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  1. Welcome to the forum from West Tennessee. Looks like a good foundation to start with. What direction do you want to go with the car? We have some that go restoration, some go resto-mod, some go all out modified. Post what you are thinking about doing and ask any questions on what you need help with. Great group of folks here who can get you the information you need. Keep the pictures going as you move along.
  2. I Love the old 68-69 Cyclones and Torinos. I keep a regular look out for one for sale on a regular basis. Don't have the money right now just the dream. I found a Yarborough edition in Atlanta for sale a little over a year ago. It was a little rough, but you could still make out the two tone and some of the decals. A friend of mine has a Cyclone SCJ parked in his garage that he has been wrenching on and off for years. He has a standing order to keep me as the first bidder when he is ready to sell. Looks a little like this except it has CyClone SCJ on the rear quarters.
  3. Information obtained from the 429 Megasite inclusive of the feedback from the guy working on my car. Hood Paint Bob Perkin's states the correct NON-textured 71 black hood paint PPG quarts were the one's labeled DDL-9423. He also states the PPG DAR-9000, (which was the exterior gloss black whole body paint), can have 30-35% of PPG's DX265 flattener added to it to produce the proper 71 black hood finish. In another article, he indicated that too much flattener gives the black a milky look. Unfortunately, this paint (Duracryl DDL 9423) is now obsolete. A quart of this paint recently went for $200 on E-Bay. New Paint Methods for getting the correct Hood, Engine Compartment and lower blackout: Mustang Expert and owner of Mustang Central, Allan Shepley, has generously provided the 429 Megasite with the below information on achieving the correct appearance for our 71 Mustang hoods, lower blackout and underhood black using currently available products. Prior to Allan's help, people had to come up with something themselves since the old DDL-9423 is either unavailable (or very hard to find). Thanks Allan!! John Blair ~ 429 Megasite Webmaster I build Mustangs for a living and struggled for a long time to find the best paint for hoods and engine compartments as well as the lower black out area. The biggest problem you have with semi-gloss black with new paints, not lacquer, is getting an even finish. Most of them look splotchy or too flat or too glossy. The problem with most is you add a flattener to your clear, but the results are very inconsistent. I finally found PPG's DCU 2060 it is a premixed clear that already has the perfect mix. All you add is the hardener DCX61 and reducer DT 885. The ratio is 6 parts DCU 2060, 1 part DCX61, and 1 Part DT885. You use your black paint of choice IE. Dupont, PPG, R&M, whatever you like and topcoat with the PPG DCU 2060. Apply two wet coats and when its fully dried you have the perfect finish. Not only does it look good but it also is very stain resistant, you can wax it if you like it will not make it look powdery. Its great in the engine compartment for a fantastic look and a tough durable and easy to clean surface. I better quit I'm sounding like a commercial. Allan Mustang Central
  4. Trying to build some legs and casters for the body to load it on my trailer and use for rolling around the garage while completing assembly. If someone could please measure the height from the bottom of the front bumper bracket to the ground on a 71-72 I would appreciate it. I am going to make something a bit higher than ride height, but do not want to get something too extremely high. Thanx, Brian
  5. J there was one other 72 mach 1 back in the early 80's that is now mine. Your right, even back then I think mine was the only one in town. We used to cruise the lakeshore every summer night. Down through the harbor and along the park (Pettit Park??) where they have CohoRama. Then we would head down Sheridan Road south and repeat. Good days back then. I still have family up there and try to get back once or twice a year. I do have to say there is no replacement for Valeo's or Infusino pizza and Pielli's bakery.
  6. Congrats! A testament to your Dad's work and your maintaining it as part of his legacy. I am sure he is looking down with a smile.
  7. I watched your video earlier. Stout motor you have their. Good luck with the sale and seeing it all they way through. EBay is a bit tricky when it comes to car sales and bidders actually following through on their commitment.
  8. Looks like this group is keeping a good bunch of painters busy across the country. Congratulations on moveing your project forward. It does feel real good to see new paint. Keep the pictures coming as you progress along.
  9. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I am really excited about it moving along. It would have been nice to have it back for my 4!*$ th birthday next week, but there is time to come. The color sure does pop. My only previous preview on the color was during teardown and the inner panel under the rear glass. Roy, People are saying they are "GREEN" with envy over your motor.
