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  1. These are not reproduced. David I will PM you as well. If you could make me a pattern I would greatly appreciated. I pieced my original back together and would like to correct someday. I do know from a couple of concourse forums that guys find jute material and then use spray adhesive to attach low mil black plastic sheeting. I would avoid use of a garbage bag as they have additives for UV breakdown in them.
  2. At least 1 more. Fall Colors: Winter Snow:
  3. Welcome from W. TN. Great looking car you have there. Have fun with the items you want to finish up and add to. You will find a great family here to help you out with any questions that may pop-up. We are a very family friendly site who enjoy the participation of all. Keep us posted on the progress as you go along.
  4. They do look very good. I would also encourage the tutorial so others can benefit from your time and dedication to making it look right. Good Job!
  5. Glad that post of the brackets came into use for ya. It was something my metal guy left off as well. Good luck on your project looks like you are making progress which is always good to see.
  6. Thank you for the info on the washers. I did not know that. In the spirit of sharing I noticed your Upper Control Arms showed the dipping on the back half. Concourse would have been bare steel uppers and dipped lowers. I documented this on several survivor cars as well as at Bob Perkins shop in Wisconsin, Only meant to share not critique.
  7. GREAT GREAT NEWS! It is truly a wonderful thing for you and your family to beat your cancer and the pleasure to make more plans for the future. Congratulations! Get out and enjoy your family and time with your hobbies. Both will keep you grounded in how important everyday is.
  8. Looks like a decent shop. Do your homework first. Look them up in BBB, ask them for references, go to some regional mustang car shows and ask around about their work, ask them for a timeline and typically double it. Another shop in the midwest is Buckeye Classic Car Restoration.
  9. Glad to hear you are OK. If you need anything I am not far up in Memphis.
  10. Those are all hopeful signs. The insurance company is probably going to come in high at the repair estimate as they will go with new repro parts and astronomical labor rates. The shop that did the metal work on my car had it for 5 weeks to get all of that metal work done. They only do metal work and no paint. I specifically looked for that to know the quality of work underneath. As others have stated earlier and I neglected in my post we are all grateful you came out OK and no one else was injured. Like you said keep us posted and if you come to a decision point and need the name of the shop that did my work let me know. They were good guys back in 2010 when my metal work was done.
  11. Here is the photo from the Facebook page. I promise I do not mean to add salt to fresh wounds/aches. Just thought it would share with others the degree of impact you sustained. [attachment=47998]
  12. If you want to save it consider a front clip for it. Find a solid coupe somewhere and cut the front clip. If you take it into a shop to have this done (which I recommend) make sure they have a frame table or mustang body jig to make sure it is attached and aligned properly. I definitely think it is worth saving. You could go with new panels if you prefer just more $$ [attachment=47994] [attachment=47995] [attachment=47996] [attachment=47997]
  13. Applaud your honesty and request for suggestions to fix. We are all rookies at something as we go through life. Better to learn from those mistakes and go on to the next learning opportunity than to dwell on the ones we have had. Get it welded and move on.
  14. Looks great! Out of curiosity, the strut rod washers are they a blueish color? What lead to that finish.
  15. I would get larger solid wheels vs pneaumatic. I would not trust the flex of a pneaumatic tire with 500 to 1000 lbs being top heavy
  16. Here is the first attempt with a 4x4 with wheel bolted around the front cross member under the engine bay. Was a bad attempt, but worked for the little moving that was done in this phase.
  17. Here is how I moved mine. Built the front dolly assembly to attach to front bumper mounts. rear axle was from an old truck and just threw that on with old truck springs. If you have access to a welder the front dolly is very easy to make and I made it adjustable to fit different width bodies. One thing I am going to change is to go with a larger wheel to get over cracks and gravel better.
  18. Their are several groups on Facebook that I belong to that deal with Fairlanes, Torino, Cyclone. Have you friend look their. Another contact may be this guy. https://www.martyburkemotorsports.com/
  19. We had a member doing this in a blue fastback. I think they went by Coyote or something like that. Search the listings. I also know a guy who did one in a 72 vert. Took a fair amount of frame work to get it dropped in with the steering and accessories if I recall correctly.
  20. Very Nice. We all know you put alot of hard work into bringing it back. GREAT JOB. Hopefully I will get to see it in person some day.
  21. Sounds like your neutral safety switch is out of adjustment. You need to see if it has loosened and moved relative to the indicator being in park to allow you to start the car. I am assuming you are saying you cannot get the engine to start other than in second versus the vehicle moving forward only in second. If it is the later I would say it is an internal issue in the trans.
  22. That is what I and a friend use is bug screen and spring binder clips. works ok. I have thought about making a frame and installing strong magnets on it as well.
  23. Everyday is an opportunity to learn. I agree that disc brakes will work without booster as I have also blown booster diaphragms. Just not at all comfortable with the distance needed to stop without booster. Understandably the booster is one component of several specifically to be utilized with PDB setup. I can vouch for Booster Dewey. He has done 3 boosters for me and all worked and looked great after his services.
  24. Always liked fastback roofline styles. Saw this car sitting in 4 foot grass at the back of a used car dealership when I was 15 years old and fell in love with it. It just caught my eye and from that point I was hooked. Every other car I have acquired and held onto for fun has been a fastback roofline. I started out with the most flat back fastback available and I have been hooked since.
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