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  1. Welcome from West TN. Lived in Grayslake, IL for 4 years. That is where my rear defroster glass exploded from a short in the relay. Glad you joined the group and our information helped you get her running and maybe encouraged you to get back to work on it. Keep us posted and ask questions or share learnings as you go along.
  2. Im in Columbia about an hour south of Nashville I got to work a little on the 73 after finishing up a privacy fence at the house. Swapped out the gas tank and sending unit and poured some gas in. What do you know i got her running off the new tank and gas in just coming out the vent tubes....ERG!!!! O well it came with a new intake manifold and i ordered a edlebrock 1406. So thats my weekend plan, get hat all on and make take her for a spin Congrats on the start up. We have been driving back and forth between Memphis and Chattanooga alot over the past few weeks. Take 840 around the south side of Nashville and see Columbia on the signs. Maybe sometime while passing through could stop in. Will drop you a PM if planning a trip to check in advance.
  3. Welcome from West TN. Whereabouts in TN are you? We have a few members in the state, but always welcoming more. Looks like a good project to start on.
  4. Congrats on the sale. Hopefully with it being local you will see it from time to time and the new owner will take good care of it. Itching to find out about the next two coming up for sale. Not that I have the money or the space with all of my other projects, but great to hear what is on the market.
  5. That does look good. Who is going to make the covers for you?
  6. Did the install this past weekend. My soul feels good thinking about less time laying on my back. Thinking it also will be a lot easier to do pre-show prep. Which better better get going soon before the Georgia on my Mind MCA show Memorial weekend. [attachment=47107] [attachment=47108] [attachment=47109] [attachment=47110]
  7. Did the install this past weekend. My soul feels good thinking about less time laying on my back. Thinking it also will be a lot easier to do pre-show prep. Which better better get going soon before the Georgia on my Mind MCA show Memorial weekend.
  8. I also used the 3m Strip Caulk. Looked to be the closest to the original material used. Have not had to remove yet, but will use tony-muscles idea of the hair dryer.
  9. OK I am throwing my dates into the ring to win the consolation prize for the earliest ahead of schedule. Bucked: 12/23/71 Actual Build: 01/05/72 Scheduled Build: 01/10/72 Released: 01/07/72 Built 5 days ahead of schedule. I guess the New Years celebrations to ring in 1972 were short lived.
  10. bkdunha


    Very nice work. Tough to get all of that done I am sure.
  11. I would agree with the others comments on a good cleaning and then a foam brush to apply. If you can raise the car up enough to get underneath it may be easier to apply from below versus trying to navigate the path from above without bumping or dripping. Good Luck (not meant in a sarcastic way).
  12. Welcome from West TN. Glad you have it indoors now. Your young so you have plenty of time to work on it, but usually not the money (my case anyhow). Keep us posted on your projects as you move along and let us know if we can help you with either of them. Many of us have other years as well so if a question comes up let us know.
  13. Welcome from West TN. Someone call NASA you have a black hole in the universe parked in your driveway. Paint looks DEEEEEP and nice. Glad you finally pulled up to the bar and can contribute to the family. Welcome again and please share whenever you like.
  14. I have wanted a lift for years. When I built the garage in 2003 I left one of the bays with 20 feet to the ceiling for that specific reason. I have always looked, but prioritized the money to other things. Back in 2017 I went to the MCA Grand National in Kansas City and they had a lift for Thoroughbred judging. Spent a good amount of time looking it over and I was impressed by the construction and safety features. He had a really good price on them, but again money was prioritized for other things. I finally decided 2018 was the year to get a lift. I called the salesperson up and asked what shows he had planned for 2018 and he mentioned Barrett-Jackson. I luckily had one tickets at Kansas City for another bucket list item of mine to attend Barret-Jackson. We agreed to talk there. When I found their display I noted the price had increased several hundred dollars and decided well, maybe 2018 was not the year. I eventually found Tom and I mentioned we had met in Kansas City and that I had convinced myself the 2017 price worked for me, but the new price had gone over my budget. He recalled the price he quoted in Kansas City and said he could honor that same price still. At that point the deal was done. I picked up the lift in the beginning of February and a freight terminal here in Memphis. I have a lot of stuff spread all over the car garage so I need to do some straightening. The lift still sits in my car trailer at the storage lot and hopefully I will get it assembled soon. For now I would recommend the Advantage Lifts based upon my research and the sales interaction. Some may know of the Backyard Buddy lift that originally caught my attention years ago. The price is significantly more which kept me away from it. I was very impressed with the design and safety features of the Advantage Lift and the price is almost half of the Backyard Buddy. It is still made overseas, but I feel the quality is not typical of the imports. Anyhow, someday I will get it setup, until then here is a sales picture and their website link Advantage Lifts: https://www.advantagelifts.us/
  15. email sent. Keep you posted on any response.
  16. I also agree they were a 71 specific application, but not sure when they cycled out of production. Maybe shoot Perkins a note. I can if you would like.
  17. Great I will have to post about my recently acquired, but yet uninstalled purchase.
  18. I also purchased my black comfortweave through SMS back in 2013. To add to the others validation so far, this is the closest you will get to OE in the market today. I purchased 2 1/2 yards of the comfortweave and 1 yard of the grey banding that goes along side of the comfortweave. I sent this to TMI to have it sewn into their seat cover pattern. A very important thing to keep in mind is to use the seat cover and foam from the same manufacturer. Seat covers are sewn to properly fit the foam. If you use different manufacturers you may get over stuffed seats or under filled with a lot of wrinkles and puckering. I had TMI use their own black vinyl for the remainder of the seat so it would match the door panels they produce, but that I have still not purchased.
  19. Since we are bringing in other things than dealer pics here is a license frame from the dealership that my 67' was sold at new in Fresno,CA. Found it on eBay last year and snatched it up quick. I have hunted high and low for stuff from Ogden Ford in Ogden,UT where my 72 was originally sold. The dealership was sold to another ford dealer in the late 70's (Westfield Ford I think). Nothing left with them. I also placed an ad on Craigslist in Ogden with no luck either. The hunt continues.
  20. David good post. They did convert to end stamps on all 73 wiper motors
  21. I would agree with Austin. The date on the bumper is most likely its production (molding) date. In assembly they did not have much time to date subassembly components before installation. I would suspect the 1818 is probably the inspector id number following quality inspection in case a later flaw was detected they new who did initial qc.
  22. libram, entirely understandable. Your car at your pace. From dis-assembly in 2009 to the 50th celebration in Charlotte in 2014 mine was a tedious 5 year project. Remember these are our cars and our lives to be completed how we would like them and at our individual timelines. Sometimes, life happens and you just need to step away for a little while. It is worth it in the end when you can step back and marvel at your accomplishment.
  23. I also purchased one. Scanned through it and decided more wrong than right so it became a place holder on the shelf.
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