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    Buck Tag

    Recently received some feedback that the buck tag for 72 should be located on the right side of the core support. Everything I have observed and researched to this point indicated left side of the core support. I would appreciate feedback on known original placement of the buck tag.
  2. Looks like good progress. I understand the temptation to get everything tackled at one time. Just keep your budget in mind. Looks like a great shop. Hopefully your birthday present will be ready close to your actual birthday. Keep us posted please.
  3. It is very nice work. The Ice Cream truck must also be a lot of fun. Please keep us posted on updates.
  4. Looks great! Thanks for the update and keep them coming please.
  5. Thank you all for your feedback and examples
  6. A friend sent me a link to the Mustang Monthly 360 website. They did a story on the MCACN show with many of the mustangs that were present. The 72 made it into several pictures which was really cool. The interview of Bob Ashton took place in front of my car with the hood open. http://www.mustangandfords.com/events/1811-10th-annual-muscle-car-corvette-nationals/
  7. Could you provide any pictures and your build date?
  8. Very good feed back and examples to back it up. Thank you everyone and if some known original 71 & 72's can be identified it would be great to get some validation. Thank you, keep it going.
  9. So, at my recent judging in Concourse at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals I lost a couple points for the attachment finishes for these hood items. The judge indicated that the Acorn Nuts on the underside of the hood for the front trim piece should be body color as that part was installed before the hood was painted. Secondly, the studs that attach the NACA ducts to the hood should also be body color as those also were attached prior to paint. I have a concern that attaching these prior to paint would cause a cracking issue for the paint at the seam between these two parts. I have seen several cars with cracks in the paint along the front hood trim from these being painted in place. I would suspect the same issue and possibly even more for the NACA ducts as they are made out of different materials and would expand and contract differently in the sun and cold heating cycles. I posted this response in a Concourse forum and obtained this response from MCA National Head Judge Bob Perkins. PERKINS RESPONSE You have asked great questions that have been a bit controversial regarding 71-73 Mustangs. Typically 1973 Mustangs had the hood molding nuts and hood scoop hardware painted body color as the judges noted.Typically 1971 were not painted. The painted hardware practice stated in the 1972 model year. My opinion for 1972 is early no paint later painted. I have no dates on this change. I personally accept either for 1972. Motorcraft VS Autolite parts was another change over during the 1972 model year. If you are using genuine Ford parts most would be date coded. It's my experience a January 1972 Mustang would typically have Motorcraft parts. If not, I would look for date code to verify. I am thinking about trying to push this issue a little farther with MCA for a definitive ruling, but not to take up all of my time. Do others have original cars to reference across the 71-73 timeline? Other fact based experience or understandings to share. Thank you, Brian
  10. Very very nice car and I appluade your restoration. Thank you for saving a rare example of Ford history. It would be great to see it in person some day.
  11. Still working on show recovery before the holiday. Swapped all the cars around and cleaned all the salt of the truck. YUK! I hate road salt. Here are a few photos from the show. [attachment=48223] [attachment=48224] [attachment=48225] [attachment=48226]
  12. Man, what a week and weekend. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone who can make it. If interested here is a video that I participated in after a very very long day. We made it to the show about 7 am and the interview happened around 11 pm. So, to go with that the 72 is included at the last 15 minutes or so. Watch the whole 2+ hour video if you can to get a flavor of the whole show. https://www.facebook.com/V8TVshow/videos/2238632089795818/
  13. MAN!!! I like that car!! Been really debating on changing the color of mine to that!! Thank you.
  14. Looks like mother nature is planning against me for our drive. Weather forecast does not look good for central Illinois on Thursday. We may change up our plans and head out tomorrow ahead of the snow flying. Not ideal conditions on Thursday to be pulling the trailer with in my opinion.
  15. After two weekends of cleaning I think I am ready for the show. I cannot begin to say how much the lift makes this difficult job much easier. Here is a video to show the undercarriage Figure everyone has the seen the topside enough; plus it gets me the opportunity to show off the benefit of the left.
  16. I would agree with the finish comments thus far. No texture in the 71-73 colors. I have also used the SEM Hot Rod black on a Jeep I have been working on and it turned out to be a great finish. Maybe something to consider for a nice driver occasional show car. Allen Shepley from the 429 Megasite painted my car, so I can vouch for his process. Although, my driver side rocker panel had a pass with the buffer over it and shined it up a little more than the passenger side . Plan to fix than someday.
  17. There is a 20 oz Jute on eBay that is 1/4 in thick. I think this would be sufficient, but do not know for a fact. For a little over $8 for a yard I woud say it was worth a try.
  18. Grew up in the midwest, but collectively I have spent more years of my life south of the mason dixon line. Hopefully the ground is still warm enough to melt it off quick. Do not look forward to towing a 24' enclosed trailer on a snowy road for sure. [attachment=48117]
  19. Great news all around. Glad the insurance company found a way to work with you and very happy that you have found a shop that you sound comfortable with. Best wishes on a stress free rebuild and that you will have it back in time for some summer cruising next year.
  20. Spent this past weekend cleaning and will spend this coming weekend getting things ready to head out next Thursday. Received my show packet and my unload time is 5 pm Thursday at the Douglas Stephens Convention Center. It will be an early start Thursday morning from Memphis to make it to Chicago by 5 having to stop every 2 hours for gas. This should be a great show. If you are in the area and can stop by and say hi that would be great. Show runs Saturday and Sunday. Here is a link to their website https://www.mcacn.com/
  21. You can scan eBay for it. It is not going to be an exact match, but will have the varying colors in the fiber.
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