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  1. I am attampting to locate the battery support bracket that goes in the wheel well below the battery apron. In the picture it is the bracket above the bumper bracket that bolts to the apron. I am hoping that one of our parts contact may have one available.
  2. Restoring my first car right now. 1972 H-Code Mach 1. Bought it for $900 in 1984, 2 months before my 16th birthday. Not as many years as Q and others, but 27 years feels like a lifetime. I saw the car in the weeds in back of a used car dealership in 1982 and saved every dime I could mowing lawns and babysitting cousins to save up the $900 bucks. It devestated me when I rode past on my bike (4 miles from home so it was a ride just to see it) and it was gone. Come to find out a guy bought it and spent a quite a bit just to get it running. After that he couldn't afford to do anything more so he put an ad in the paper to sell it. My Dad saw the ad one day during lunch and he went over to look at it. He called my Mom and she came over with the check book. I will never forget the noise coming into the garage while I was inside with my older sister. I told her to let Dad know he had a hole in his exhaust. When she opened the garage door and told me to come over and tell him I though she was just being the typical difficult older sister. Needless to say, when I came to the door and saw the car I thought was lost forever and that all of my hard work was for nothing I just fell to my knees. Other than the birth of my children and marriage to my lovely wife, I cannot think of another day when I was so happy. Dad said it was mine for the $900 I had saved and that he would help me get it running and looking better. Spent most of my high school days and every penny I earned at work on this car. While I could only afford insurance for the mustang for three months out of the year in high school my daily driver for the other 9 months of snow and salt was a 1976 AMC Pacer. Looked like crap, but always started.
  3. Cannonball!!! Just jumping in. All functional ram air hoods require the twist locks. I have not heard or seen to this point a correct functional ram air without the hood locks. I would agree that the export braces where not chromed from the factory nor the snorkel to the air cleaner. 351 CJ's did get a chrome lid on the air cleaner assembly. My 2 cents on this car is that you may possibly have a low mileage car, but there are enough things that are not connecting here to make me believe it is not 100% original. Some liberties have been taken to personalize it a bit in my opinion.
  4. Welcome Home! and thank you for giving your time away from home (and the mach 1) to protect our way of life. Have a safe trip and drive back home.
  5. Neglected to add that you can get the ones to place under the car tires at Harbour Freight for $60 to $100. Try and get the ones with the hard plastic wheels vs. the steel wheels. The plastic wheels are rounded a little more and tend to turn easier and roll better. This helps when trying to move 2 tons by yourself.
  6. Nance, I would agree with the posts above when it comes to the stability of a rolling jackstand and one of them getting caught up on a piece of debris on the floor when you are moving the car. I have several sets of dollies like these that I move my cars around with. If your car is on all 4 wheels these work great. I can turn the car around in the garagre with the help of another person. If you car lacks the suspension (like mine) this is what I am preparing to make to bolt onto my car vary shortly. My car is just currently a bare shell getting ready for paint and body. The rear dolly set will fit 67 - 73 mustangs. I should have some dimensions in the next week or so and I will post them on the forum.
  7. Saw one at a local car show on June 18 at a ford dealership here. It had the driveout tag on it from being bought the night before. I do agree it is the right car for the right person, just not me. The grill makes me think of lipstick!
  8. In my restoration I am using the Lizard Skin product as well. Bought it through Summit who had the best price. I also bought the spray kit that comes with the gun. I am probably going a bit extreme, but I am going to use both the Lizard Skin and the factory underlayment. I am working towards a concourse driven restoration. I know the Lizard Skin will cost me a couple of points, but the benefit of it is worth it to me. Have a couple of buddies with kit cars and they preach by this stuff. They use both the sound deadener and the heat shield. One friend with a cobra kit and a big block states he can drive for hours without his feet getting cooked in the foot wells. Because it is a spray on application I feel it provides a degree of sealing protection as well. With the underlayment helping to prevent any abrasion from the carpet backing sanding it down over time, I think I will have a pretty long lasting solution. I will also use the Lizard Skin up into the inner quarter structure as well.
  9. Thank you for the progress update. When color starts going on the is when you really start to feel a sense of accomplishment and progress. Please keep us posted with pictures. What shade of green are you going with?
  10. Okay this is where my worlds collide. I grew up in American Motors home town. I could not begin to tell you how many Gremlins I saw every day. A friend of mine in high school had one that he dropped a 360 V8 into. It could carry the front wheels 15 - 20 feet. Okay, I have to admit to my trusted mustang friends that the 9 months out of the year that I couldn't drive the mach 1 ( snow,salt and insurance costs) I drove a 1975 brown Pacer. You know the fish bowls on wheels. I tell you though, those old AMCs always ran. That 258 inline 6 was a bullet proof motor. My father in-law drove a Gremlin with an Audi four cylinder in it. It was one of less than 100 they did as an experiment. Some of the AMC stories I could share.
  11. Count me in as well. It is sometimes those that give the most that get recognized the least. Don't like to talk politics in the forums, but can a european vote for a US President? Only meant in fun.
  12. Welcome to the site from a former cheese head. Grew up in Kenosha and found my Mach 1 there as well. Original DSO was Salt Lake City, UT; between Salt Lake City and midwest salt there was not much of the car left when I got it in 84'. Welcome and please post some more pictures on all of the work you have done. The end result looks very nice.
