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  1. Very nice work. Even for a chevy. In my opinion though the wheels could be changed to somethiing else. Just don't seem to look right on the car.
  2. Several of you may know that I have had a very reputable shop working on my car since last November. Progress has been made, maybe not by the original timeline I anticipated, but nonetheless it is being made. Allan at Mustang Central sent me an email last week stateiing he would post some pictures on his website. I checked his website everday since then and on Sunday the pictures were added. I am glad the progress is now showing up in color. My hope is to have the car back late August, but it may be into September. Here is a link to the page on my car. http://www.mustangcentralga.com/1972-mach-1.html If you look around on his website you will see a medium lime 70 boss that he is also working on. I have a friend here in town who is the original owner of a 70 boss with 35K miles in this same color. It was a relatively rare colr for the boss. Everyone wanted the grabber colors or red. Hope others enjoy the update. It just makes me that much more anxious to get it home and start reassembly for my 2014 deadline.
  3. Chuck, I am looking to make it up your way for the Grand National. Just trying to balance the calendar on my end with it being the Labor Day weekend. Not sure if I will take the 67 or drive the daily driver.
  4. OK, like everyone here I have my first preference being the 71 - 73 body style. I also have my 67 fastback that I really enjoy as well. It gets alot of attention when driving it because people can usually identify it to be a mustang. The 71-73 are not as widely known so people will often ask what it is. It is true that the early body styles get bigger $$. Some of the offers I have had on my 67 I have had to think long and hard about not taking. Just hold on to your big body cars, there values are increasing and someday will match up to the earlier mustangs. Look at some of the later year trans am's and firebirds. Not to long ago they were on the cheap. Now they have come up quite a bit.
  5. Heater core gone bad. Check passanger floor for moisture.
  6. Did an intermet search under ford power steering rebuild and came across these guys on a vintage bronco forum. http://www.pscmotorsports.com Gave them a call and spoke with Tom. He said that they have done plenty of mustang boxes in the past, but advertise and tend to stick more with the off road guys. He estimated $120 for the rebuild. He said it will come back media plasted and shot peened with a clear coat to prevent rusting. I am going to fill out the form on their site and ship it off. I will follow-up when I get it back.
  7. I think I am going to go the long list route of things not to do. Thank you for the feedback guys. Q, I will check out your link and see which way to go.
  8. I have heard brake fluid is also a good paint remover for plastic parts. More expensive than your choice though.
  9. Where did you find the rebuild kit and how complicated is it? I thought about tackling it myself, but did not know the means to do it right.
  10. Anyone have experience with someone rebuilding the integral steering box for a 72? I checked with Stangersite and he does not do the integral box like we have. Any other folks known to rebuild these boxes?
  11. I beleive it is dependent on the type of paint used for your hood and how it was cleared. Q may be the best to consult on this one. You may need to post a pick to give everyone an understanding of what you are up against.
  12. AHH on the big body thing. Could I squeeze a 67 Fastback in the group? My friend will be driving his 73' vert so he will fit in. My 72' and his 70' Boss will be trucked in. Roy, please keep us posted on any progress you make with your friend. I am trying to get as much pre-planning done as possible. Thank you,
  13. Looked at google maps for this hotel ... Looks like coming from the hotel to the track, you must turn Right on Concord Pkwy and then do a U turn at Moorhead rd. to head back to the track. That should be exciting.
  14. Great pictures, thank you for sharing. Looks like the car will need a fair amount of work.
  15. Embassy Suites are also affiliated with the Hilton brand alongside Hampton Inns. We also stay at Hampton Inns when on the road so I am not saying that is a great choice as well. My thought was the Embassy Suites was just a bit closer and more in the center of the show activity. I am fine with whatever your friend can do and I REALLY appreciate you looking into this. It helps to get a bit ahead on the planning process so I can spend more time getting the car ready. I have alot to get done in 15 months starting in September. That is the latest update on when the bodywork will be done.
  16. Does your contact have any Embassy Suites connections? This is the closest hotel to the track. Wife would like the spa. Embassy Suites Charlotte-Concord/Golf Resort & Spa 3.5 stars 0.95 miles to Lowe's Motor Speedway, 4.8 / 5Outstanding (88 reviews)
  17. My books do not show a different part number for automatic vs. 4 speed in the exploded view. Does the selector indicator screw on to the 4 posts in the shifter housing? Trying to see if one of the parts may be incorrect for the model or year.
  18. Roy, I am TRULY going and will be with a friend who has a 35K original owner/mileage 70 Boss that will be shipped with my car. We both plan to drive our other mustangs to the show. I have my calender at work marked for March 2013 to book a room. According to the hotels in the area this is the earliest I could book. If you need any further specific details please PM me. I am positively going. Brian
  19. Looks very nice. Now, time to start enjoying it on the road and at shows.
  20. eBay is another option. I found a set for Utah dated 1972 for my restoration. I lucked out on my 67 GT and had a set of black CA plates in one of the many boxes that came with the shell of the car. I think the original plates just give th car that extra finishing touch.
  21. There are variations in shade from year to year. Usually it would coincide with a name change of one form or another as well.[/align]
  22. Any more pictures on this would be great to see. I would be interested to know more about the rear suspension set-up and tubbed out interior.
  23. Welcome from a fellow cheese head now planted in the south.
  24. Welcome from West TN. Whereabouts in AR are you. You will see on the member map that you have some friends in the area to help out and this forum has very knowledgeable folks to provide guidance. Never mind found the earlier post for Texarkana
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