  10. I am in agreement on the radiator. Safe and relaible before any power adders in my book. I don't think I have ever seen this posted in the forum, but keep in mind the Clevelands have a brass restrictor under the thermostat that alot of people throw away and do not replace. They are hard to find now and I am not sure if they are reproduced. I will post a picture of one as I begin to tear into my engine in the coming weeks. OK, I went out and found an article about the thermostat restrictor in addition to a guy who sells them. Here it is. http://351cleveland.wetpaint.com/page/Brass+Bypass+Washer
  11. Looks to be the season of painting here on the forum. Looks like everyone is working with their patience regarding the body work and paint on their cars. Well, I am in the same bucket and continue to pray that my patience is well rewarded with the end product. Nothing so far has made me think it will not be. Here are the first previews of the color going down on my car. Color code 4F-Medium Lime Metallic. It has been 28 years since I saw the worn and rusted out car in this color. My high school restoration went to Bright Red. News is that the paint should be done on the car late next week to the middle of the following week and then three weeks of buffing and finishing off the bottom of the car. I can't wait! I will keep the mustang family posted. I almost feel 16 again. Note, almost accounts for all of the cracking joints and gray hairs.
  12. A couple of weeks ago I had been watching a posting for some sport wheel covers. I party out of TX listed the wheel covers for $79. It looked like two of the four where in show quality condition (no scratches or dents in the chrome), but I was not going to pay that much for 2 good covers. I emailed the seller after it did not sell from its posting and offered less and I would pay for the shipping. They accepted and about a week later a VERY large box arrived at my house. I noted the shipping address from the seller. When I opened the box it included the sport wheel covers and four very nice date coded 1973 steel 14 OE wheels. No rust or bent lips on the wheels. I did not expect the wheels in addition to the wheel covers. It just made the purchase all the more the sweeter. I may be selling the steel wheels after I confirm my wheels are true and can be cleaned up with a media blast. I think I have about 4 complete sets of the shallow Sport Wheel covers now and of that I have one set that is show quality. I also have a complete set +2 of the deep dish sport wheel covers as well. Once the car is completed I imagine I will have a pretty big garage cleaning sale for everyone here to look over.
  13. I had the same problem last year. We have multiple HVAC systems in our house and the downstairs unti went out last year. Do some shopping around and get multiple quotes, you would be suprised how much they can vary. Another plus is to negotiate in an annual service contract for 3 years. That way they can come out and change the filters and check the system over. I kept my old furnace and outside compressor for the garage. I just need to get a new coil and I can get the garage heated and cooled (someday). Talk to some friends in your area as well. Sometimes you can find someone who does it on the side and does charge the company rate. There is a HUGE markup in HVAC systems!
  14. Welcome back. It would be great to see pics.
  15. Great neighborhood! Looks like alot of fun and great time for common interests in cars to come together.
  16. Welcome to the site. Impressive collection of cars you show listed. Hope you hang around and contribute or ask questions whenever you can.
  17. One more shout out from West Tenn. welcoming you to the site. Hang around and join in whenever you want.
  18. David, welcome from the west end of TN. Great to see you join the group. We all enjoy talking about our cars and helping others out as they progress in doing work on their car and getting to know it. You will find this is a great group of folks who know alot about these years of mustangs. Keep in touch and you can learn and share with the rest of us. Except, keep the snow up there!
  19. I would also recommend Don. They have recently started reproducing them, do not know about the quality though.
  20. Car just sold a few minutes ago for 10,250. Not a bad car for a pretty good price. Wrong year for the posting.
  21. Abudi, The car looks great! All of your hard effort and work is now complete, time to get the paperwork done and start enjoying it. Do you plan to install the Boss 351 decals?
  22. GREAT POST IDEA! 72 Mach 1 R Code - 351 HO White Stripe Package AM/FM 8 - track stereo Folding Rear seat Functional Ram Air - It would have been an early order 3:50 Traction lock 4 speed Black Mach 1 deluxe interior console rear defrost Magnums
  23. That is what I appreciate about this group. We find a way to come back to the same thing, enjoying our cars. Some may want a more personalized version that they drive and enjoy and others may want a more factory appearing version that they drive and enjoy. Either way, we are making them what we want. As my signature line indicates, I lean more towards the factory original and appreciate the knowledge and experience of others who have documented the originality of these cars coming from the factory and I plan to get as close as possible to that. I will still drive the car on a regular basis because I agree they are meant to be enjoyed and shared with others. Please just keep in mind that each of us has a common passion for our 71-73 mustangs and choose to personalize them to our own degree of detail.
  24. Is your distributor gear in good shape? Double check to make sure the distributor hold down is not loose or possibly bad threads. It sounds to me that your timing is jumping somehow. Another possible issue is your balancer. Sometimes the rubber wears out between the inner and outer sections of the balancer and it can rotate and through off your timing setting. I had this happen on my 390 and it drove me crazy. Usually if it is the balancer you will not be able to get the timing set right at idle. Just a couple of thoughts.
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