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  1. What is needed to order? Do we order through you or directly to manufacturer?
  2. Yes it is. It attaches to the silver contact bar that runs across the dome light housing. You should have clips in the roof brace for the wire to clip in.
  3. I go with Sea Foam. It helps with the Ethnol content as well. Try and fill the tank to avoid to much empty space for condensation on the inside of the tank. Run it until you get to operating temp to circulate gas mix into carb and bowls.
  4. Agree with the other comments above. I also include the fuel stabilizer. I like to move the car a bit just to keep the tires from sitting in the same spot for an extended period. I also ait them up to around 45 pounds to avoid any flat spotting.
  5. Talk about Ironic, I saw that car on the hauler as I was driving back through the Kansas City area on my trip back from Fort Collins, CO this weekend. Darn near wrenched my neck as I turned to the right to get a better look as it was siting in a weigh station parking area. I thought it was a Mach 1 as I only saw it for a second. It was the last car on the upper deck. I love road trips to search for new cars, but this one was just a little too long. We left Memphis on Thursday morning to arrive in Fort Collins Friday afternoon. Spent Saturday and Sunday with the wifes sisters and then headed back Monday and Tuesday and back to work yesterday. Over 3K in 6 days. Must admit it sure is hot and dry out west. Going through Kansas City on Thursday the temp showing for Kansas City was 108.
  6. Don, Praying the repairs go well for you today and you can get the family back on the road. Sorry to hear the first shop was running you around. Looks like you have maintained your cool for the most part through this difficult experience. I guess we get that from working on our cars knowing things don't always go right the first time. Take care and hopefully safe travels.
  7. I would assume your guess is right on the windshield being replaced at some time in the past. If you have the car at home and can remove the trim around the glass you will see how much of a gap you have. They may have siliconed the heck out of it if it is the wrong size. That stuff is a bear to try and get out. I would check with a couple of glass shops to get more feedback on the correct dimensions. Here is a link to a shop I have used several times and they are good guys with classic glass needs. For an extra charge they can also date code it to match the rest of your glass dates if you are interested in going back to original. www.psautoglass.com And welcome to the forum. Please keep us posted as you progress on your project and let us know if you have any questions.
  8. Here are a couple from Ford photo archives: Cleveland Engine storage 1971 Boss in production Brochure Photos First run of a new just delivered 1971
  9. I would be interested to know what publication you are seeking an article for and why the interest in 71-73s?
  10. I am on the island with Ray. The rarity of this car would convince me to restore it vs. modify. "In my opinion" the money is in restoring this R-Code versus modification. It is your car and you have the right and the ability to do whatever you want with it and I will never tell someone their wrong to follow their dream, BUT if you did go the path of restoration you could easily fund the heavy modification of a plain old Mach 1 to the way you envision this one. Either way, I am glad you choose to join our group and we will all be here to support any questions as you go down the path of getting your car up and running.
  11. I hope this is OK to post here. I did not see a National Events under the events tab. Here is a link to the latest update from the MUstang Club of America (MCA) website. Looks like we all get to bunk up at Chuck's place for the Pony Drive. http://www.mustang.org/content.php/369-Update-on-Mustang-50th-Birthday-Celebration
  12. Very cool to get together. Looks like Roy is the traveling salesman of the forum.
  13. Good Buy! And its GREEN not that I am partial to that color or anything. Friends just bought a new Explorer and they love it. I am not a big fan of front wheel drive so not really my thing.
  14. Thank you for your service and welcome from W. Tenn. You will find that this is a great forum for interacting with others on our passion for mustangs and getting those questions answered that are inevitable as you go down the path. We have a great group or modifiers and restorer's that are glad to help out when asked. Post some pictures when you can.
  15. Thank you Rocketfoot for having the initiative to get this site going and thank you to all of the members that make this a family friendly resource for all of us bitten by the 71-73 bug.
  16. pretty cool! OK who is going to tackle that with a 302 or 351?
