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  1. I have a friend with a very nice 73 convertable who is looking for a decent set of 2 barrel heads. Looking for an original set not machined at all to replace his. If you have any please send photos and the condition of the heads. I will play the middle man in passing along to him. He would like to find something in the next couple of days. Thanx, Brian D.
  2. In my ongoing search for an battery apron support I was directed to West Coasr Cougars. As many may know the cougar and mustang were siblings from the same production line. Well, I found a great apron that is currently being shipped my way. Christmas come early! When I receive the order confirmation it had a link to their website. In browsing the website I came across this video they have posted for a 69 429 CJ Cougar. They are decoding all of the id's they can locate. In the video they pull the build sheet from under the carpeting at the 17:00 minute mark. They provide a brief over view of some of the codes on the build sheet. I would beleive these codes would be similiar to those of the mustang as they were heading down the same line. I am not 100% sure, but it is a possible link to those of us attempting to decode out sheets. It is a great overall decoding video. Enjoy. Brian
  3. My son has a PS3 does that car come with the Gran Turismo 5 game? If so, looks like a found him another Christmas present that dad can play with as well. If it does not come with the game how do you get they car added? Thanx, Brian
  4. Do you know if it worked prior to removal? I am trying to find a working relay for the rear defrost. If it did work would you be willing to sell the relay?
  5. I tend to agree with some of the comments of others regarding the period of time that our cars came to be. In general the increasing insurance costs and gas prices put a break on the general publics desire for muscle cars. Our generation of mustang ended that lust for power and performance over econonmy. I think the Ralph Nader's of america doomed our cars. True, they are not the most recognized and often the least present at car shows. I do beleive that each body style has its moment in the sun and that we are heading for the sunrise on the 71-73 mustangs. Either way I think our cars are the best looking. I fell in love with this bodystyle before I could drive and will forever like this body style over all of the other mustangs I have or will have in the future.
  6. Welcome Goolsby, I applaude your work. The car looks great. What are your long term plans for the car? Someday when I grow up, I want to go the pro-street route with a fastback. Right now staying on the path or concourse restoration, but the urge is there to go wild with one someday.
  7. Congratulations Don! There are very few events in life that bring us to the level of joy that a newborn baby can do. I am so happy for you and your family. Sounds like everyone is doing well and my hopes and prayers are for that to continue for a long time to come. On the little girl driver scene my first born daughter will be getting her license in May. She definitly knows Dad's soft spot for cars and she is workin it every chance she can. I only hope she does not apply Ohio Mustang Don's philosophy!!!!! Get some rest now you know your gonna need it. Congratulation again!
  8. Don thanks for keeping on the lookout for the apron bracket for me. Placed a call over the Mathews Mustangs and left a message. According to the 2009 MM article sounded like he was going out of business. May not have the cars in the photo any longer. I will try and find out.
  9. That is just a little over two hours from my house. I am feeling a road trip coming on. Still looking for that pesky battery apron support bracket. Interesting how you can miss things in your own backyard. If anyone else is considering a purchase from him and would like some help let me know. Brian
  10. Rare Pony, thank you for the information. I too was wondering if it was just me or not. I do hope everything can be restored. As with this site, there was also a ton of good information there.
  11. no videos, but here are some archive photos to search FordImages.com
  12. Yesterday was a good day! Received the quote back from Mustang Central and we were within target to get the 72 body work completed. He did indicate the quarters will need a fair amount of work to get them to properly align with the curve of the rear bumper and the rear valance fit. He did state the rest of the structural metal work was good, it was the finishing work that fell short on. We have agreed upon a very workable timeline for him to complete the work and still allow me enough time to get everything finished by my self imposed deadline of 12/31/2013. Allan at Mustang Central appears to be a pretty upstanding guy. He provided a couple of options to be concientious of my budget, but not sacrificing the level of workmanship and end product. I will continue to keep everyone posted as I go forward. As of today, I am very pleased that I found Mustang of Central Georgia and Allan for his expertise in our year of mustangs. I only wish I would have found him this time last year before I had another shop complete the metal work. They did good work on the important structural components, just did not know the nuances of working exclusively on mustangs. Link: http://www.mustangcentralga.com Advisory Note: Whenever seeking work on your prized posession really grill prospective shops on their mustang experience.
  13. I have used them to buy parts for the daily drivers. I get a discount through my work so it helps with the wallet. Rebuilt all of the suspension on my 06' Dodge with their parts. No problems after about 14K miles. They have a warehouse in northern MS that is close to me. I have not used their parts on the mustangs so I couldn't really help you there.
  14. Good Luck Roy. Best wishes for a safe procedure and speedy recovery. Brian
  15. Ok, finally taking the time to post up a mugshot in this chain. This is a picture of my father and I at Indianapolis Motorspeedway on 08/01/11. Had a chance to drive the 67' on the track after the Brickyard race this year. I am on the right, Dad is on the left. Upclose while on the track Front Stretch @ Indy
  16. I have to chime in on this one as well. Every community differs in the parts places that are available and the experience of the folks behind the counter. I have been in management with NAPA in the past and they do seek out either experienced parts people and have a robust training program to allow their counter folks to obtain ASE certifications. Given that I also live in Autozones home town, I can say they try to recruit talented folks, but sometimes fall short. I would recommend shopping around in your area and find the store with the most knowledgeable staff that you enjoy working with. Keep going back to them. Pretty soon you and they will build enough of a relationship to be able to talk candidly about parts. Even the guys/gals behind the counter know who makes the quality parts in there store and who does not. It sometimes also has to do with who has the closest distribution center to you and can get you the part the fastest.
