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  1. Thanx for posting the pictures. Great to see how other communities celebrate our hobbie. I have to comment on the Gremlin picture. My home town was Kenosha,WI. AMC's home base. I could not begin to tell you about the AMX,Javelin and Rebel stories I have from those days. One of my buddies in high school had a Gremlin with a bad 390 under the hood. That thing could carry the front wheels 60 feet down the street. We used to drag on some of the empty roads right on the Illinois state line. In the midwest alot of the roads are concrete and they cut the road every ten feet to keep from developing cracks. My buddies car could carry the front tires (on slicks) 6 of those 10 foot blocks. Man were those the days. Just another quick story. I knew the guy who had one of the first prototype AMX's designed in the early 60's. It was all fiberglass with a rumble seat behind the back glass. Cool car and worth big bucks now. Don't know what happened to him or the car.
  2. Been there! done that! My story is a mirror image of yours. Bought my car in High School (first car) and recently completed all new metalwork after a high school restoration to get it driveable. Here are a couple of pictures to compare. After metalwork completed and on the way home. Unlike you, I do not have the talent with welding and work and family take a lot of my time. I reluctently have to farm out bodywork so I can get back to the nut and bolt turning I can do. Best wishes in your progress. Keep us posted and let us know if you have any questions. This is a GREAT group for assistance and support.
  3. If parts are an option I am looking for the apron support bracket that goes inside the wheel well above the bumper bracket and is bent at a 90 degree angle to attach below the battery shelf. I have attached a picture to help investigation. I am very interested if you have one.
  4. I may have an extra. I will check this evening.
  5. This is how my donor front clip was grafted in. Mine needed both rails, all aprons, shock towers, etc. Pretty much everything from the cowl forward. Cowl was in good shape thank goodness.
  6. I am very interested to find out how the repro trunk lids fit on the fastback. I have been looking for a good solid rust free original for the past 6 months without much luck. They all appear to rust in the same area. Mine is not bad, very similiar to yours, but I do not want anything coming through my new paint job. Please let me know if you buy a repro and how it fits? They always need a little tweaking, but hopefully not much. Pay close attention to your replacement if you are going for original. They made an engineering change from 72 to 73 on how they install the trunck latch. 71 through sometime in 72 have a slot cut between the latch and the front edge where the 73 does not.
  7. I was thinking about your overheating issue last night. Does your lower radiator hose have the coil spring inside of it? The water pump may be drawing to much pressure at that speed and constricting the lower hose causing a loss in water flow. Just a thought.
  8. Welcome to the forum from just up the road a bit in Memphis. I like the photo and the jacket. Where did you get the jacket? Passed up on buying an identical back in 1987. White on white always looked very classy to me on a convertable. Looks like you are working on something you can pass down to the little guy in the photo. Keep in contact with the forum. It is a great group of folks who can help out with most if not all technical questions.
  9. markmel, I think some of the confusion lies in your mounting location. I will second Hemikillers explenation of the function and location of both canisters. He is spot on. What I think is being lost is that yours was moved to a different location over the life of your car. The canister you show in the previous picture is the emissions canister and it is mounted (by the factory) on the passanger side apron just below the hood hinge. Here are a couple of pictures showing the factory location. Removed in this pic of a non-ac car. Center bottom of the picture shows the three hole mounting location on the apron (between shock tower & Firewall) Installed in an ac car
  10. I also obtained the 999 report from Ford several years ago for both the 72 and my 67. Their was no fee only the amount for postage. Not sure if Ford still does it for free. I will check my copies this evening as they listed the department within Ford that produced them. It is just another great piece of documentation to have along with a Marti Report and Eminger Invoice.
  11. It was one of the track vehicle driving around. I think it was an Equinox.
  12. Yes and no. They had track cars driving around and folks standing on the inside watching your speed. Some bozo in a convertable corvette at the front of our group wouldn't go over 25 mph. I wanted to pass him, but figured I would probably get tossed out for that.
  13. Back on August 1st I was invited to drive my car at the Indy Motor Speedway after the Brickyard 400. We have been ticket holders since the 94' Inaugural Race and they invited Inaugural race ticket holders to a drive on the track event on Monday after the race. I admit it was fun, but not all that I hoped. I wanted to get several pictures of my car on the track and some key pictures like Gasoline Alley and the start finish line. It was still nice to do, but could have been so much better if the bean counters and insurance folks hadn't messed it all up. There were alot more people there than I expected and some nice cars going around the track (Austin Martin, classic vettes, classic impalas) Here are a couple of pics of my 67' GT. Going into the front stretch Going into turn 3 @ 20 Mph (should have been 200 Mph) My Father and I getting one last picture
  14. The end result looks much better. I am right there with ya on house work taking priority over car work. Got to keep the Ms. happy if I am going to negotiate some money out of the budget for body work.