  17. Noticed this on the MCA website and wanted to share: Blue Max, Bounty Hunter, and Other Mustangs Coming NHRA Funny Car Mustang Diecasts Posted June 8 2012 01:49 PM by MustangMan Filed under: Miscellaneous, 1971 - 1973 Mustangs Blue Max and other famous Funny Car Mustangs Being Reproduced as Diecast Offerings The folks at Supercar Collectibles dropped a bombshell on us today. Four new '71 Mustang diecast race cars are coming soon. Check out the blog below for more information. Coming out in late August as a first in a series of four '71 Mustang Funny Cars, the Blue Max Mustang Funny Car features a diecast chassis with many metal and rubber parts, fully plumbed and wired engine and a plastic body (to replicate the original fiberglass bodies). Inside you'll find a driver's seat with steering wheel, real cloth seatbelts, and other great details. You can pre-order now on the Supercar Collectible's website at www.supercar1.com. Pricing has been set at $89.95. The Blue Max will be followed by the L.A. Hooker Mustang (also $89.95) later in 2012. In early 2013 be on the lookout for Connie Kalitta's Bounty Hunter Mustang and Shirley "Cha Cha" Muldowney's Mustang, both priced at $99.95. No matter whether you're a diecast fan, a Mustang fan, a drag racing fan, or a comination of the three, these diecast Mustang funy cars are sure to be a hit on your display shelf or coveted desk or book case location. For more info be sure to check out the link couple more picks from die cast site:
  18. Here is another vendor to consider. I just located them from a different forum group and have requested if they stock material for the Deluxe Interior as well. Original Auto Interiors 7869 Trumble Rd. Columbus, MI 48063 Phone 586-727-2486 http://www.originalauto.com/ Now I am confused. My Marti report indicates Black Sebring Knit for my trim code of "GA" which is the Deluxe Mach 1 interior. Is this Comfortweave under another name or a different material?
  19. Congrats! No sweeter feeling than to feel it move with your foot on the peddle for the first time. I will never forgot when I got my car back iin the 80s. I didn't have my license and the rearend was tore out of it, but I would still go out in the garage and start it up just to hear the noise. I probably drove 50 miles in my mind sitting in the garage each time I did that.
  20. Give this video a try. Even though it is a Cougar they are very similiar having gone down the same assembly line together. These guys are very knowledgable about old parts and can help find those difficult parts for our mustangs off of a Cougar. They help me source a Battery Apron support that was rust free and cut the whole apron and frame rail out for me to avoid damage to the support. http://www.youtube.com/user/WestCoastClassicCoug
  21. Ditto to the comments above. 71 only as a factory option and discontinued due to safety concerns. If you do like the look get the one that has the screw on cap underneath. It will still give you the look you like with one less concern that your car will burn to the ground if it is ever struck from behind. I have an original ford flip down on my 72 and I will be replacing it with the correct 72 turn on piece.
  22. One more for us that have our significant other in support of our addiction. I do have to admit that it takes a couple of rounds of talking through things before I have her blessing. One thing I have on my side is that we dated in my 72 back in High School, so unlike Ole Pony talking about bringing back the 72 invokes old memories of High School. On the door panel question I have also heard that Mustang Market is the place to go. Allan Shepley at Mustang of Central Georgia has restored several 71 429 cars to top flight show standards and he has recommended Mustang Market for my deluxe door panel replacement. He uses their stripe kits as well.
  23. There has been great information in this thread and it looks like others are more qualified than I in offering some professional opinions. My only two cents to contribute are to do a little shopping around. I shopped Hagerty, Grundy, American and Heacock before insuring my 67 GT. For me Grundy offered the best coverage and premium. I also have Allstate for 27 years and they do not offer an agreed value policy. If you are a member of the Mustang Club or America, Heacock offers a discount, just not in TN. Make sure you read the fine print on the policy!!!!! You are limited in mileage each year and not covered unless going to or from a show or car related event. I try to drive my cars on a day that I know there is a cruise-in or show going on in the area so I can use that as my reason if something should happen. I cannot comment on a claim with Grundy as I have not had one. Thank the lord!
  24. Chuck, Mine is a 12/23/71 buck date, 1/5/72 build date with a single support. If anyone should have a good single support lying around I am looking to replace mine. It has alot of pitting at the bottom and it was already welded once to re-attach to mounting tab. PM me if you have an extra support around.
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