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  1. These are great. Thank you for sharing. I downloaded both the Ford and Mercury.
  2. Car does look very good. Kudo's to the shop and it sounds like your experience with them was good. Definitely something others on the site may need to know. Hope you get her back soon and spring is just around the corner.
  3. Welcome from W. TN. We have been exchanging posts on the Concourse Forum. Glad to see you here as well. This is a great group to share your 71-73 experience with a hopefully learn a bit while sharing with others. If you can make it to the MCA National in Houston March 28-31 it would be great to meet in person. I have been in touch with some other 71-73 owners (71 boss's) that are also planning to attend) From your links in your intro looks like we have some similar interests beyond the mustangs as well. My next project. [attachment=48646]
  4. Agreed with what has been shared thus far.
  5. The chrome is deposited through a process called vacuum metalizing as David mentioned. There is a place here in the states in Romulous, MI that does it and has a good reputation. I sent my original parts there for plating. I am very happy with the results. As David also mentioned they do reproduce these parts, but have no where near the grain and quality of the originals. Here is my post on my parts with images. https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-plastic-chrome-plating
  6. I have seen several of these installed with good luck. Not sure what your budget is. https://www.homedepot.com/b/Heating-Venting-Cooling-Ductless-Mini-Splits/MRCOOL/N-5yc1vZc4m1Zfyt Here is a pretty cool car guy site I follow on Youtube:
  7. AHHHH, a northerner who moved south and then back north 8 years later to realize how much of a mistake it was to go back north. 4 years later moved back south again. I can totally relate to the first story, but I already new about the snow plow issue. Very funny nonetheless.
  8. WOW! Thanx for sharing. Buying me a couple.
  9. Looks great! Great time and effort to make it right.
  10. Very sad news. I also agree 52 is too early. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.
  11. Not A T5 that is a good representation. She worked in the Accounting department and was given the task of getting these destroyed. She asked Ford management to retain the documents as she new several car collectors of T-birds and Mustangs and new the benefit these could offer collectors. Originally you would write Lois with payment and she would send you your report. I did this back in the 90's. With Louis's passing her family decided to sell the records to Marti and he now has the reports available. I know there are many varying views of MCA. I am not going to take anyone's side, but state my involvement. With the historically limited factual data on the 71-73 models the MCA has made strides in setting a foundation of rules. As popularity continues to advance in these models I hope they will continue to revisit their rules and make factual and well substantiated changes. What concerns me is that one of the parties who judged my car at MCACN, Bob Perkins referenced as his 71-73 expert. In further follow-up with Perkins he corrected items and comments that were noted on my judging sheet as incorrect to be correct. I don't wear judging on my shoulder. I take the feedback compare it to what I know and research further once given feedback that I feel may be incorrect. All of us in this community have an opportunity to influence the rules for our class given the vast knowledge base we have here. If you are questioning a rule throw it out to the group here., gather your facts, compile the documentation and submit it to MCA. I have a contact if you have an item you would like to submit. In any organized body there are going to be politics. I just let that roll off and make friendships with people who I enjoy being around.
  12. David, I am aware that Ford was dealing with the EPA certification on the 72 4 barrel motors. At the time the 72 model year production started they had not received their CARB certifications on the 4 barrel ram air motors. It was indicated that a few 4 barrels with ram did make it out before the EPA advised them they were not CARB certified and at that point production stopped on the 4 barrel with ram air. Lets be honest that there has not been a major focus on the 71-73 by MCA. Their judging rules are not perfect, but I do not believe any rules are perfect. If you are showing a car and do not agree with the rules than submit documentation and known original equipment cars to MCA. The example of the Marti you show when shared with a judge in my opinion would not lead to a points deduction. If you have a unique car I always recommend thorough documentation with you anytime the car is being judged. That will help state your case to the judges. At MCACN this year I had a couple of MCA Judges point out several things that they felt were incorrect in my car. This has lead to some of my recent questions of the group. When I have the information to make me feel comfortable with my car and what I have researched to be original I am ok with that. I did not build this car for that judge or that show. I built it for me and the information I have gathered on originality. My experience with MCA run the spectrum. Some guys who say many things are wrong to some guys who say everything is right. That is just the human element. I guess having a 20+ year career in Human Resources has taught me to respect others opinions and views and move on. Please do not think I am questioning your information, because I know you are very knowledgeable and have real examples to reference. I just think the only way MCA is going to get better is if we participate and convince things to change.
  13. 7173Vert and Stanglover you are both right. My intent was to share with those who may be interested in reviewing them and if they would like to apply some or all of the judging aspects to their car they can. That is the great thing about our group. We have a wide spectrum of how folks want to complete their own car. Everyone on the forum should respect each individuals goals to get their car complete. I think we all do that. I keep coming back here and stay connected because everyone here is good folk.
  14. I have attached the 2019 revision to the 71-73 MCA Judging Rules. The only highlighted changes noted were in Exhaust, Tires, and Paint. I will review more thoroughly against the last posted rules for 2017 to see if I can identify any other changes. MCA 71-73 Rules 01 06 2019.pdf
  15. bkdunha

    Buck Tag

    To be honest..., I put little faith in that forum when it comes to the '71-3 car's... left it a long time ago. I understand. I wanted to reach out to this community first for the feedback from what I view as the most knowledgeable 71-73 community available. I took everyone's feedback here to compare to what is provided by the Concourse group. Hopefully we can provide some fact based knowledge to the Concourse group and improve their understanding.
  16. Received some feedback that for the optional Sport Wheel cover ford installed a valve cap extension to the standard inflation valve on the wheel. Does anyone have any validated knowledge of this or ford materials supporting this?
  17. bkdunha

    Buck Tag

    The Concourse forum feedback coincides with what we have gathered here. Thank you everyone for the feedback. Nance, first reporting of one being on the shock tower brace that I have heard. Very interesting. Is it the same as the core support mounted tag?
  18. David's points are good to check for Fords recommended tow points. I would differ with David's suggestion on the factory tie down points. These were intended for vertical tie down and are higher than the bottom of the rear valance. If you look to attach here and then pull horizontally you will do damage to the valance. For rear ward towing I would recommend a two straps around each side of the center section on the rear axle. This would be sufficient to get pulled out from being stuck. The front cross member where the strut rods attach is also sufficient for pulling out from being stuck. I would also consult with the tow operator if you get in this situation. They do this for a living and hook to alot of different cars and have a wide variety of equipment to use to get to the correct locations on the car.
  19. bkdunha

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    Thank you for connecting back to the prior thread. I am gathering that 71 is leaning towards passenger (Right) and 72-73 leaning towards driver (Left) side in the poll in that thread. I am going to reach out through the Concourse forum and see if there is a similar concurrence amongst the judging community.
  20. bkdunha

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    I have not reached out to Jeff S. yet. Looking for known examples from the 71-73 community first. I will reach out on the concourse group with feedback gathered here. Thank you
  21. bkdunha

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    Good point on assembly plant. I understand all 72-73's to have rolled out of Dearborn correct?
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