  13. Anyone happen to know the ford part number for the single exhaust muffler on a 72 Mach 1?
  14. Here is a car in HI currently up for auction on Copart's website. If not saveable it may be a good resource for parts for you FastTnNefariouS. What would it cost to ship a car from HI to the mainland? Slow boat would be fine. Lot Details Highlights ACV: $10,881 USD Repair Cost: $11,815 USD Title State/Type: HI CERTIFICATE OF SALVAGE Odometer: 70,580 EXCEEDS MECHANICAL LIMITS Primary Damage: FRONT END Secondary Damage: VIN: 3F03F163273 Body Style: Color: RED Engine: Drive: Cylinders: Fuel: Keys: YES Special Note: VEHICLE LOCATED IN HILO Bid Information Come Visit Us At: HI - HONOLULU Expected Sale Date: 07/25/11 Sale Time: 12:00 PM HST Item #: 0 Sales Status: Pure Sale Current Bid: $0 USD Your Maximum Bid: $ USD Min Starting Bid: $70 USD ($10 USD Bid Increments)
  15. Okay, so things are a little slow at work this week and I am spending time looking for parts and how-to items. Saw this on eBay. This is sweet looking. Nothing like enjoying your mustang a quarter mile at a time. Ad reads it comes with the trailor as well. If I only had unlimited funds. ebay ad: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1971FORD-MUSTANG-FULL-CHASSIS-DRAG-CAR-572in-/140568472937?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item20ba88ad69
  16. I am in for at least one maybe two. My vote would be for the lighter colors its the heat and the humidity that kills you in West TN. With 90's for the past several weeks I might as well wear my swimsuit when I go for a drive in the mustang. No air and and what comes in from outside is just as hot, I am soaked all the way through.
  17. Found this article posted on Mustang Monthly's website today. I beleive this is the location Chuck was attempting to organize a visit for. Well, it appears Mustang Monthly had the opportunity and will have a story on it in the future. '71 Heaven Posted Yesterday 07:54 AM by dfarr Filed under: Ford news, 1971 - 1973 Mustangs During the recent Mid-America Ford & Team Shelby Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we had the chance to visit Kirt Fryer and his impressive collection of '71 Mustangs. While most Mustang collectors concentrate on earlier Mustangs, Fryer has a thing for '71s, saying that the larger Mustangs were popular while he was in high school. His collection, housed in a large building in Tulsa, includes several Boss 351s, a number of 429 CJ Mach 1s, an SCJ SportsRoof, and a 429 CJ coupe. His blue Mach 1 has been documented as the last big-block Mustang ever built. Watch for more on Fryer's '71 Mustangs in future issues of Mustang Monthly URL for article: http://blogs.mustangmonthly.com/6733850/ford-news/71-heaven/index.html
  18. That hump and ribbing on the trunk does make you think rear engine. Honestly though, I thinks my eyes would be hurting from squinting that hard to make that back end into a Pantera.
  19. Doing one of my searches on Craigslist and came across this listing out of Denton,TX. The side shot leads you to beleive it is a sportsroof, but look at this back shot. I assume this is a fiberglass body kit of some sort. Anyone else seen something like this before? Craigslist posting: http://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/cto/2393079467.html
  20. Chuck, Thank you for the overload to our senses. Car sounds awesome and you know my thoughts on every other aspect of it already. I guess now that your done buying parts the budget will go towards buying tires. Keep enjoying it!
  21. I thought I saw a car just like that one go across the block in Indy at Mecum's auction. Was it the same car?
  22. I can comment on the cowl area. The cowl area is the same flat black as the firewall. In dismantling my car I noted the flat black color went into the interior of the car and covered half of the upper bracket that the dash structure bolted to. The other half of the bracket was body color. Do you know what asembly plant your car was produced out of?
  23. Welcome Zach and Dave From another Memphian. I live in eastern Shelby County. Great to hear about your father son project. Doing the same with my 10 year old son right now on my 72 Mach 1. Did not know if you guys are aware, but Landers Ford in Collierville is putting on a show this weekend with the Mid-South Mustang Club. Might be a great time to meet some of the other pony guys in town. I may have my 67 GT there depending on my schedule. There are a couple other 71-73's around town as well. Get to the Cruise-In that they have on Thursday nights in Bartlett if you have not already had a chance. It is at the corner of Stage and Kirby-Whitten. Weather permitting usually a lot of cars. Great to see you spending some quality time together. Hope to meet you in person one day. Brian
  24. I was pleasently suprised when I looked at my Mari report and it indicated 1 of 165 with the 4F Medium Lime Metallic paint and Deluxe Mach 1 interior. I would assume the option that probably put me over the top was the rear defrost. I noticed an earlier post regarding intermittent wipers. Mine is now equipped with intermittent wipers even though it did not come from the factory that way. I will share a little insider secret I learned in my home town that was that home of AMC. The wiper governer for the 71-73 mustang was the same wiper governor they used on AMC products all the way through the 70's. If you can get an intermittent switch (Mustang or Cougar) the AMC governor will plug right in the circuit. I did this conversion back in the late 80's when the switches were easy to find. Not the case anymore. Find the switch and you can usually find an AMC governor pretty easily.
  25. Cool to see we are about 2600 vin numbers off from each other. I think this represents all vins between ours for both the mustang and the cougars. Anyone know what comprises the unit portion of the vin number? Is it all ford models or just those produced in that plant? In looking at your report it indicates a Q coded 351 4V, was the engine lost over the years?
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