be attending Barrett Jackson this year. First time attending. Glad to meet up with anyone else who will be there.
  3. Good information guys. Hopefully this thread will be of use to others and we can keep the information flowing. One that was brought up in the forum before Comfortweave discontinued in late 73 models - Supplier plant burned down. OMS, I am glad you mentioned this one: Trunk lid changed as to how the clip was mounted to hold the lock in place Not many people catch that one. I have even asked some high caliber MCA judges about that one and they did not know. 71 - mid 72 production (no external clip for trunk lock cylinder. Installation was done through the access holes in the inner panel and employee complained of forearm cuts) Mid 72 - 73 production (external clip installation with pad and rivets) All reproduction deck lids are of this variety.
  4. When you do go to see it look at all of the runs in the cowl. I added that picture to show just one of them, there were a lot more. They also left a build sheet attached to the right side front marker light under the fender. Sorta cheesy in my opinion, but oh well. One think I do not understand for this being an original paint car. The trunk spatter paint is applied after the interior trap door is installed in a fold down car. Their should be overspray of the trunk paint on the trap door. I still need to do this with mine and saved some of the spatter paint specifically for this purpose.
  5. Welcome from W. TN. Also curious about how it was equipped.
  6. I was thinking what would be a good little quiz item to post out there to get others feedback on. So here we go this may bring out some good trivia. What are the least known changes from when production started on the 71's to when it ended on the 73's?
  7. There was a lot to be left for granted on this car. Remember these things were rolling down the assembly line all day long and you had 40 - 60 seconds to do your job before the next one arrived. Here are a few more pictures of the car. First at Perkins then at Indy At Perkins Shop At Indy after restoration You can see some of the chin spoiler in this picture of the trunk
  8. Spoiler was in the trunk and never installed at the dealer. Spoilers just like the antenna where left of for transport to avoid damage.
  9. I documented this car back in 2012 at Perkins shop up in WI. It had recently come into his collection from the original owner with its original paint. I later documented it again in Indy after the new owner restored the underside but left the original paint. It was a solid car and a very original example to draw from.
  10. If someone will pay it, its worth a million.
  11. Not mine nor do I know the seller. If you make a deal and need someone to assist in pick-up I have family in that area. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1742683409388427/?fref=nf
  12. Welcome from W. TN and keep in touch with the group as you consider the purchase. Great wealth of knowledge here and very family friendly respectful group to help with any questions you may have in making your decision.
  13. Welcome from W Tennessee. Looks like a great car and thank you for sharing your story. Have fun with it and please post up your progress and any questions you may have. I am sure you have seen this is a great community of folks who like to help out any way we can.
  14. Welcome back. Thanks for the update. Sorry, you did not make it all the way this summer. It will just give you some more time those cold and dark winter days to think about cruizin with the top down.
  15. Nice color combo. Welcome from West Tennessee.
  16. Not much windlace used on 71-73 as others have indicated quarter trim only. Early models used it more.
  17. Not mine nor do I know the seller but looks like a decent package deal. Shipping is a bit high. https://www.ebay.com/i/222676931044
  18. Very nice collection you there. We should schedule a forum gathering at your place next year.
  19. Welcome to the group. Hope the deal works out to your liking. Hope the feedback you received thus far helps with your research and maybe negotiations. Very knowledgeable group here to assist any way we can. If this deal doesn't work out stay on board. Maybe we can help you find another one, and welcome from West Tennessee.
  20. HemiKiller and Rackerm are correct that this was a 72 changeover. I have heard many opinions regarding the longer hose vs. the shorter hose. Both the risk of exhaust contact burning through the hose and fire potential to the surge issue. I do not know a definitive correct answer. My January of 72 production date like David's included the longer hose.
  21. For anyone thinking about concourse, these are pretty hard to find. Just Sayin. I am glad my replacement engine was complete from top to bottom to include this part.
  22. I knew a person selling a 71 J code 429 car in pewter with ginger. The selling price was very reasonable about 3 years ago and the car was completely restored. I do admit the combination is unique.
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