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  1. I found some time to get back to the project this weekend and thought to tackle the wire harnesses. Has anyones cleaned their original wires to remove some of the grease and undercoating overspray? I realize these are 40 year old wires and start to become brittle. I would like to clean them to identify the original colors and then treat them to avoid further deterioration. Any advice??
  2. Another option is to air down the trailer tires. I have an 18 foot with a dove tail and we have carried my buddies viper a couple of times.We just air down the rear axle and that give me enough of a kneel with my 4 foot ramps.
  3. OOOHHHHH Good idea. I will have to throw that idea out there when I visit. Who wants to meet me in Byron,GA to set it up.
  4. Ole Pony; It would be really hard to explain being late for dinner after a 920 mile round trip drive. I must admit I would love to go every week. I am planning a trip on Saturday 02/18/12 to bring down the AMK fastener kit and couple of other odds and ends. Next trip wont be until March.
  5. For those who follow the auction scene or just like to have the car show brought to you on your TV. I regularly try to keep up to date on what the collector car market is looking like. I feel omfortable saying that it looks like we have seen the bottom of the curve for collector car prices. There were some pretty good buys at both Barrett Jackson and Mecum this month, but most of the cars showed numbers increasing. Here are the results from Mecums Kissimmee show for the 71-73 mustangs. Lot ID Lot No Year Make Model Auction Sold Bid Date G92 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 351 CI, Automatic Kissimmee, FL $15,000 $0 January, 2012 W35 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Fastback 351 CI, Automatic Kissimmee, FL $20,000 $0 January, 2012 W158 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Fastback 351 CI, 4-Speed Kissimmee, FL $23,500 $0 January, 2012 W294 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 351 CI, Automatic Kissimmee, FL January, 2012 Mach 1 Fastback 306 CI, 5-Speed Kissimmee, FL $35,000 $0 January, 2012 T133 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Resto Mod 351/430 HP, 5-Speed Kissimmee, FL $45,000 $0 January, 2012 T228 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Fastback 351 CI, 4-Speed Kissimmee, FL $27,500 $0 January, 2012 T20 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Fastback 351/330 HP, 4-Speed Kissimmee, FL $25,500 $0 January, 2012 T306 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 351/290 HP, Automatic Kissimmee, FL $20,500 $0 January, 2012 F23 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1 351 CI, Automatic Kissimmee, FL $0 $27,000 January, 2012 All were sales accept the last one F23 with a high bid of $27K.
  6. Well, got a few photos from Mustang Central today. He has the quarters all reworked from the previous incorrect install and the replacement doors and original hood stripped to bare metal. Just a couple of photos to share with the mustang family.
  7. Welcome from West TN to the family. Please do post pictures when you can. I may be in TN, but my car is in Byron,GA getting the body work done. Take you time a browse around the forum, you will find great people and better information on a lot of things.
  8. Just wanted to make a quick post and thank Mike with Motorcity Mustang for locating me a good windshield bottom trim piece. I received the part very timely and Mike described it well and provided pictures so I knew what I was paying for. I have had very positive expereinces with our affiliated vendors numerous times. I understand, things don't always go well in all cases; fortunately I have not experenced this with our vendors. Good job to all of them and thank you for keeping a connection with our forum.
  9. Welcome to the site. You will find a wealth of information and great people on this site. We keep it family friendly if you know what I mean and it is a great bunch of "folk". Just like you my 72 Mach was my first car and I will be blowing out 43 candles this year as well. Great to have you join the family.
  10. Can you get the 72 & 73 lists? Need to find some of those in 8-track for displaying with my car at shows.
  11. Thank you Don. Just wait, the 72' is going to blow this one out of the water when it comes to the degree of restoration. The 67' is my "fun car" nothing like dropping the hammer on that big block into first,second and sometimes third and scratching the tires. I love it when some of the guys with 4.6L stangs pull up and don't even have a clue of what resides underneath.
  12. Pulled this picture out from a car show I took the 67' to last summer (2011). My 67' is parked right behind this guy. Funny thing was he could not get the trunk/hood to close at the end of the show. One of the motors to lift it had frozen up. Ended up taking a bunch of mustang guys to disconnect it so he could drive it to the dealership (300 miles away) and pay big $s to get it fixed. Here is my car and a friends 70 Mach 1. This same freind is also an original owner of a 70 Boss 302 with 36K original miles. He stopped driving it regularly in 1973.
