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  1. Prior posters are correct that the engine was painted after assembly. Some water pump bolts were not on the engine when painted as they would be installed with the front accessories in final assembly. My understanding to David's point of the engines being run is that it would be a cold test to check pressures and leaks. Here is my engine painted. MCA judging allows for some overspray on the bellhousing. I choose the bare aluminum finish with no overspray.
  2. I hear ya David. Thanks for the lead on some parts. I will PM you if you could get me a phone number or address to contact him I would really appreciate that. This will "probably" be close to or may last big build. This one will be a longer term project to keep me busy until retirement. Doubt the wifey will be flexible with spending once dipping into the retirement plans.
  3. Saw the same episode. Another forum group I belong to on Cyclone's blew up last night on the airing. 70K in parts alone is ridiculous. I know a couple of guys who said they provided a few of the parts they needed. Funny observation is that some of the metalwork they said they had to fabricate have panels available. Toe kicks are available from Mac's and Dearborn Classics as well as replacement floor pan sections. Why did they have to buy a $17K big block car to scavenge the AC system? I just sold a 69 Montego with a complete AC system for the gas money it took me to get to Atlanta. There was alot of drama for affect in my opinion. Mine is also a 68 so you had a chance to see alot of the areas I will be working on. The 4 link they purchased was templated for a Cougar. Knew it was going to be to narrow for the rear rails when they said that. I missed the first 10 minutes of the show, but in all they had a very nice starting point it looks like. At best that car could be valued at 30 - 35K on the market. It sounds like the owner will never part with it, but it will be hard to insure for what it sounds like they have invested in it.
  4. Do I need to take my pin off the member map??? Well, when I come up missing I will make sure my wife has my Forum login to extract the evidence. lollerz
  5. Welcome from West Tennessee. You have found the best group on and off the web to help with 71-73 questions. Great family oriented site and always eager to help and learn from others. With the stable you have there I am sure you have points that would help all of us as well.
  6. Ended up going with the 9K Harbor Freight winch and their receiver mount bracket. I mounted a bumper receiver receiver mount through the floor and around the center frame support for my triple tongue. Worked out well loading and unloading the cars on Sunday. Duty cycle on the winch is a little low 60% but the pulls should not be to long as the trailer is 24 ft. I will attach some pictures shortly
  7. Hate to disappoint folks, but these will not be restorations. The plan is to get 1 Pro-Street Resto Mod out of the red car. The white/blue one will be a donor in support of whatever extra is needed. It will give me some spare parts for very hard to find sheet metal for these models. You can see in the other post. There were not many to start with and fewer 50 years later.
  8. Both were 302 cars. The white one, which is actually blue to Mercury still has the driveline. The red originally had a 302 as well but that and the tranny are gone. That's fine as I am still planning the 351C with a 6:71 BDS blower and a C6. The white car basically has no floors and the bottoms of the quarters and trunk drops are rough. I have patch panels for all. The red one is very very clean. Story was it was sold in Washington state and somehow made its way to Louisiana over the years where it was parked in a body shop after locking up the engine in the early 80's. The car is super clean underneath. 3 pinholes found in the lower passenger quarter, but I already have those panels. Going to move things forward in time and money on bodywork.
  9. So I obviously believe in the mantra if 1 is good 2 is better. Some may recall the purchase of my next project in late 2016. Well, that car needs a fair amount of bodywork of which I have already acquired the patch panels to do. As I stated in my other post, there is a great Mercury community out there as well. Through this group I have come across some very hard to find parts. Well, word came my way back in June on a very solid car minus the driveline. I ran down to Atlanta back in June and made the deal. I have been trying to tidy some other project ends up around the house so I was delayed in getting back to pick up the car until yesterday. After a down and back to trade off a 69 Mercury Montego parts car and return back with a much better starting point I am wore the heck out today. Left 5 am yesterday returned with a nasty storm busting loose for the last 20 miles, I arrived home around 8:30 pm last night. Almost 900 miles to include off load and reload from the trailer. So here are the next TWO project cars. The white one will be mostly parts at this point, although I hate parting out such low production cars. Prior Posts on this endeavor: https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-i-did-it-to-myself https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-1968-mercury-cyclone-plain-jane
  10. You should have brought your car. Please do understand that MCA shows are judged on points and not by the number of attendees per class. If you are getting judged you will need to be classed first (concourse, unrestored, driver, modified, etc.....) You are then judged on the number of points you receive within the categories of that class. It can be a bit daunting at your first few shows, but each one provides more and more feedback to move up in your class if you want too. Johnnie Garner out of Rick Hill, NC is the head judge for 71-73. He and his wife Rachel are great folks and always willing to talk with people in the class on areas to improve or questions. I wanted to make that show this year as well, but life got in the way. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  11. Congrats! Your hooked now. Time to buy a new display cabinet.
  12. I have the REPOPS. They fit well and the thicker material helps with the sill plate not deflecting. They worked well for me.
  13. They look great. You will be much happier in the long run with the additional expense of the SMS material vs the repro.
  14. Thank you all. Good feedback to consider. I think I am leaning towards the 9K based on everyone's feedback. I would like to have the flexibility to keep it portable so it could be unbolted from the trailer and slid into a receiver hitch on the truck or another fixed point to allow for expanded uses. I will share my solution when completed. Appreciate the help.
  15. I need to move around some non-operating cars over the next few months. Looking at purchasing a winch to install in my trailer to hopefully make the task easier. I have been debating over the Harbor Freight 5k or 9k winch. These cars will be rollers so that will help with the load. Anyone else have a winch for loading your trailer and at what capacity? Recommendations from your experience would be appreciated.
  16. As others have mentioned my lift purchase was intended more for storage, but to have the benefit of maintenance when needed. Unibody cars do not respond well to being suspended on a 2 post lift for extended periods of time. With the rolling jacks you can get to go between the ramps they are almost as flexible for maintenance work as a 2 post. In addition, when I move I can disassemble and move to the new location without having to unbolt. It can also be moved around the garage for cleaning purposes. These are a few of the reasons I went with the 4 post.
  17. Great Job! Congrats to you and your 2% helper. Just Kidding, you can still enjoy it together and make more memories for the both of you as my Dad and I have with my 72
  18. Not Fair! You definitely have some gorgeous rides. I need to stop by your place on one of my numerous trips through Birmingham. Going through again on 7/14 weekend to get a car in Atlanta.
  19. All responses have been spot on. C4 & C6 did get the yellow paint on handle. I have not documented a known original FMX to have the yellow so I have not applied to mine. I do have photo's of C4 and C6 examples 1973 C6
  20. I would suggest the Search feature under More in the right corner. It has been visited several times. There have been changes between model years. Here is a link to one of the earlier discussion. https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-correct-trunk-paint?highlight=trunk+paint
  21. As others have shared this has been a often discussed and reviewed subject. As Stanglover indicated the the OE process is vacuum metalizing and it is become a hard process to source. I utilized ornametal out of Michigan and spoke with the several times over the phone prior to sending them my original dash parts. When received back I was very impressed with the quality of plating and workmanship. It is not a cheap process, but you will truly enjoy the satisfaction of looking at the panels everytime you drive the car. Below is my post of my expereince with ornametal inclusive of pictures of the end result. https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-plastic-chrome-plating
  22. 71 correct. Keep in mind you may not use all of the stickers in these kits. Need to see if you can provide a better image or link to the kit website.
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