  17. Just to follow Don's information I have spoken with Jim about his experience with Mustang Central. His feedback was overall very positive with a couple of thoughts on keeping the project on an agreed upon timeline. I will incorporate that feedback if the number is somethng I can handle. Again, I value Scott's feedback and that of others. You know at times, "It takes a community." I will keep everyone posted on whether or not I can or will move forward with Mustang Central. My hope is to provide everyone with some feedback on my experience with this shop in hopes that it will save others the time and emotional stress of searching for the right shop for them. I have done a pretty exhaustive search everywhere east of the Mississippi to find a shop specializing in mustangs of our chosen year. More to come........
  18. All thank you for your advice. Scott, your advice has been taken to heart. In fact, I did ask him about the BBB statement and his response was that the guy brought in several parts and did not have an inventory of what he brought. When he had completed some of the work on the car the guy got cold feet and found another shop that quoted him a cheaper price. When the guy came to get his car he looked around the shop and saw several parts he stated were his, but Alan commented they were not. I have contacted five references one being John Ford the former editor of Mustang Monthly. Alan has worked on four cars for John. Your words are exactly correct in obtaining a contract and that is my expectation. I have inventoried every item I brought to him and both of us have a copy. I am trying to do my homework as much as I can and everything you provide is very appreciated. I do have the car registered in TN and I have it insured through my collector car insurer as parts. They wrote an agreed value policy on the body and parts not as a complete car. One this I have omitted is confirming his insurance coverage. Once I find out the number we will see were we go from there. If it is acceptable I will request information regarding his insurance coverage. It is no big suprise that most if not all of us have a story regarding our restoration bad experiences. I hope, and will strive to avoid this experience from becoming one for me. Time shall only tell and the input of everyone here helps to keep me a bit more cautious rather than getting wrapped up in the excitement of seeing my dream car come true.
  19. Chuck, Sorry to hear about the incident. It sounds like you are handling it as best as possible. I probably would have gone ballistic if I saw it occur. Glad that the event organizer and the bike rider made it right by getting in touch with you. Best hope on the repair, I am sure it will turn out fine. Guy should have known better to begin with going between the cars with his bike. Some folks just don't have any common sense! To be at a car show as a participant or spectator requires a respect for each and every car being shown for the time and effort the owner puts in it.
  20. Well my father and I made the trip from Memphis to Atlanta to drop off the 72 for body and paint work. We chose this past weekend as we stopped in Talladega on the way back for the Sprint Cup race. Good race with great weather. I am nervous about the final quote for the body and paint work. I had the car in Atlanta ( at a different shop) earlier this year for the metal work to be done. The guy came with great references from industry experts and private parties. He sends Goodmarks car to SEMA every year. When my new body guy at Mustang Central saw the car in person for the first time this weekend he pointed out several things that only an experienced body person would know. I on the other hand do not know bodywork. The quarters are not mounted correctly to blend in with the curve of the rear bumper, the driver quarter has a stress depression in the lower section behind the rear wheel. He said some of the work looks good, but some looked "poopy." I am sure we all have a similiar stories of spending several thousands of dollars and not getting what you paid for. Well the car will be loaded on his rack today for a thorough going over. I have been sick to my stomach ever since I dropped the car off concerned about what the final quote will be. I had planned on a high side number he shared with me from viewing many photos and discussing the car in person and over email. With two kids and family expenses right now I don't have several more thousand dollars above the high side estimate I was using. I somehow see my completion date of 2014 slipping away. If everyone says a little prayer for me to keep the estimate to what was originally shared I would GREATLY appreciate it. The car is in Atlanta for now, I may be making another trip to get it next weekend if the quote is too high. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hopeing for good mojo on this one. I want it done right, and I just cannot see myself doing the bodywork to get it to the level I desire. Once the bodywork is done, I got the rest and am confident I can deliver a concourse car in 2014. KEEPING HOPE ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Keep me posted in on the Nashville meet and greet idea. I wont be able to make it with the 72' but I could head that way with the 67'.
  22. Innovative: General Motors and chemical company Rohm and Haas built the vehicle for $25,000 - an astronomical price during the 1930s Billed as a vision of the future, it was made for the 1939-40 New York World's Fair, where it became a sensation at General Motors' 'Highways and Horizons' pavilion; and it continues to cause a stir today. Just two were ever made and this model, which has a three-speed manual transmission, and is thought to be the last of its kind. It has clocked up just 86 miles in its lifetime; and now its set to go on sale for the first time since the early 1980s. It last sold for an undisclosed amount. American auctioneers RM expect it to sell for between $275,000 and $475,000 when it goes under the hammer on July 30. Worlds Fair Photo: Current condition:
  23. Q, Thanx for the link. Watched both of the tailight vids. Stopping at home depot on the way home tonight and probably a parts store for the Mequire's products. Fortunatly I have two sets of tail lamps to work on. I will practice on my spare set first. Thanx as always, Brian D.
  24. Off to Saturday Morning Garage I go. As always Q, the expert on almost everything. Thank you. Q, I tried searching the forum and Saturday morning with tail lamps as the search criteria and no luck. Any other recommendations are where the vid may be located?
  25. I am sure others have had to address this issue and I would appreciate your guidance. My side marker lights in the quarters and fenders have a good coating of undercoating on them as well as the tailight housings inside of the trunk. Has anyone had any luck removing the undercoating without destroying the plastic? If so, what did you use and how did you do it. I want to maintain the original parts in this restoration. As always, thank you.
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