  13. I had made the previous post regarding my visit to Bob Perkins shop up in Juneau, WI and his collection of low mileage cars and brand new NOS parts. If ome are not familiar with Bob Perkins, he had the foresight in the 70s and 80s to go to Ford dealers and purchase parts inventory for 60s and 70s era cars for his restoration business and for serious collectors. While at his shop he took me back to a display he has of out of the box 72 suspension pieces with all of the factory markings. I will attache the pictures below. One very important thing to note is that the upper control arms are bare and not the black & silver so many people including MCA believe. Enjoy the photos and I hope they help. Just thought. If anyone needs the fullsize photos fpor closer inspection send me a PM and I can forward them to you in email. I try to take all of my pictures with with a 12 megapixel camera so I can blow them up on the computer screen to get specific details. I have to shrink them down to get them to post properly.
  14. I agree with the comments regarding thee window trim being anodized aluminum. I spent New Years day and the day after removing the anodization from mine so I could get them to the polisher in Wisconsin. If you need an work done on the aluminum trim you must get the anodizing off. My polisher stated their is no way to get through that to clean it up other than removing it. C9ZX offered the advice to use Easy Off Heavy Duty oven cleaner to removing the anodizing. Do not let it sit for more than 15 - 20 minutes at a time. I can burn through the bare aluminum if left longer. Do multiple applications to work your way down. I did lear that off brands of oven cleaner do not work the same. I tried WalMarts heavy duty cleaner and did not make any progress. I finally went with Eastwoods Anodizing remover they had on sale. If you are going to strip all of the trim get the gallon jug, you will use every once. Also get a couple of spray bottles. After a day of using one the rubber seals for the sprayer are shot. It may have been the cold temperatures we had, but it took multiple applications and rubbing down with OOO steel wool during the application to get them stripped down. Once you have them stripped down and complete whatever finishing work you are going to do to the bare aluminum you need to provide some protection to keep them from tarnishing. My polisher has recommended either a Mothers billett wax or to consider a clear coat paint. He still has them for polishing and I will get them back in February and then down to Atlanta for installation at the body shop. Hope these point will help.
  15. I can thank Don for helping me find one last year. It was received in very good shape
  16. I considered this option when stripping my car down. A contact I have here has contacts at the Nissan plant in Jackson, MS who have allowed him to run cars through their ecoat bath. He has the cars acid dipped for the rust removal, replaces the body panels and applies a water soluable sealer to ship the car to Jackson and then runs it through the ecoat bath. A couple guys I spoke with did not recommend the acid dipping process as it settles in some of the metal lap joints and can work its way out through the paint in years to come. I feel I madethe right decision based on all of the facts I could gather. It is a cool process though.
  17. Not home yet, but thought I would try to post some pictures. I will have more to post when I get home. Not bad to have 3 427 cammers sitting in your garage.
  18. Well, I am in Wisconsin visiting with family this week. I took the opportunity to run up to Juneau, WI to meet Bob Perkins and tour his showroom and restoration shop. All I can say is I think I died and went to heaven. His showroom is filled with low mileage original cars. He has an 800 mile 71 Boss 351 that he has sold and getting ready to ship out. He also has a 2800 mile white Boss 351. I took many photos of both for reference. He also had a wall display of factory original front suspension components on display for 71-73. I took several photos of that as well. As I am not on my computer I cannot download the photos today, but I will as soon as I get back home. Bob was a great guy to talk with and shared several points with me on restoring and showing the car. I will get pictures posted shortly.
  19. Just to provide an update on this post. I was able to locate the very hard to find apron. Scott at West Coast Cougars came through with a spotless example. No rust on the piece. He even removed the whole frame section and apron around the part to avoid damaging the part I was going after. Don't forget that cougars are our mustang sibling for the most part. They can be a great resource for parts and sometimes less known at the salvage yards.
  20. As other have stated and shown they do make one. I purchased the larger one shown in the link to Munstangs Unlimited. I worked well and gave provided the extra length to get beyond the filler panel between the trunk and folding seat. This way you do have a visible seam. You will probably need the drop off filler panels as well.
  21. Q, I bought the same cabinet earlier this year. I had some luck with it, but it kept clogging at the gun nozzle. Do you have a drier on your airline? I have tried a couple of different media's. I will look for alum oxide fine grit next. What PSI are you running your compressor at?
  22. Chuck, Congratulations!!!!!!!!! You have been a great resource for me and many others. Thank you for taking on the new role and helping us all make our cars and the community better.
  23. Please PM me with priceand any photos available. Thank you
  24. Please PM me if you can on the price. I have a shipping option. Do you have any pictures?
  25. He is not doing a date correct restoration. I will be in southern WI the week of the 26th.Not sure if I can make it all the way over to your place. How much would they weigh??? I might have a shipping option? What condition are they in? You can PM me with any details. Thank you
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