  15. Welcome from a former Wisconsinite now a Mid-Southerner. I also bought my car in the 80's and still have her. Then: Now: Those midwestern winters are tough on cars. Just replaced al metal accept hood, roof and trunk. This site is great for asking questions, sharing stories and just making new mustang friends. Hang around you will enjot it.
  16. Almost looks like the Mach is getting ready to eat the vette for lunch. Lift the hood and hang a couple of fangs from the Mach and bona petite.
  17. eBay has a survey going on and one of the selections is Best American Muscle Car. Right now the mustang is leading the camaro 31 to 26. If you can go and vote for the mustang.
  18. I have been going through this posting and getting back up to speed on the Boss restoration. Noticed the post about the 66 K-Code and thought I would comment as I am in Memphis. Do you know any of the history on the car. It may have been an Air Force transplant from the former Air base north of town. Anyhow, great to see a reference to Memphis for something else besides Elvis.
  19. Very interesting when compared to my Marti report for cars built within one day of each other. My car was ordered 12/17/71 (11 days after yours) and was built 01/05/1972 (1 day before yours). I guess they had to wait a little longer for something. Will you take it back to original or build it to suit your individual preferences? 72 Marti Report.pdf
  20. Thanks for the offer. I will have to give that some more consideration for another weekend. You watch mine, I watch yours. Need my 71-73 fix while mine is still torn apart. I do have good news though. The Mustang Club of Indianapolis came through for me and I am set to store my car with a guy who has three mustangs. Sounds like a decent guy. He commented that he has a 73 he retired from the National Show circuit in 1986 after two national champion awards. I will try and get some pictures to share with everyone. I still remain very impressed with the Mustang community and how much we will go out to help others who we may not even know. The common theme being our enjoyment for these cars is proof enough on the caliber of the person. Thanks to all and I will share some photos when I return.
  21. Thank you for the contact. I need to get mine repaired. Do you know if he does quartz conversions? Years ago when I last had the car in use, eveytime the clock was plugged in it drained the battery down. I have talked to several guys who run clocks on older cars and they say if you store it without a battery tender the clocks run the battery down. They have done the quartz conversions as they draw a lot less power when in storage.
  22. Good thought on the oil change idea, but I think I will pass on that one. My wife took her car in several years ago and they cross threaded the oil filter. She got down the road about 5 miles and the oil filter fell off. She didn't know what was wrong and could not get pulled over in time before the engine siezed. Ended up sueing to get the engine replaced on the car with only 12K miles. I must admit I have always changed my own oil for this reason and many others, especially in the pride and joy mustangs. The ideas are all a great help. I think I have two options right now. One being storing it at Ray Skillman Classic Cars. It is a collector car showroom and dealer. He is big into buyng and selling collector cars in addition to other new models at his other dealerships. Take a look at this link to his showroom. I really like the Mark Donahue Javelin he has. I have always wanted one of those. http://www.rayskillmanclassiccars.com
  23. Thank you to all for your suggestions. I placed a call to the Mustang Club in Indy and spoke with the club Vice President. Great guy I might add. He thinks he may have a member who can help me out. The deal is not done yet, so if anyone has other options please let me know. The Ford dealership was my next option. Definitly thinking Ray Skilman Ford as Mr. Skilman is an avid muscle car collector and buys and sells cars actively on the auction circuit. Maybe they could slip it into one of their service bays for Saturday night and Sunday. Trying the club route first if nothing is finalized by today I will pursue the dealership. Really looking forward to what could be a great experience. Thank you all.
  24. I am in a bit of an urgent pickle. I have been invited to drive my 67 GT on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway after Sundays Brickyard 400 race. I plan to drive up on Saturday and will be at a hotel Saturday & Sunday. I am reluctant to park my car in a hotel parking lot while I enjoy the race on Sunday and I will drive the car on the track on Monday. I was hoping I could find someone in our Mustang Community that could guide me to somewhere in Indy that I could store my car securly until Monday morning; or if someone had an extra parking spot at their home where I could park the car securly for a couple of days. I would GREATLY APPRECIATE any help on this matter. Please respond or PM me and I will follow-up immediatly. Thank you, Brian D.
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